Corrugated hair - the perfect way to create a fashionable look

Recently, an extremely stylish trend that is used to create stylish styling is corrugated hair. Spectacular waves can be created for different lengths of strands, have different sizes and be applied on the entire surface of the curls or only on a certain part of them.

How to choose a corrugation for hair?

The fair sex, who want to create hairstyles with curling corrugations, should take into account the structure of their strands:

  • for girls who have naturally thick curls, it is better to use a large corrugation. If you apply an excessively small variation, then there is a risk that the strands will fluff up too much;
  • the volume of thin strands can be visually increased if you apply a fine corrugation for hair;
  • you can use not the entire length of the curls, but make only the basal volume, with which the hairstyle will look more magnificent and attractive;
  • corrugation can be used to highlight individual strands, for example, side ones located near the face. In addition, they can be further emphasized by staining in a different color.

how to choose corrugation for hairhairstyles with curling ironbeautiful hairstyles with corrugation

Small fluff in the hair

A special corrugated hair iron can have a surface that has a certain structure, both larger and extremely small. With the help of the last tool, you can create a scattering of curls:

  1. For thin hair, you can apply this technique over the entire surface of the strands, in which case they will become lush and voluminous and look like afro curls.
  2. If you want to make only a certain element of the hairstyle wavy, then you only need to go through this part with an iron. For example, a corrugated hair can be used to create perky ponytails located at the top of the head. In this case, the remaining strands can be left straight or curled into large curls.

small fluff on the hair    corrugation for haircorrugated hair hairstyles

Large corrugation on the hair

Another type of tool, which is represented by a corrugated hair curler, is one that provides the ability to create large waves:

  1. This variation of performance is indispensable when a girl wants to do retro styling. With the help of an iron, large waves are made over the entire surface of the hair, which are fixed with varnish.
  2. You can highlight in this way only certain strands that will act as a stylish accent of the image. To make them even more noticeable, you can use them toning in a different shade.

large corrugation on the haircorrugated hair curlercorrugated hair styling

Basal volume of corrugated hair

To present the hairstyle in a more favorable light, a basal volume of hair with the help of a corrugation will be a great solution:

  1. To apply this technique, one specific strand is taken, which is retracted up or to the side, with an iron, it is necessary to press the area of ​​u200bu200bthe strand located directly near the roots.
  2. As a result, the hair corrugation affects only the root zone, it becomes slightly wavy. However, the main advantage lies not in this, but in the fact that an additional volume is created near the roots, they rise. Thanks to this, the styling takes on a more stylish appearance, and the curls look more lush, even if they are not naturally so.

basal volume of corrugated hairbasal volume of hair using corrugation

Corrugated hair styling

Fashionistas who want to make their image unique can use light corrugated hairstyles for this. The most popular types of styling include the following:

  • the creation of large or small waves over the entire surface of the strands;
  • highlighting certain curls, for example, lateral ones near the face;
  • highlighting any elements of the hairstyle, for example, designing ponytails in this way;
  • creation of root volume;
  • alternation of wavy and straight zones on a certain strand;
  • the use of retro style, when the strands are fixed with varnish and look emphatically neat;
  • the opposite option would be to fluff the curls and give them deliberate negligence.

corrugated hair stylingeasy hairstyles with corrugationhairstyles with curling iron

Corrugation for short hair

Corrugated hairstyles for short hair will look unique. When creating them, the following points are taken into account:

  1. The most common way is to give basal volume. It is used when it is necessary to make a beautiful evening hairstyle for short strands.
  2. If there is asymmetry in the haircut, then you can highlight its specific area and place an increased emphasis on it. For example, this is acceptable with this option: a pixie with a very elongated bang. In this case, this part is made corrugated.
  3. Corrugated styling for short hair can be used in a bob haircut, in which there is a significant difference in length: the back of the head is made very short, and the front strands are elongated. These details and make wavy.

frizzy hairstyles for short haircorrugation for short hair

Corrugation for medium hair

Corrugated hairstyles for medium hair are justifiably considered a universal option. This is due to the fact that almost any ideas can be realized at such a length:

