Cow manicure - a fashion trend in the field of nail art

This year, the leading masters have offered many original nail art designs. Especially popular is a cow milk manicure, a classic outline or a multi-colored design. All kinds of variations are available for any shape and length of the nail plate. If you are looking for universal interpretations for every day or for certain events, read this article rather.

Manicure 2020 cow

An integral part of the care of handles is high-quality and fashionable nail art. Before going to your favorite master, you need to get acquainted with newfangled ideas and new trends. In the coming season, experts recommend considering a manicure — cow design. You can choose and embody the most desirable designs for any length and shape of nails.

The most sought-after outlines were sharp, soft square, almond. A variety of combinations with bright or delicate colors are welcome. Among the performance techniques, it is better to give preference to a pretty matte finish, glossy, rubbing. Sequins, foil, additional stickers, drawings can be used as decorative elements.

manicure 2020 cowcow manicure trends 2020

Cow manicure for short nails

Manicure cow — a print for short nails is considered a great alternative to the classic plain design. If you are looking for a practical option suitable for everyday life, romantic dates, friendly outings and festive events, you will love cutting-edge applications on sharp or almond-shaped nail plates.

The color palette provides a wide selection of diverse shades. Original conjugations with rich deep solutions or light gentle tones are acceptable. The most popular this year is a cow manicure with white. Additional decorations often decorate the nails with volumetric modeling techniques, overlay stickers, drawings, geometric patterns.

cow manicure for short nailscow nail art for short nails

Cow manicure for long nails

Although many young ladies believe that maxi nail length looks defiant, the best masters managed to prove the opposite. Current trends in the nail art industry have presented exquisite designs with the most unexpected outlines. Animal motifs have won women’s hearts since last year. Therefore, in the summer season, a cow manicure is in special demand — a print on long nails.

If you want to recreate a spectacular design, look for pinks, reds, blues and purples. Interpretations combined with a classic jacket are welcome. The shape can be anything, but sharp, square ones have become more popular. Decorative elements emphasize the performance in the form of additional self-adhesives, rhinestones, shiny pollen.

cow manicure for long nailscow print manicure for long nails

Cow manicure on sharp nails

Representatives of street fashion and a daring style of clothing in most cases prefer the sharp form of marigolds. Such incarnations help to make the fingers visually more refined and curly. Newfangled trends broadcast black and white cow print manicure. However, for lovers of multi-color solutions, you can choose combinations with bright shades.

Accomplishments with cutting-edge techniques will look more elegant. Diverse matte, glossy coatings, rubbing effect, ombre are available. Do not forget about the use of additional decorations. Bitmaps, geometric ornaments, rhinestones, volumetric details are very popular.

cow manicure with sharp nailscow manicure for bony nails 2020

Cow manicure on square nails

The most feminine form of the nail plate this year is considered a soft square. The most daring girls can afford other outlines with sharper angles. A cow print manicure will look beautiful on long or short nails. Therefore, do not be afraid to experiment: apply exclusive trends to a few fingers or to all pens.

One of the most common colors was the combination of black and white. Supporters of bright color solutions can pick up red, pink, purple shades as an addition. To make the original cow design more interesting accents or elements. Volumetric modeling techniques, diverse textured details, rhinestones, beads are available.

manicure with a cow on square nailsmanicure cow square nails 2020

Cow Manicure Ideas

Famous masters and stylists have developed many original variations of chic nail art. Leading trends presented the current animalistic trends. Cow-style manicure is considered especially in demand today. It can be recombined with diverse techniques and color shades. The favorite colors of the modern fashionable public are:

  • violet;
  • red;
  • pink;
  • blue.

You can combine the cow design with any rich bright or light delicate tones. Classic glossy or trendy matte finishes are welcome. Do not lose sight of spectacular combinations with rubbing, gradients. Additional decorations often decorate exclusive interpretations with miniature original drawings or stickers, various volumetric elements, sparkles, rhinestones.

cow manicure ideascow nail art ideas

Purple manicure cow

Coloristic saturated shades of purple quickly won the girls’ hearts. Delicate lilac color is now at the peak of popularity, so pay attention to the manicure — milka cow. The execution, which uses a white neutral tone as a base and painted light purple spots is ideal for any life occasion, adding a bright accent to every look.

