Cool hairstyles - a selection of photos and videos to create stunning images

Every girl wants to look attractive. To complement a stylish look, cool hairstyles are designed that will give a woman a truly unique look. Styling is presented in a variety of variations, both collected and loose.

Cool hairstyles 2020

Many ladies spend a huge amount of time creating hairstyles. They constantly follow modern trends and want to make the most relevant haircuts. Stylists bring to the attention of fashionistas such cool hairstyles in 2020:

  1. Styling with scarves. This fashion returns again, and products can be any: from silk, knitwear, satin and other fabrics. They are woven into the hair, used as a headband, and so on. You can choose the most daring and original designs.
  2. Cool hairstyles with accessories are on the rise, especially in 2020. Expensive jewelry with beautiful elements is relevant.
  3. The ballerina bun is a laconic styling that can be supplemented with various accessories. Thanks to her, a view of the neck opens, so it is recommended to emphasize it.
  4. Lush hair, which provides an opportunity to increase the volume of hair. Can be used for very feminine bows.
  5. Bob and bob-car look very cool. You can complement them with waves or shaving, emphasize with paint, and so on.
  6. Page. A particularly popular trend that helps girls look spectacular. You can try a page with parting, bangs, graduation.
  7. Asymmetrical haircuts, thanks to which girls look bright and attractive.

cool hairstyles 2020cool hairstyles 2020very cool hairstyles

Cool hairstyles for short hair

On short strands, you can create incredibly cool hairstyles for girls with short hair. There are a lot of options for this:

  1. French bundle. This is fully collected hair, which looks very beautiful.
  2. Lush ponytail. You can make a high tail, and decorate the base with side strands.
  3. Braid from harnesses. Looks interesting and effective.
  4. Bundle of cords. Like girls who like to look formal.
  5. Double tail. It looks especially beautiful with waves.
  6. Babette with a bow. It looks especially beautiful with outfits in the style of the sixties.

cool hairstyles for short haircool hairstyles for girls with short haircoolest hairstyles of 2020

Cool hairstyles for medium hair

On medium hair, you can do the coolest hairstyles. For greater effectiveness, try the following options:

  1. Hair clips are a simple decoration option that will make any hairstyle interesting. Stylists advise choosing eye-catching jewelry with large stones.
  2. Cool hairstyles with headbands. And they can be made with your own hands to look original.
  3. The harness looks cool, and at the same time it is appropriate for any situation.
  4. Laying with a beam based on an inverted tail. It is done easily and without problems, but it looks really impressive.
  5. Babette. Great evening styling, suitable for high-waisted dresses.

cool hairstyles for medium hair

Cool hairstyles for long hair

On elongated strands, you can embody a variety of ideas and make cool hairstyles for girls with long hair:

  1. Elegant French twist. Such a hairstyle for winter is convenient to wear under a hat.
  2. Volumetric ponytail. Slightly disheveled hair and sloppy styling are very popular, because they look very cool.
  3. Spit on the back of the head. Interestingly, this styling looks with staining using the ombre technique or highlighting.
  4. Hair band. It looks original, it is extremely simple to make it, and at the same time the image will already be memorable.
  5. Asymmetrical cut. Suitable for deliberately casual trends and is appropriate in almost any situation.
  6. Low structured beam. Very feminine styling, which can be easily corrected if it is disheveled.
  7. Low tail with knots. You can decorate your hair with a beautiful hairpin.
  8. Cool hairstyles from three beams. The original version, perfectly combined with staining.

cool hairstyles for long haircool hairstyles for girls with long hair

Cool hairstyles for every day

Every day, all girls really want to look attractive. Many fashionistas are interested in knowing what cool hairstyles are? Ukaldka should be uncomplicated so that you can quickly make it and go about your business. It is offered by stylists in the following variations:

  1. Tail on the side with curls. An elegant hairstyle that looks really beautiful.
  2. Tail with fleece. Can be supplemented with a few strands out.
  3. Tail inside out. There is nothing difficult in creating such a styling, but it looks very cool at the same time.
  4. Volume braid with fleece. Suitable for both every day and daily looks.
  5. Spit waterfall. Very beautiful cool hairstyles that do not require a long time to complete.
  6. Bundle of braids Good business opportunity.
  7. High ponytail decorated with braids.

cool hairstyles for every daywhat are cool hairstylescool long hairstyles

Cool hairstyles with loose hair

Loose hair provides great opportunities to make a variety of cool trendy hairstyles:

  1. Babette. Suitable for long hair framed with French bangs. You can make a roller out of fleece and secure it with the help of invisibility.
  2. Boho styling. You need to add a few braids to your loose hair.
  3. Cool loose hairstyles, complemented by styling in the shape of a heart.
  4. A playful hair curl. Suitable for original images that stand out from the crowd.
  5. Shaved temple imitation. Laying is very popular with Hollywood stars.

cool hairstyles with loose hair

Cool hairstyles to the side

Cool hairstyles on the side, presented in the following variations, help diversify any look:

  1. Wavy side styling. Curls will make the look feminine and beautiful.
  2. Cool long hairstyles to the side with weaving.
  3. Smooth styling on the side. For their implementation, the hair is simply combed to one side and fixed with varnish.
  4. A variation when the hair is combed to one side and slightly twisted, and then fixed in the middle with one strand.
  5. A side braid is a romantic option.
  6. Laying on the side with imitation bangs.

