Color Very Peri - beauty trends and combinations in looks

With the advent of the new season, certain trends become relevant. Very Peri color is a trend that has been proclaimed by the Pantone Institute. Manicure, accessories, wardrobe items, interior elements are presented in the corresponding shade.

Very Peri Color of the Year 2022

When choosing a trend shade, trends in different areas are taken into account. The Very Peri Pantone color is defined with the following points in mind:

  1. The hue is created by combining blue and purple-red undertones.
  2. When choosing a color, Pantone experts conducted an analysis in different areas: fashion, creativity, design. The company believes that the shade is associated with dynamic energy and joyful mood. The color Very Peri is designed as a new color, it was not in the catalogs in previous years.
  3. The tone organically fits into futuristic images. The shade looks new on materials that differ in texture: natural fiber, glossy leather, metal.

color of the year 2022 very perivery peri pantone colorvery peri color of the year

What to combine Very Peri with?

A successful combination of shades helps to create harmonious bows. Stylists offer a combination of colors with Very Peri in the following variations:

  1. Monochrome images are welcome, which are created by combining shades of the same color that differ in tone.
  2. The combination with green, presented in shades of light green, fresh greens, emerald, was recognized as successful.
  3. Universal black and white will come to the rescue. The bow will come out discreet, organically fit into the business style.
  4. Violet Very Peri can be combined with a similar shade of fuchsia. The image will be harmonious and elegant.
  5. Bright bows will help to embody catchy tones: red or yellow. It is recommended to make several details accented, overlapping with each other.

with what to combine very pericolor combination with very perinew color very peri

Manicure Very Peri

Nail art masters have adopted fashion trends. Very Peri polish color is included in the nail design. Girls are offered the following design options:

  1. A good solution is to choose shades of a similar tone and embody a monochrome manicure. Variety is given by playing with texture. An example would be knitted patterns printed on a smooth background. It is permissible to draw ornaments with a darker shade. Looks good accent with sparkles.
  2. The mysterious color of the Very Peri season is in harmony with space motifs. Planets, stars, a crescent are depicted on the ring fingers.
  3. Nail art is enlivened with the help of golden or silver details, laid out in the form of stripes, openwork patterns.
  4. Floral motifs are welcome: the image of violet, lavender, lilac on a white or pastel background.
  5. The shade looks self-sufficient and in a monophonic performance. Glossy, matte structure of the coating, shiny rubbing is allowed.
  6. The inscriptions applied with black varnish look harmonious.

very peri manicurevery peri polish colorshade very peri

Lipstick color Very Peri

When creating a stylish make-up, accent details are welcome. This lipstick trendy purple color:

  1. The remaining elements of the make-up are made restrained and muted. Lipstick attracts attention. Another catchy element will overload the image.
  2. It is permissible to highlight the eyes with the help of black arrows, densely summed up eyelashes.
  3. A good solution is neutral pastel shadows. Nude shades are welcome, it is allowed to take light green or pale lilac. To create an evening make-up, golden shadows or eyeliner will be a godsend.
  4. Purple lipstick is not suitable for going to the office. Cosmetics will organically fit into creative everyday and evening bows.

very peri lipsticktrendy purple colorpurple very peri

fashionable purple hair

Coloring is intended to advantageously emphasize the dignity of appearance. Fashionable purple hair color is suitable for both blondes and brunettes:

  1. Brave girls will prefer monochromatic coloring, giving an unusual tone to all strands.
  2. Color of the year Very Peri is in harmony with black, chocolate, ash, blond, caramel. To combine shades, certain techniques are intended. An example is highlighting, where individual strands stand out.
  3. Another solution is a gradient with a transition from a dark top to a light bottom or vice versa. Sombre is a compromise solution that is created on separate curls. The transition is embodied with the help of purple shades, similar in tone, or black tone.

trendy purple hairtrendy purple hair colorvery peri color of the year

purple accessories

Jewelry is a harmonious addition to the image. To design accessories, a shade of lilac Very Peri is taken:

  1. A good solution is accessories that resonate with wardrobe items or shoes. The image will come out complete if two or more details are decorated in an identical tone.
  2. Glasses, belts, silk scarves made in a purple hue are taken as decorations.
  3. Accessories are scarves, hats, bags. It is recommended to select elements in similar colors.

