The colors of the new year 2021 from clothes and manicure to the Christmas tree and the interior

On the eve of the main winter holiday, many are interested in what colors to choose for the New Year 2021 for choosing an outfit and interior design. Choosing the right shade is extremely important to ensure good luck for the next season. White metallic Ox appreciates light light colors, and everything that is too bright and flashy should be avoided.

Colors for the New Year 2021

Designers advise fashionistas to use such actual colors for the New Year 2021:

  • white, which matches the shade of the main symbol of the year. Astrologers believe that the snow-white tone is suitable for those who have the attraction of financial well-being in the first place;
  • for those who want to meet their love, it is recommended to stop at a light gray shade;
  • universal colors such as light blue, beige are also well suited. They are great combined with any other colors;
  • shiny inserts in clothes and glitter in decor are welcome, such colors of the New Year 2021 are also associated with the symbol of the year;
  • the green color, which is associated with the grass so beloved by the Ox, is also suitable;
  • you can use the natural shades of the animal, which include brown, beige, black;
  • there are also taboos — these are all shades of red and animal prints that can piss off the Bull.

colors for new year 2021current colors for the new year 2021dress color for new year 2021

What color is the New Year Ox 2021?

Of no small importance for the organization of the holiday is the color of the New Year of the Ox:

  • the symbol of the year is white and metallic. These shades should be used when choosing a variety of festive attributes used to decorate the table, decorate the Christmas tree and select an outfit;
  • a great solution would be to combine these two tones, for example, taking a white background as a basis and placing silver metallic elements on it.

what color is the new year bull 2021

Why not red for the New Year?

When choosing the actual colors of the New Year, it is worth considering the palette, which is a taboo:

  1. Under the ban is a red hue in all its manifestations, ranging from bright scarlet to maroon. This color can provoke irritation and aggression of the symbol of the year.
  2. The expression «reacts like a bull to a red rag» is known to all. Based on this, it is worth making sure that this shade is absent both in clothes and in the interior.

why not red for the new year

The color of the New 2021 in the decor

When the color of the New Year 2021 is selected, the interior is also of no small importance:

  1. You can decorate the whole room, starting with the front door. The bull does not like flashy, colorful details; when decorating, one should be guided by conciseness and elegance. Such popular stylistic trends as Scandinavian, rustic, country are suitable.
  2. Colors for the New Year 2021 are recommended to be selected as natural as possible. For example, the front door can be decorated with a symbolic wreath made from spruce branches and cones and containing silver decorations.
  3. Snow-white snowflakes can be stuck on the windows, and garlands can be hung on the walls. When choosing the latter, it is necessary that they have no red color. Another worthy variety of New Year’s decoration is a silver rain.
  4. If the house has metal figurines, candlesticks, then this will become an indisputable advantage. Such interior elements will appease the Bull.

the color of the new 2021 in the decorcolor of the new year 2021 interiornew year colors 2021

Christmas tree color 2021

When decorating a Christmas tree, the current New Year’s color palette must be taken into account:

  1. The tree itself can be put natural or artificial. In the latter case, it can be made in natural green or silver.
  2. Under the Christmas tree, you can place a figurine of the symbol of the year — the Bull. Around it and on Christmas tree branches, you can place pieces of white cotton wool, symbolizing snow. Apples and cones will also look organic.
  3. The color of New Year’s toys 2021 should correspond to the general concept, silver and white balls will be the ideal solution.
  4. Add tenderness to such decorative elements as satin bows of pale pink and blue, hung around the Christmas tree.
  5. On the branches, you can place a silver rain and a garland in which there will be no red.
  6. Fans of decorating the top of the Christmas tree with a red star should refrain from this tradition this year.

christmas tree color 2021color of christmas toys 2021

Tablecloth color for New Year’s table 2021

Decorating the festive table, you need to correctly use the New Year’s color combination:

  1. A win-win solution would be to choose a snow-white tablecloth and place silver cutlery on it. Plates can be white or contrasting black, and napkins can be beige.
  2. The New Year’s table in silver color will also be in line with current trends. In this tone, a tablecloth is taken, white plates are placed on it.
  3. Both the tablecloth and the dishes are better to choose plain, without an abundance of decor and prints. The Ox appreciates rigor and conciseness in everything.

tablecloth color for New Year's table 2021the color of the new 2021 in the decor

In what color to celebrate the New Year of the Ox?

When choosing an outfit, it is advisable to use the New Year colors of 2021 to attract success into your life:

  1. Both men and women can use a combination of dark, black, brown or dark gray bottoms and light tops. When choosing the upper part, the shades recognized as the favorites of this season are taken.
  2. The outfit can be completely monochrome, made in one of the appropriate shades.
  3. You can make any detail accent, for example, a large silver or metal jewelry.

what color to celebrate the new year of the bullnew year colors 2021new year outfits for women

Hair color for the New Year 2021

Of great importance is not only a well-chosen outfit, but also the New Year’s hair color:

  1. The owners of light curls were the most lucky, and any shades are favorites — both warm caramel and cold ash. Young fashionistas can turn to light pink coloring.
  2. Dark hair color should also be as close to natural as possible, it is black, chocolate, golden chestnut tone.
  3. What you should refrain from is staining in bright red colors.
  4. On New Year’s Eve, you can decorate your hair with silver varnish sprayed over the ox.

hair color for new year 2021christmas hair colorChristmas color palette

Manicure color for the New Year 2021

When creating a stylish nail art, you should use the current nail color for the New Year 2021:

  • colors such as white, silver, delicate pastel colors will become relevant;
  • the design can be completely monophonic, concise or containing thematic decorative elements. These include snow-white snowflakes, white openwork patterns decorating nails, silver balls, an image of a glass of champagne, snowmen;
  • on one or more nails, you can draw a Christmas tree with decorations on it;
  • images of deer and Santa Claus are relevant. It is advisable to draw the latter not in a traditional red, but in a white fur coat;
  • orange color in the design is also welcome, it can be used to depict tangerines.

manicure color for new year 2021nail color for new year 2021Christmas color combination

Clothing color for the New Year 2021

The color of the outfit for the New Year 2021 is able to create a unique festive mood:

  1. The set can consist entirely of one shade or a combination of several, which are especially favored by the symbol of the year. It is white, beige, silver, delicate pastel. Another option would be to use inserts from such colors, and take neutral shades as a basis, such as black, brown.
  2. New Year’s outfits for women can consist of dresses, plain or with inserts, blouses and skirts or trousers. Suits are recommended to choose laconic, not overloaded with decorative elements.

clothing color for new year 2021dress color for new year 2021colors of the new year

New Year’s costume for a woman

When looking for an answer to the question of what color to celebrate New Year 2021 in, women can pay attention to all kinds of trouser or skirt suits:

  1. The set can be monochrome or consisting of a top and bottom in different shades. In the latter case, you can prefer a jacket or jacket in a delicate pastel or silver color and dark trousers or a skirt.
  2. If the suit is chosen in shiny metallic tones, then you can balance the look with a neutral black or white blouse.
  3. Jackets with contrasting black side inserts look interesting. This technique helps to look impressive and at the same time slims the silhouette.

New Year's costume for a womanwhat color to celebrate the new year 2021

Women’s sweater for the New Year

If the holiday is celebrated in a cozy home environment, then the outfit can be casual and include a sweater. The color of clothes for the New Year in this case should also be taken into account:

  • plain sweaters of such tones as beige, light pink, blue, yellow are ideal;
  • if you want to choose products decorated with ornaments, you can stop at patterns such as snowflakes, deer, associated with the New Year holiday.

women's sweater for the new yearclothes color for new year

Family Christmas clothes

New Year’s pair clothes will help to make a family celebration truly unforgettable:

  • many young couples in love prefer to dress similarly for the holiday. A variety of sweaters containing thematic ornaments, for example, images of deer and snowflakes, will help to cope with this task. All kinds of inscriptions may be present;
  • clothes in a similar style can be worn by mother and daughter. In this case, not only sweaters, but also stylish dresses can be selected;
  • the color scheme is preferably light, you can also stop at black sweaters decorated with ornaments. The main thing is that red is not used in the design.

family christmas clothesNew Year's pair clothes

Dress color for New Year 2021

Any representative of the fair sex wants to successfully choose the color of the dress for the New Year:

  1. Lovers of spectacular bows will appreciate the brilliant options presented in a significant variety. Metallic sheen can be provided by the structure of the fabric, for example, it is heavy satin. Another variation will be a dress, the surface of which is generously decorated with sequins.
  2. A snow-white dress will look unsurpassed on swarthy beauties. It can be light and airy in structure, or made of dense materials, such as velvet.
  3. The pastel palette will bring tenderness to the image. A uniform, smooth fabric can be used to decorate a skirt, and the top can be decorated with sequins and sequins made in the same color scheme.

dress color for new year 2021new year dress colornew year outfits for women

Dress with a Christmas pattern

Actual colors for the New Year’s Eve can be used in an unusual and extraordinary way: by applying certain patterns to the dress:

  1. Models with a festive ornament look stylish and extraordinary. Cozy knitwear can be used to create them, or dresses can be made using wool knitting.
  2. The main background can be chosen as dark, for example, black, brown, dark green, or light, corresponding to the New Year trends of this season.
  3. Original holiday ornaments are applied to the base, these are deer, snowflakes, Santa Clauses, snowmen, Christmas toys and Christmas trees, candies and cookies.

dress with christmas patterncolors for the new year

Dress for the New Year emerald color

Stylish and current trends include green New Year’s dresses:

  1. The tone of outfits can vary from rich green to dark emerald, characterized by somewhat muted notes.
  2. Buck favors all shades of green, because for this animal this color is associated with fresh grass. In addition, this shade symbolizes the annual holiday symbol — the Christmas tree, so it will become doubly relevant.
  3. In green, it will look unsurpassed as a dress made of airy chiffon, as well as from a heavy noble and iridescent satin.

emerald green new year dressgreen christmas dressesChristmas color palette

Metallic dresses for the New Year

An undeniable holiday trend is a steel-colored dress for the New Year:

  1. To decorate the dress, different tonality can be applied, this is both light metallic and dark graphite. It is allowed to combine different shades of a similar tone in one product.
  2. The fabric can be shiny in itself or contain sequins sewn on it, both large and small in structure.

new year metallic dressessteel-colored dress for the new yeardress color for new year 2021

White Christmas dress for a woman

A win-win way to stand out at the holiday and at the same time appease the symbol of the year is to choose the white color of the dress for the New Year of the Ox:

  1. The snow-white shade is reasonably recognized as the favorite of the festive event. For those who believe in New Year’s signs, this color will be a godsend, as it will help attract good luck and improve your financial situation.
  2. Both a white evening dress and a casual knitted dress are suitable for the celebration, the choice will depend on the individual preferences of the woman, and on the environment in which the event will take place.
  3. The dress can be exclusively white or contain inserts and stripes of a different color, for example, openwork black lace.

white christmas dress for womandress color for the new year of the oxnew year dress color


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