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As you probably already know, there are four conditional appearance color types: winter, spring, summer and autumn. In this article we will consider the features of one of them — the summer color type. Its general characteristics are as follows:

  • skin — mostly cold pink, sometimes with a bluish tint (like porcelain), sometimes olive, beige;
  • eyes — blue, gray-blue, hazel (any soft color interspersed with gray) with a dark brown contour of the iris;
  • hair — the hair color of the summer color type is represented by all light brown shades, without red and golden tints;
  • eyelashes and eyebrows — not too light, but not dark either.

If there are moles, freckles or birthmarks on the body of a representative of the summer color type, they have an ashy hue, but not tan or red.

70% of Slavs are the embodiment of the summer color type.

«Summer» colors

Each color type of appearance is divided into types — colors. In turn, depending on the color of hair, skin and eyes, the summer color type can be divided into three subspecies: light, contrast, natural color.

light color represent girls with light blond hair color with an ashy tint. Their skin is light beige or pink, and their eyes are gray-blue. Sunburn does not fit well, often burning occurs almost immediately.

Contrasting color implies bright blue eyes, dark blond hair of various ashy shades and ivory skin. When dosing sunbathing, the tan lies evenly, but usually not for long.

Natural color — These are blue-gray, hazel, sometimes greenish eyes (maybe with yellow patches), medium blond hair, pinkish-beige or light olive skin. The summer color type with olive skin is especially good at tanning.

General principles of makeup for the summer color type

The most important rule when applying makeup for girls with the summer color type is one of two: either brightly highlighted eyes or lips. Also, in any makeup, try to keep the skin matte. Do not use liquid shadows, liquid blush. Avoid using colored mascara. Black ink can be advantageously replaced with blue-black or dark gray. If you have chosen a rich lipstick, do not overdo it with blush, and vice versa. The general standard for makeup of the summer color type is matte rich cold colors (smoky pastel shadows, deep pink lipstick). Otherwise, your look will be too defiant, so you should not be full of it. A summer girl can afford to experiment in makeup more than representatives of other color types. Fantasize, however, do not forget about the general tips, and you will look irresistible.

Successful for the color type summer color palette of clothes

To determine which colors suit the summer color type in clothes, you need to pay attention to the features of choosing colors for makeup. Bright, flashy colors for the summer color type are categorically not suitable. It should be a cool «dusty» color scale. You can use shades of almost all colors, but if they are muted or a grayish coating is caught. The most suitable colors for the summer color type are dark blue (not bright), grayish brown shades and shades from grayish pink to muted purple. But pure white and black are best avoided.

Of the decorations, the most suitable will be Summer color paletteitems made of silver, white gold and platinum.

What hair dye color is more suitable for the summer color type?

Many representatives of the summer color type consider their natural hair color to be too faded and inconspicuous — mousey. But do not risk and repaint your hair in warm shades. All you need is just to deepen your ashy color, to make it more saturated. Highlighting or complex coloring using slightly lighter tones will look most advantageous. But, the strands must be cold, for example, platinum. Yellowness should be avoided.

Dyeing the hair of a summer girl in a too dark solid color will make her skin gray and age her significantly. So it’s best to stay within your natural color and avoid drastic changes.


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