Country style - how to create fashionable images?

Country style is simplicity and convenience. These are clothes made of natural materials, decorated with a checkered pattern and a small scattering of flowers. These are stylish fringed jackets, a wide-brimmed straw hat, a flannel shirt and wide belts. This rustic style came to us in the 70s of the last century and since then has not left the top of the fashionable Olympus.

What is country style?

This is a rustic style that attracts attention with its practicality, minimalism and closeness to nature. Interestingly, the country style was originally of English origin. As soon as noble ladies left the city, they immediately put on tweed jackets and long tartan skirts. But the American country, the one that comes from the Wild West, has gained great popularity. Do you remember how Western characters dress? Here’s country style in all its glory.

what is country style

Let the clothes look simple, there is something peculiar, original and fashionable in it. So, the country style in clothes for girls is denim beauty combined with suede, sandy outfits, white spacious dresses, loose-cut checkered skirts, cotton or calico blouses decorated with lacing or embroidery, a fur vest. There is no place for glamorous glitter and jewelry with precious stones.

country style in clothes for girlscountry style look

Country style in clothes

The country style in clothes for women received a second life in 2009 in the spring-summer collection of the famous brand Isabel Marant, each creation of which appeals to rebellion and the spirit of freedom. After fashionistas appreciated the new line of clothing, this style began to be called bohemian country. It was impossible not to fall in love with stylish gray suede boots, a pink denim jacket, a checkered skirt of an original cut, a multi-tiered dress decorated with a silver belt.

  country style in clothes

Country style — characteristic fringed items, high boots, tight jeans, leather jackets. This beauty will fit perfectly into the everyday image of a modern beauty. Just look at the creations of the ingenious Ralph Laurent: a snow-white shirt, a skirt with an asymmetrical hem decorated with fringe and floral scattering, and a brown leather belt with a large buckle completes the look.

country style in clothes for women

A lot of celebrities in everyday life prefer comfortable and practical country music, which helps to look stylish under any circumstances:

  • Romi Strijd knows how to look stunning just by going shopping for lunch;
  • take a look at the American singer Carrie Underwood and you will understand what country style is in the clothes of a modern fashionista;

Diane Kruger and Carrie Underwood

  • even the Duchess of Cambridge herself, Kate Middleton, tried on the image of a country lady;
  • this list includes the beauty Jessica Alba, whose street style cannot but delight.

Kate Middleton and Jessica Alba

Country style skirt

The country skirt is calm tones, decorated with wooden buttons, fringe. These are clothes made from natural materials (linen, wool, cotton, tweed). You can often see country ladies in a denim skirt. Its beauty is emphasized by ethnic ornaments, rustic patterns, checks, and floral designs. Common lengths are midi and maxi. Many models are decorated with flounces. If you want something unusual, stylists recommend paying attention to the lush multi-tiered beauty, which is recommended to be combined with a denim top.

country style skirt

Country style skirt

country skirtcountry style for girls

Country style dress

Country style dress always looks romantic. They are sewn from cotton and chintz. Previously, this beauty was floor-length, tiered and gathered. Now you can see a lot of mini and midi models of natural warm shades, with which wide-brimmed hats, leather or suede vests are perfectly combined. So, at one of the Dolce & Gabbana shows, talented designers once again proved that the rustic country style can combine incompatible wardrobe elements (lace dress, wide belt and fringed boots).

country style dress

Summer dresses in country style are clothes with a deep V-neckline, decorated with delicate floral patterns, lace beauty, which will be the perfect complement to hand-made jewelry. A suede mini-model looks no less interesting, the highlight of which is a skirt with a multi-tiered fringe. Cowboy country style can look sexy. Don’t believe? And you try to wear a light floral dress with bare shoulders, a wide-brimmed brown hat and sandals of the same shade. Then feel the numerous male gazes on you.

  dress country stylecountry style in clothes for women

Country style blouses

Country blouses are simple cuts, comfortable to wear that can be combined with other styles. This element of the wardrobe is perfect for girls who love clothes that do not hinder movement. Each such model will add a touch of romance and femininity to any image. It can be sleeveless or go with a lush «flashlight». Stylists recommend wearing it loose or tucked into jeans, trousers, and a skirt. It can be plain (pastel colors) or decorated with a floral, ethnic pattern, a cage of various sizes.

country style blouses

Country style blouses

country blouses  country style in clothes

Evening dresses in country style

Country style for girls is not only coarse fringed suede boots and a wide-brimmed straw hat. These are delicate models of evening dresses, in which everyone will feel like a real queen of the evening. Traditional country style dresses have a long skirt, open neckline, long puffed sleeves or puffed sleeves. Modern designers decided to bring something of their own to this style, and therefore on the catwalks you can see beauties defiling in ultra-short country models.

country style evening dresses

Country-style outfits are sometimes decorated with large lace. They are characterized by free cut, Native American embroidery, corset elements, rich natural colors, fringe, suede or leather inserts. Most of the styles slightly open the shoulders, have a gathering at the neckline, emphasize the waist, making the image sexy and attractive. On some models, you can see the lacing in the chest and on the back.

country style for girlswhat is country style

country style wedding dress

A country wedding dress consists of a corset, a fluffy floor-length skirt, and can be decorated with lace. It is possible that the fringe will decorate the sleeves, belt or hem of a multi-layered skirt. If you want something original and extraordinary, replace the veil with an equally stylish hat. It will be a traditional cowboy or wedding dress, the zest of which is given by lace decorative elements.

country style wedding dress

Keep in mind that country is all about simplicity, so don’t overload your look with decorations and other details. Otherwise, we get a boho style. In addition, the wedding dress does not have to be white. Let your imagination run wild. Some brides prefer feminine floral designs that perfectly emphasize your delicate nature, along with denim elements.

country wedding dresscountry style for girls

Country shoes

Country shoes are comfortable shoes with a square small heel, boots made of suede or leather, decorated with fringe, buckle, rivets, straps, all kinds of patterns and more. If you create an image in this style, but it’s somehow not very comfortable to walk around in boots in hot weather, stylists assure that sandals and sandals in neutral shades will be the perfect complement to the outfit. The main thing here is not the style or trendiness of the wardrobe elements, but their practicality and durability. After all, country is not a symbol of glamor, but convenience.

country shoes

Country shoes

country shoes  country style in clothes

Country style accessories

Country accessories are a wide-brimmed hat that blends perfectly with carelessly loose curls, a neckerchief that will become the highlight of a western look, all kinds of jewelry made of silver, feathers, suede or leather. Complete the country look with wide belts with large buckles, which can be safely combined with feminine lace dresses. Do not forget that this style does not welcome the presence of a large number of accessories. Otherwise, we get no less colorful boho. A camel-colored bag decorated with fringe will complete the look.

country style accessories

Country style accessories

country accessoriescountry style for girls

Country style look

Long dresses in country style — something that will bring a touch of femininity and romance to your bow. Feel free to combine it with boots, rough boots, wide belts. This will make your outfit look more stylish and attractive. In cool weather, throw a denim jacket or vest over your shoulders. For a suede skirt, pick up boots from the same material and an oversized blouse, decorated with lacing. Include a denim jumpsuit and a plain cotton shirt in your country outfit.

  country style lookcountry blouses

Country style look

dress country style  country style dress


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