Many young ladies prefer to combine a monochromatic manicure with a cow print on one or more fingers. Some ideas include matte, glossy or pearly finishes. More highlights and overflows can be obtained by embodying the effect of rubbing. Sequins, 3D gossamer, rhinestones, beads, pictures act as decorative elements.

purple manicure cow milkapurple cow manicure

Manicure colorful cow

Manicure colored cow got a special demand during the summer season. The hot period makes ladies want to transform into colorful clothes, do bright makeup and carry out the most colorful nail art. What could be better than colorful design combined with trendy animal motifs?

When choosing a color, it is better to give preference to rich deep shades of red, emerald, blue, yellow, pink. Lovers of a more delicate tonal range should pay attention to lemon, lilac, light green, pedar, menthol. Bold ladies can afford catchy neon colors. Additional details can decorate designs with foil, textured particles, shiny beads.

multi-colored cow manicurenail art cow multicolor

Red manicure with cow spots

If you’re a fan of colorful designs, you’ll love the cow patch manicure in red. It will look great on the nail plate of every size and shape. The most popular this year are sharp or square nails of medium or maxi length. The base tone can be light pink, white, red.

The spots themselves can be performed in scarlet, black, white, brown shades. Masters recommend considering options using chic nail art on several nails. Velvet, iridescent interpretations, the effect of rubbing or even a cat’s eye are welcome. Minimalist glittery stripes, dots or stickers are the perfect complement to appliqués.

red manicure cowred cow manicure

Matte cow manicure

To make a cow-shaped manicure more extraordinary, original, try matte finishes. Such coatings have found a response among lovers of gentle variations. They look great on long pointed nails, short square or almond shapes. The most popular are white or black spots.

As a base, you can choose a transparent varnish, light shades of milky, beige or neutral tones of black, brown. You can decorate all the fingers or add a sophisticated print to only a few. Don’t forget to complement the velvet coverings with exquisite additional details. Girls love the techniques of volumetric modeling, color drawings, cobwebs, rhinestones and beads.

matte cow manicurematte nail art cow

Manicure cow with blue

If you are looking for a decoration idea that is suitable for everyday life, friendly meetings, romantic dates and special occasions, consider combining with tones of blue, mint, blue. The cow manicure on short nails of medium or maximum length looks as beautiful, elegant and restrained as possible.

Shades of blue are best combined with black cow spots and a white base on one nail plate. They can be separated by shiny stripes, 3D cobwebs, dotted patterns. Such matte, glossy versions with rubbing are welcome, providing for animal prints on one or more fingers. Decorative elements can decorate the design with rhinestones, shiny pollen.

blue cow manicureblue manicure cow 2020

Manicure drawing cow

Modern young ladies liked the original outlines and pronounced accents. Newfangled trends have presented manicure — the colors of the cow, as the main trend of the season. Girls all over the world are decorating their pens with stylish patches in black or brown. These shades are more popular because they are considered as close to natural colors as possible.

Any shape and length of the nail plate is available. However, long sharp or square nails are considered the most suitable. The range of techniques offers a wide choice of matt, glossy finishes or rub-in, cat-eye combinations. Additional decorations can be drawings in the form of cows, full-fledged compositions, shiny pollen, cobwebs, rhinestones.

manicure drawing cowcow manicure coloring

Pink manicure cow

To embody the original cow manicure, you can decorate it with multi-colored elements. Bright and delicate shades of pink are considered feminine colors, so it is better to dilute the ordinary black and white design with coloristic tones. You can use diverse stripes, spots, minimalist geometric shapes.

The most exclusive versions include pink colors and a spotted print on all or several fingers. Pay attention to the graceful velvet, iridescent and mother-of-pearl outlines. To make your favorite design look as impressive as possible, stylists recommend adding rhinestones, beads, sparkles.

manicure cow pinkpink cow manicure


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