Contouring - what is this procedure, how to do and choose the right tools?

The fair sex invariably wants to look young and beautiful, for this they make any sacrifice. Every woman strives to be the center of attention at any event, especially if there are a large number of guests around. Girls want to be captured beautifully in photographs, and contouring of the face, chest and other parts of the body helps them in this.

What is contouring?

One of the popular types of makeup is contouring, which can be used to visually correct the oval of the face and add expressiveness to it:

  1. The contours of the face must be perfect, and this can be done with simple movements. The proportions can be changed with one or two products, which, if desired, can be applied to the face or a certain part of the body.
  2. Contouring for a full face will help to visually make it narrower, for which darkening is used in the area of ​​​​the cheekbones and the outer part of the cheeks.

what is contouringmakeup contouring techniqueface contouring

How to do contouring?

For those who decide to master the intricacies of this type of makeup, it is important to know what is needed for facial contouring. To do this, the cosmetic bag should contain the following tools:

  1. bronzer — plays an important role, since it is used to darken the cheekbones, chin and all those parts that you want to visually reduce. The color scheme of this cosmetic product is taken several shades darker than the natural color of the skin. As an alternative, you can use blush.
  2. highlighter — presented in the form of powder or has a creamy structure. Its purpose is to give the skin a radiant effect, which is achieved through the use of shimmer particles in the composition.
  3. Fluffy angled brushwith which any dry products are applied or shaded.
  4. kabuki — This is a brush with a dense structure and a significant width. A round cut is suitable for applying dry products, and a straight cut is suitable for cream products.
  5. fan brush — Designed for applying dry highlighter.

To do contouring correctly, the following steps are provided:

  1. Cleansing the skin and applying a make-up base on it, which is any foundation.
  2. Using a corrector to correct imperfections in the face, such as hiding shadows under the eyes or redness.
  3. Application of bronzer on the cheekbones, temples, under the chin, on the sides of the forehead and nose.
  4. Applying highlighter to areas of the face that are closer to the center: this is the middle of the forehead, nose, chin, a point above the upper lip.

how to contourWhat do you need for facial contouring?correct contouring

Facial contouring

One of the most common questions among fashionistas is: how to do face contouring? The main points are as follows:

  1. The following correction scheme is applied: a dark remedy is applied under the cheekbones, while creating a shadow. Light shadows are applied under the line of the zygomatic bone.
  2. The contouring pigment is applied under the lower jaw, on both sides of the nose and on the area above the temples along the hairline, and the highlighting pigment is applied to the protruding and illuminating parts of the face. This can be the upper part of the cheekbones, the area above the upper lip, on the bridge of the nose and even on the chin.
  3. Often makeup artists resort to using matte colors with minimal shine. Blush in this scheme is added only on the cheeks.
  4. Take a powder or cream stick for contouring. The main thing is to choose a shade that imitates the shadow, it will be a little grayish, unlike the shade of the foundation. To highlight the cheekbones, you need to draw a line with contouring powder or a stick from the ear to the apple of the cheek. To determine where part of the cheekbone ends, you need to feel it. There is no need to drag the line lower as the outline will look unnatural.
  5. To draw the jaw line, you need to take a brush with contouring powder and draw along the edge of the chin, so you can achieve a soft transition of shades.
  6. Face contouring does not end there, you need to start shading on the neck.
  7. Contouring is also carried out near the hairline. You need to take a little money and in a circular motion to extinguish the hairline at the temples and forehead.
  8. The final option is the addition of blush and highlighter. Blush is applied to the apples of the cheeks and a little above the eyebrows. You can apply them between the tip and bridge of the nose.

face contouringhow to do facial contouring

Nose contouring

The main thing is to decide what needs to be done visually smaller or enlarged, the nose can be shortened or completely changed its shape:

  1. To visually narrow the nose, and even make it almost doll-like, you need to take a medium bone with a beveled corner and apply a dark bronzer or tone on the sides along the entire length, including on the wings of the nose. A light tone is applied along the middle part of the nose. With this method, the tip of the nose becomes sharper.
  2. If the nose, on the contrary, is not too clear, then you can slightly increase its length. This makeup contouring technique is also suitable for those who want to change the version of the potato. With dark shades, you should not be zealous, otherwise a dark spot will appear on the face that can ruin all makeup.
  3. The contouring of the hump nose requires special attention. To correct the imperfections, a tinting agent is applied that corrects the skin of the face, and a dark tone of powder and a bronzer are applied to the hump. They hide irregularities and give softer shapes. A light base is applied to the tip and wings of the nose, which will favorably emphasize all the advantages. The finishing touch will be shading.

nose contouring

Lip contouring

In order to increase the lips, it is not necessary to turn to injections, you can simply master lip contouring. There are several options that will give the desired result:

  1. Lips need to be completely painted over with foundation. After they are outlined in pencil, if the task is to increase them, then you can go a little beyond the natural contour. Then, with this pencil, transverse lines are outlined in the middle of the lower and upper lips, on both sides. Then lipstick is applied over the lines, it should be slightly lighter than the contour so that it can be seen. The final step will be lip gloss, it will make the lips visually larger.
  2. Another option, with which contouring is done according to the type of face, is suitable for girls with fair skin. It also begins with discoloration of the lips with the help of foundation. Then a white or very light pink pencil is taken and the middle of the lips is painted over from below and above. After a contour is created with a pencil, the main thing is that it matches the color of the lipstick. It should look natural. At the end, pink lipstick or gloss is applied.