  • fully corrugated hairstyle, which goes in large or small waves;
  • the entire surface of the strands is affected or certain parts are selected;
  • hair corrugation is used both on loose and collected hairstyles. In the latter case, with the help of such an effect, any element can be highlighted. Strands can be collected in a tail or a bundle, weaving can be used;
  • styling can be emphasized elegant or deliberately casual. Depending on this, the curls are securely fixed or, on the contrary, whipped.

corrugation for medium hairhairstyles with corrugation on mediumhairstyles with corrugation

Corrugation for long hair

Truly, an unsurpassed bow will help create hairstyles with corrugation for long hair. This is due to the fact that this effect will look unique at such a length. You can designate the following variations in which the styling is presented:

  1. Curls can be left completely loose. At the same time, large waves or small ones are made on them, which somewhat resemble afro curls.
  2. Carefully laid large waves will help to embody the image in retro style.
  3. Simple corrugated hairstyles are those in which one strand or several strands are made wavy. Often they are left released, and the rest of the curls are collected in a ponytail or fixed with hairpins.
  4. With the help of corrugation, you can highlight the pile, located in front of the head. In this case, the strands are given volume with the help of a fleece, while the uppermost of them are left loose, after which they are curled with an iron and fixed over the fleece:
  5. Corrugated strands can be present in all sorts of weaving variations, tails and buns.

corrugation for long hairhairstyles with corrugation for longhow to choose corrugation for hair

Hairstyles with corrugation

In the case when corrugated hair is used, a variety of hairstyles can be selected:

  • with or without bangs;
  • in assembled or loose version;
  • using fleece;
  • using corrugations for straight hair only in the upper part to add volume, the rest of the strands remain even;
  • the most simple styling or consisting of a combination of complex elements.

hairstyles with corrugationcorrugated hair hairstylescorrugation for long hair

Corrugated hair with bangs

One of the popular variations of stylish styling are hairstyles with corrugated bangs. They can be done in this way:

  1. Corrugated can be made straight, oblique, asymmetrical bangs. The only condition is a suitable length, since such an effect may look out of place on an overly short bang.
  2. Corrugation for straight hair may imply the selection of only one bang, which will be the main accent of the hairstyle. The rest of the strands remain even.
  3. Bangs can be combined with a pile, this technique is acceptable on a long and thick variety of this hairstyle detail. The main part is combed to give volume and pinned back. A thin upper strand above the forehead is made corrugated with an iron, after which it is located on top of the fleece. This option will ideally help to embody the image in retro style.
  4. With the help of corrugation, you can advantageously emphasize asymmetry by making the longest part of the bangs wavy.

corrugated hair with bangs

Braids for corrugated hair

The corrugated braid hairstyle looks very original. It is performed using the following methods:

  1. Over the entire surface, the strands are made corrugated, after which they are braided into a free braid. It must be not tight, so that a wavy effect is noticeable in it.
  2. The braid can be made of several elements, for example, weaving can alternate with sections of strands that are left unbraided. This contrasting alternation is achieved through the use of thin elastic bands, with which one area is separated from another.

braids for corrugated haircorrugated braid hairstyle

Corrugation for loose hair

One of the easiest ways to make a stylish styling is a corrugated hairstyle for loose hair:

  • strands are simply given a wavy effect with the help of ironing, while their size can be both small and large, and the alternation of these effects is also allowed;
  • the entire surface of the strands or their individual parts, which act as a stylish accent of the image, can be processed in this way.

corrugation for loose haircorrugated hairstyle loose hairhairstyles with corrugation for long

Hairstyle corrugated with fleece

Beautiful hairstyles with corrugation, which are combined with fleece, look unsurpassed:

  • this technique can be used both in the front of the head (in the zone of thick long bangs) and in the back;
  • in the case when the back strands are affected, the pile makes them more voluminous, after which they are combined into a bundle. It can be covered with corrugated hair or individual wavy strands can be released from it.

corrugated hairstyle with fleece


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