Beautiful underwear for women is an important element of the wardrobe. In order for the bra not to cause discomfort, it is necessary to correctly determine the size of the bra.

You can’t do without this piece of clothing.

What is a bra for?

A detail of the women’s wardrobe once replaced an uncomfortable corset and quickly came into use. The main purpose of a bra is to cover and support the chest. But it has a number of other features:

  • Protection. The skin on the nipple is very delicate. Dense and prickly tissues can cause discomfort and irritation of the sensitive part of the body. The bra will become a layer between the nipple and clothes. In case of an accidental chest strike, the foam inserts will soften the consequences.
  • Sagging prevention. With age, the female breast loses its elasticity. Under the weight of the mammary glands, it sags. A detail of the women’s wardrobe will help to postpone this unpleasant moment.
  • Correction of the visual perception of the bust. Push-up bras will visually make the chest look bigger and more attractive.
  • Inner confidence. Beautiful lingerie changes the emotional background of a woman. She feels more confident and feminine.

The importance of making the right choice

The importance of making the right choice

The wrong bra can be a problem. The pressure on the chest of a small cup or straps digging into the shoulder will distract the whole day from more important matters. This can cause nervousness and headache. Too big a bra is also unpleasant. The breast in the cup will sway.

All these difficulties are associated with the wrong bra size. Even a very comfortable bra can cause problems over time. Perhaps this is due to stretching of the fabric or a change in weight. Therefore, if there is an inconvenience or an incorrect fit of a wardrobe element, you need to purchase a new bra.

How to determine size

Bra sizes are expressed in alphanumeric terms. The letter is the fullness of the cup, the number indicates the size.

To independently determine your alphanumeric value, you will need a centimeter tape, which is used by seamstresses.

You need to measure two measurements — the girth of the bust and the girth under the bust.

To carry out high-quality measurements, the following rules must be observed:

  • Put on a comfortable bra;
  • When measuring the volume under the bust, the tape should fit snugly, but not squeeze. It is important that it is parallel to the floor. The place of measurement is immediately below the bust.
  • To measure the circumference of the bust, the previous rule regarding the location of the tape should be followed. But you need to attach the tape through the back and the most protruding points of the chest.

These two measurements will help you find the right size.

The underbust measurement should be used to determine the size. The data correspond to the Russian sizing system.

A girth under the bust from 68 to 72 cm corresponds to a size 70.

  • From 73 to 77 cm — size 75;
  • From 78 to 82 cm — size 80;
  • From 83 to 87 cm — size 85;
  • From 88 to 92 cm — size 90;
  • From 93 to 97 cm — size 95

To find out the letter in size, you need to subtract the size of the girth under the bust from the size of the girth in the chest.

The difference between girths from 10 to 11 cm corresponds to the fullness of the AA cup.

  • From 12 to 13 cm — fullness A;
  • From 14 to 15 cm — fullness B;
  • From 16 to 17 cm — fullness C;
  • From 18 to 19 cm — fullness D;
  • From 20 to 21 cm — fullness E;
  • From 22 to 23 cm — fullness F;
  • From 24 to 25 cm — fullness G.

For example, under bust is 84cm and girth is 98cm. Please order size 85 B.

Difficulty may arise due to the fact that in some countries the size systems are very different from the domestic one. Then you need to focus on the conformity of the sizes according to the country of the manufacturer. This only applies to sizes. The fullness of the bowl in all systems is unchanged.

How to make the right choice

It’s hard to be sure of choosing the right bra without trying it on. The correct size is selected if:

  • When fastened to the extreme hook, the bra belt does not cut into the body. On the back, it is located in a straight line parallel to the floor.
  • The bridge between the cups fits snugly to the chest.
  • The straps do not dig into the shoulders and do not slip.
  • The chest does not hang out in the cups and does not fall out of them. Cups fit snugly to the mammary glands.

When choosing a bra, you need to pay attention not only to the beautiful appearance, but also to the size. This is how you maintain your health and self-confidence.

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