sideways hairstyles

Cool hairstyles with pigtails

Cool women’s hairstyles with pigtails are very comfortable and versatile. They are appropriate in any situation, so it is definitely worth making them. It is worth considering that they cannot be done on a graduated haircut or short hair, but this is not the most significant drawback. The most popular options are:

  1. Spike «spikelet». For more interest, it can be braided on hair with a corrugated effect.
  2. The French waterfall is a very gentle hairstyle.
  3. Bundle with a scythe. Helps to diversify the usual styling, make it more elegant.
  4. Braid crown. Any girl will feel like a queen this way.
  5. Cool braided hairstyles combined with loose hair.
  6. A scythe with a tail.

cool hairstyles with braidscool female hairstyles

Cool hairstyles with a tail

The ponytail is a great option to create cool hairstyles for girls. Laying is very simple and versatile, suitable for almost everyone. There are a lot of options for it:

  1. Low ponytail with a parting in the center or side.
  2. High tail, decorated with various decorative elements.
  3. Tail with fleece. Gives volume to the hair, which is especially suitable for evening looks.
  4. A braid in combination with a tail is a bright option, which presents very cool hairstyles.
  5. The tail, complemented by a pair of small braids.
  6. Tail tied with a ribbon or scarf.

cool ponytail hairstyles

Cool hairstyles with bangs

Many girls prefer to do cool hairstyles with long bangs or short bangs. There are a lot of images, the best of them are as follows:

  1. Short bob or bob with long bangs.
  2. Straight hair with slightly asymmetrical bangs.
  3. Perfectly straightened smooth hair and ragged bangs.
  4. Bangs, divided into two halves, and loose hair.
  5. Careless bangs combined with curls.
  6. A bun with even bangs presents the coolest hairstyles of 2020.
  7. Regrown bangs with hair curled at the ends.
  8. Thick and torn bangs with collected hair.

cool hairstyles with bangs

Cool hairstyles with coloring

With the help of dyeing, you can create incredibly cool rainbow hairstyles. Coloring makes any styling more interesting. There are many unusual options, but you should pay attention to the following:

  1. Loose hair, twisted into curls, clarified at the ends.
  2. Haircuts with coloring «chocolate cake».
  3. A mixture of chocolate and lilac shades, played up in braids or voluminous tails.
  4. Curls dyed using the ombre technique.
  5. Coloring with a slight sheen.
  6. Beige blonde haircuts.
  7. Dark smoky color.
  8. Smoky golden color with hairstyles for short hair.
  9. Shaggy with bright coloring.
  10. Raspberry bourbon that brightens towards the tips.
  11. Ash staining in combination with curls.

cool hairstyles with coloring

Cool high hairstyles

High the coolest women’s hairstyles are suitable for many girls. They are back in fashion, so you should pay attention to them. The most popular options are:

  1. Bouffant. The easiest option, which is very important to fix with a sufficient amount of styling product.
  2. high beam. Great for everyday wear. You can wrap the bun with loose strands of hair.
  3. High styling in the spirit of «Woman Vamp». The most important thing is to apply a sufficient amount of varnish on the hair.
  4. retro ponytail.
  5. Shell. A great opportunity to create a sophisticated image. For fastening, invisible and studs are used.

cool updo hairstyles

Cool evening hairstyles

To look unsurpassed at an evening event, the coolest hairstyles for girls are designed. There are a lot of variations, so it’s easy to get lost in them, but you should pay attention to the following:

  1. Evening styling with curls with the addition of ribbons and bows.
  2. Volumetric bunches with slight negligence, careless tails can also be done for the evening.
  3. Beautiful waves in retro style.
  4. Bun with braids framing the head.
  5. «Shell» with falling strands.
  6. For short hair, you can make small braids, curls and waves, including retro style.
  7. Low tousled tails look interesting, where the elastic is hidden by a strand of hair.
  8. Hair can be collected in a bun or shell, decorating with a massive hairpin.

cool evening hairstylescoolest hairstyles for girls

Cool wedding hairstyles

Every girl wants to be a beautiful bride. These are the coolest wedding hairstyles for this:

  1. Bundle with loose strands and various embellishments.
  2. Hairstyles for a wedding in the Greek style.
  3. Wedding styling with a veil gives the image of mystery and femininity, making the girl even more attractive.
  4. If you want to feel like a queen, then you can make a wedding hairstyle with a diadem.
  5. For short waves, you can make waves or a retro hairstyle.
  6. A low tousled tail for a wedding is also acceptable, since negligence is in trend.

cool wedding hairstylescoolest wedding hairstyles

Celebrities with cool hair

Many girls prefer to focus on the stars, choosing a stylish styling for themselves. Celebrities can see cool short hairstyles, medium or long styling:

  1. Gigi Hadid delighted fans with multi-colored curls. Came out bold and cool image.
  2. Isabelle Gular prefers to make simple light waves in combination with ombre staining.
  3. Bangs with a cascade — the choice of actress Felicity Jones.
  4. Emma Thompson chose a short pixie haircut, it suits her very well.
  5. Coco Rocha wears a hairstyle where the left side is behind the ear and the right side can be tricky.
  6. Monica Bellucci wears a sleek updo that looks really cool.
  7. Anna Wintour prefers bob with bangs.
  8. Sarah Jessica Parker loves curls on long hair, it looks very impressive.
  9. Dita Von Teese loves pin-up styling.
  10. Lana Del Rey is a fan of Hollywood waves.
  11. Miley Cyrus loves extravagant hairstyles, such as bouffant with shaved temples.

Isabelle Gular and Felicity JonesMonica Bellucci and Sarah Jessica ParkerLana Del Rey and Miley Cyrus


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