color type spring

The color type of a person can be determined by the color of the skin, eyes and hair. The classification of color types of appearance according to their similarity with the seasons was born in Carroll Jackson’s book «The Four Seasons».

spring hair color

Most representatives of the spring color type have blond golden hair. Warm colors predominate. There are no owners of black hair in this color type. Hair can also be

  • straw;
  • light brown;
  • light red;
  • golden yellow;
  • light chestnut;
  • light brown.

Highlighting on the hair will visually give them volume.

Recommended colors for the spring color type

Dark and cold tones for women of the spring color type are strictly forbidden. Pure white doesn’t work either. Stick to natural, light, warm colors and pastel shades.

Colors that go with the spring appearance color type:

  • pale green;
  • light pink;
  • champagne color;
  • bright yellow warm;
  • bright orange;
  • brick red;
  • golden brown;
  • apricot;
  • camel-red.

Clothes for spring color type

  1. It is best if it is monophonic. Small pattern, floral or speckled is allowed. It is also possible to wear pinstriped clothing. But large bright patterns should be abandoned.
  2. Fabrics should be light, thin and flowing. The style of clothing should be simple, without any ruffles and lace. It looks great on representatives of the spring color type and sports clothing.
  3. Accessories should also be chosen in warm colors. Handbag, shoes or gloves in gold, beige or brown will look good. But it is preferable to refuse black.
  4. Jewelry should be made of yellow gold, and be discreet and elegant. A string of small creamy white pearls will look great. The spring color type should be abandoned from white metals.

Makeup for the spring color type

The spring color type is characterized by light eye color: blue, gray and green. Sometimes there are eyes of a golden brown color.

Makeup of this color type should not be flashy. Ideally, it should only emphasize natural beauty. The palette of shadows for the spring color type:

  • pale blue shades are suitable for blue-eyed ladies;
  • green-eyed representatives — golden, greenish and brown;
  • brown-eyed women should pay attention to golden brown, green and hazelnut shades.

If you use eyeliner or eyeliner, then they should be light shades. Mascara can be brown, blue or green. The spring appearance color type should not overload the face with black mascara or eyeliner. Lip gloss or lipstick in warm pink colors will look great on the lips.

color type spring palette

The spring appearance color type, in turn, can be divided into subspecies:

  1. Natural spring. This color type is characterized by golden hair, peach-porcelain or ivory skin, often with freckles, and warm green, watery or greenish-blue eyes.
  2. Bright spring. Representatives of this color type have blond hair, light blue or watery green eyes, and ivory or peach skin with golden freckles.
  3. Bright spring. The skin of this color type is beige or peach, possibly also ivory. Hair golden, copper-blond or copper-golden. The eyes are clear blue or green, and bright greenish-blue are also found.
  4. Contrasting spring. The contrasting spring color type is characterized by porcelain or light golden skin with an apricot blush. The eyes are usually green or sky blue. Hair light brown or golden red.


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