purple accessories

purple jewelry

Decorative elements can bring harmony to the image. Purple jewelry is presented in the following variations:

  • brooches consisting of stones, beads, ribbons. Products are made in one tone or complemented by other shades;
  • gold or silver earrings, pendants with a purple-tone stone look interesting;
  • a hoop decorated with lilac flowers looks organic on both blondes and brunettes;
  • jewelry should be combined with clothes that are in harmony in shades. These are purple-lilac, black, white, green, yellow, red things.

purple jewelrypurple color decorations

Fashion purple backpack

Certain accessories organically fit into the casual style. The current solution is a backpack made in the Very Peri shade:

  1. The product is made of textile or leather. In the latter case, there are traditional matte models or made of lacquered material.
  2. The thing is made in a sporty, concise everyday style. The model created in the form of a transformer, equipped with a carrying handle and shoulder straps deserves attention. The product fits even in business images.
  3. The backpack is created in a monophonic version or decorated with contrasting details. An example is yellow-orange stripes.

trendy purple backpackshade very peri

Clothing color Very Peri

Women’s wardrobe is complemented by current wardrobe items. The new color Very Peri is taken to decorate the following things:

  1. A popular solution is to create a monochrome bow. An example is a trouser or skirt suit, combined with a coat and shoes of a similar shade.
  2. The purple tone is taken in the embodiment of outerwear: jackets, down jackets, raincoats.
  3. In lilac, evening wardrobe items look spectacular: dresses and overalls.

very peri color clothesnew color very perishade of lilac very peri

Very Peri dress

Everyday and evening fashion is replenished with feminine things. The Very Peri dress is available in the following designs:

  1. Couturiers presented options worthy of the Red Carpet, which were demonstrated by the stars. In London, at the premiere of the film «House of Gucci» showed a vivid example of Lady Gaga. The singer appeared in a pleated model with a slit running down the leg.
  2. Things decorated with shiny sequins will organically fit into evening bows. Another option is products made from fabric with lurex thread.
  3. Everyday styles are offered from knitwear, wool. An example is an oversized dress or noodles.

trendy purple colorvery peri dressvery peri dress

Sweater Very Peri

To compose a casual look, basic wardrobe items are selected. The sweater has earned popularity, for the design of which the Very Peri blue color with a purple-red tint is taken:

  1. For winter, models knitted from thick yarn are suitable. Oversized elongated styles are an alternative to a dress. The thing is worn in combination with tight black tights.
  2. For spring and autumn, lightweight options made from knitwear will be a godsend. Sweatshirts with a hood, sweatshirts with elastic bands running along the hem and cuffs are welcome.
  3. Sweaters are found in plain or printed designs. Geometric patterns in the form of rhombuses are popular.

very peri sweatervery peri blue with a violet-red tint

purple shoes

Depending on the chosen style, the image is complemented by boots, sneakers, shoes. Designers use lilac Very Peri to design shoes:

  1. Sandals and shoes are designed to make elegant, evening bows. Models are made of matte or patent leather, velvety suede, satin. There is an addition to the decor: rhinestones, fringe, beads.
  2. For autumn, elegant ankle boots, Chelsea boots, high boots and over the knee boots are offered. Shoes are accentuated, reminiscent of outerwear or a bag.
  3. Sneakers or sneakers will fit into a sporty or casual look. Femininity will give decoration with satin laces-ribbons tied to a bow.

purple shoeslilac very pericolor of the year 2022 very peri

Very Peri in the interior

Designers take fashionable color not only for decorating clothes, but also for rooms. Hue Very Peri in the interior gives originality:

  1. The retro version, embodied with the help of velvet armchairs and sofas, looks organically. Furniture echoes similar wall upholstery in tone.
  2. The interior with ethnic motifs is in trend. Wallpaper is made in lilac color. Against the background of the walls, natural wooden furniture looks advantageous.
  3. It is permissible to take accent purple details. An example is upholstered furniture, large vases that organically fit into a light beige interior.
  4. It is allowed to create a monochrome design in a similar tone. Individual objects differ in shades, ranging from lilac to purple.

very peri in the interiorshade very peri in the interiorvery peri pantone color


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