lip contouring

Eyebrow contouring

To make a harmonious contouring for the face, you need to pay attention to such a part of it as the eyebrows. There is a correction of the eyebrows, which helps to change not only the shape, but also the volume. Eyebrow contouring consists of several stages:

  1. Initially, this is eyebrow styling, with the help of a special brush, they are combed and styled, while acquiring a neat look.
  2. Next, you need to turn to the creation of the contour. Powder shadows are used, with the help of dark powder the outlines of the upper and lower parts of the eyebrow are made. You don’t need to direct them too much, because you get an option applied under the stencil.
  3. Next, the contour is filled with a dark color. Do not touch the part of the eyebrows at the bridge of the nose, the eyebrows will appear visually longer.
  4. On the eyebrows, you can create soft transitions using a gradient, for this, the side sections of the eyebrows are covered with a light shade. The powder is applied towards the center, but you should not mix it with a dark shade.
  5. Do not do without shading to achieve a natural result.

eyebrow contouring

Eye contouring

Competent and correct facial contouring can make the eyes more expressive:

  1. To make more of them, you can apply the double shading option. You need to use two shades of shadows, these are light and dark. Light ones are superimposed on the movable eyelid, the inner corners of the eyes and under the eyebrow arch. Dark — in the outer corners and on the lower eyelid.
  2. Eyebrows play an important role, the higher they are, the wider and more open the look will be.
  3. Do not be afraid of bright shadows in makeup, they perfectly emphasize all the advantages of the eyes. Beige and brown shades that carry natural beauty remain in demand.
  4. For the expressiveness of the eyes, do not forget about the arrows. The line should be thinner than the inner part of the eye and thicken towards the outer. Do not stretch the end of the arrow too much, the line on the lower eyelid is drawn only at the outer corners.

eye contouring

Chin contouring

Suitable options for the chin can be selected when contouring according to the shape of the face:

  1. On a heart shape, the chin will be smaller than the top of the face. Therefore, you need to even out the overall appearance of the face by darkening the temples with a bronzer.
  2. For a square face, do not darken the chin, because the face will become unnaturally pointed. Highlighters are recommended to highlight the chin. The same rule applies when contouring is done for a round face.
  3. For an oval face, it is worth applying dark lines on the chin to visually expand it. Highlighting the forehead will help to balance the chin, just do not need to apply a lot of gloss.
  4. For a triangular shape, the chin and forehead above the eyebrows are highlighted.

chin contouring

Breast contouring

The use of concealer, powder, bronzer and highlighter will help make the chest visually larger. Neckline contouring is carried out using the following techniques:

  1. First you need to shade the hollow, a concealer is used and applied along the inner contour, while carefully shaded.
  2. So that toning is not conspicuous, you need to use a powder that matches the skin tone of the neckline.
  3. Bronzer is not too dark in color is applied to the upper chest. Dark concealer can also be applied along the clavicle line to enhance the optical effect.
  4. A slightly lighter skin tone highlighter is applied to the entire upper chest.

breast contouring

Body contouring

For an evening out, when the outfit contains open areas, proper body contouring can be used:

  1. With it, you can increase the chest, make the perfect press, lengthen the neck or even lengthen the legs.
  2. For a perfect belly, a bronzer is applied to the side parts. If there is a pronounced press, then you can darken the cubes and do the same with a vertical strip on the stomach.
  3. For the neck, a large brush is used, with which a bronzer is applied on the sides, and a highlighter on the central part.
  4. Self-tanning is applied to the legs, and glitter powder can be walked along the vertical lines of the legs.

body contouring

Hair contouring

In recent seasons, not only contouring of the face or body, but also hair has gained popularity:

  1. Correction is carried out with a haircut. For example, for a round or square face, cut side strands that end at the level of the temple are contraindicated. For such girls, a length that falls below the cheekbones is recommended.
  2. The opposite trend should be followed for a triangular or heart-shaped face, where the lower part can be slightly opened and made visually wider in this way.
  3. To create a successful hair contouring, coloring technique is also important. For example, the upper part of the face visually expands with the help of dark strands, while the lower part narrows with the help of light strands, and vice versa. A good example is the ombre technique.

hair contouring

Contouring for blond hair

On strands of light brown color, you can use almost any hair coloring contouring:

  1. Shatush or balayazh will look incredibly successful. To soften facial features and give it tenderness, they use highlights made using honey or sand shades.
  2. To visually expand the face, it is recommended to use coloring the back strands in a darker color and highlighting them near the face. For visual narrowing, it is necessary to apply the exact opposite technique.

blond hair contouring

Red hair contouring

On red-haired beauties, contouring can look incredibly good:

  1. If you take a few red shades, then the melting technique will look extremely harmonious when a darker tone turns into a lighter one.
  2. The red color looks organic in combination with options such as wheat, pink, chestnut.

red hair contouring

Contouring for dark hair

For dark strands, the following contouring rules apply:

  1. So that the hairstyle does not look ridiculous, it is recommended to take shades for highlighting that differ in tonality from the main color by no more than a couple of tones.
  2. The highlighting technique can be used to create the effect of sun glare, which looks especially advantageous on the front strands.

dark hair contouring

Hair contouring before and after

Many are interested in knowing what effect contouring has before and after:

  • you can hide the flaws of the face and highlight its advantages as much as possible;
  • greater brightness and expressiveness of the image is achieved;
  • hair acquires shine and glare shimmering in the sun.

hair contouring before and after


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