Cow print is the fashion trend of this season

Modern trends do not stop conquering ladies’ hearts and inspiring girls to create new-fangled looks. The cow print on short nails looks especially impressive, so this theme in the field of nail art has become especially in demand. Do not miss the opportunity to replenish your closet with black and white spotted novelties. Pay attention to stylish accessories, makeup and shoes.

Cow print — trend 2020

With the onset of a hot period, all the young ladies in the world are looking for trendy clothes, cutting-edge makeup ideas, bright designs for nails and original stylistic solutions. Leading brands and masters could not leave the ladies without trendy new clothes, so they presented an incredibly beautiful cow print 2020. This year you will often see such colors.

The range broadcasts an extensive tonal range in all sorts of shades of red, pink, blue, yellow. Explore exclusive interpretations of makeup, manicure, clothes and accessories in lilac shades to match the color of your favorite Milka chocolate. Do not forget about shoes, interesting designs with heels or in a sporty style are available. Most girls prefer converse or regular sneakers.

cow printprint cow 2020

Cow print in clothes

Sunny time presented diverse products of women’s wardrobe. Summer lines from favorite designers have replenished with extraordinary styles, pretty models, elegant designs. The cow print is the perfect addition to any outfit. It is easily combined with monophonic things of all shades. To fold a cutting-edge bow, check out Spotted:

  • T-shirts
  • T-shirts;
  • pants
  • jeans;
  • denim jackets;
  • skirts.

Now at the peak of popularity are the trends of casual and sporty chic. You can create a rich, spectacular look with bold combinations of sophisticated tops with wide tight trousers, a combination of an oversized top with flared or skinny jeans. Do not forget that beach fashion also provides stylish sets — be sure to try on a couple of black and white or brown and beige swimsuits.

cow print on clothesclothes cow print

T-shirt cow print

Fashionable cow print is considered an ultra-modern trend and definitely deserves your attention. Things with such outlines will suit all ladies, regardless of age, occupation and taste preferences. Improved selections conquered the young ladies with the versatility of models and fabrics. Knitted, linen, cotton materials became the most popular.

When choosing tailoring, you need to focus on your own measurements and type of figure. Exquisite blouses with patches and short puffed sleeves are presented. Elongated or shortened versions, tight-fitting models are suitable for true connoisseurs of trends. Of the decorative elements, cow-colored pockets, textured designs, false belts or braid can be used.

cow print T-shirtcow print T-shirt

Cow print on T-shirt

If you’re looking for a statement piece for your summer tops, you’ll love our current selection of T-shirts. First of all, you should familiarize yourself with silk products on thin straps in an animalistic style. More revealing styles suggest cropped T-shirts with deep cuts and a cow print. Original bodysuits are available, which will be the perfect base for everyday bow.

The color palette broadcasts all sorts of shades of cow spots. Especially in demand this season are fresh and delicate colors in powdery, purple, lemon, menthol tones. Although bold young ladies can afford bright neon interpretations. The abundance of fabrics pleased with natural materials, and the choice of decorative elements, fringe, buttons.

cow print T-shirtscow prints on t-shirts

Cow print pants

Summer pants are an essential attribute of a ladies wardrobe. Often, only natural materials are used for sewing pants for hot seasons. Before buying, be sure to check the composition, because it is better to give preference to natural linen, silk, cotton. Designers have developed chic styles with cowhide accents in classic palazzos, corgis, short culottes, flared designs and wide pant designs.

The color options brought many ultra-modern trendy hues, with the cow pink print being especially in demand. However, do not forget about neutral spots in black and white or brown and beige colors. Don’t be afraid to combine animal print trousers with flirty crop tops in the same tone or completely plain oversized T-shirts.

cow print bouchescow print trousers

Swimsuit cow print

How to meet the hot period without a beach set? Proper vacation and relaxation must be met in the right way, which means it’s time to buy some stylish swimwear with trendy animalistic trends. Diverse separate or fused models are welcome in all sorts of shapes and cuts. Cow print is the fashion of the modern public, deserving the attention and approval of every beauty.

Swimwear can be selected in a variety of rich shades of purple, orange, yellow, purple. However, the usual white interpretations with spots in black, beige or brown look more impressive. When choosing a suitable sample, it is important not to miss the decorative details that will emphasize the new thing. These were fringes, bindings, lace or mesh inserts, ties.

cow print swimsuitcow print on swimwear

Cow print denim

The most practical option for outerwear is a denim jacket. This is a great solution for everyday wear, walking with friends and romantic dates. Cow print 2020 looks amazing on cropped, long, oversized and classic jeans. They can be combined with all sorts of pants, skirts, with versatile tops, blouses and T-shirts.

Black and white samples have gained more distribution and demand, since they are made in neutral colors and look expensive and stylish. Although you should definitely try on several color models with unusual design solutions. As additional decorations, there can be spotted patch pockets, voluminous textured elements, neat buttons, stripes with cows.

cow print denim jacketcow print on jeans

Cow print jeans

No season is complete without a selection of trendy denim trousers. This year, designers and leading brands have recreated impressive variations with animal motifs. The cow print on clothes immediately won ladies’ hearts, so meet the original jeans with black and white or milky brown spots.

Diverse styles are available to suit every taste, but at the peak of popularity are straight, flared cuts, cutting-edge bananas and boyfriends. It is important to note that unusual novelties with an imitation of a cow on only one leg are welcome. Decorative elements often emphasize favorite designs with raw edges, matching belts, multi-colored fittings.

2020 cow print jeanscow print jeans

Cow print skirt

For a long period, animal trends did not leave the leading position in the list of fashion trends. But the designers wanted to bring something new, unique and spectacular. Therefore, meet: the most relevant and feminine clothing is a fashionable cow print on skirts. If you learn how to correctly combine such things with similar colors, you will not be left without attention and enthusiastic compliments!

Leading brands offer chic minis and midis in fitted or flared cuts with cow spots. Among fabrics, it is better to choose light and airy, for example: silk, chiffon, knitwear. However, do not underestimate the style of denim skirts. The abundance of additional decorations broadcasts a neat braid, raw edges, long trains.

cow print skirtcow print skirt 2020

Cow print on nails

The cow print nail design will serve as the perfect accent and bright addition to your summer look. Actual nail art ideas with such animalistic trends will look amazing on the nail plate of all lengths and shapes. But sharp long nails, almond-shaped or square short claw plates have become especially in demand this year.

The tonal range provides a wide selection of diverse shades of red, pink, yellow. Welcome to the original purple palette in milka cow style and multicolor interpretations. Manicure cow print will look more elegant with a matte, glossy finish, rubbing effect. Among the additional elements, it is worth highlighting rhinestones, volumetric modeling techniques.

cow manicure 2020modern cow print manicure

Cow print makeup

With the arrival of the hot season, young ladies want to transform into rich clothes, pick up colorful accessories and the brightest makeup. Animal motifs again won ladies’ hearts with interesting incarnations. The classic black and white color of the cow can be combined with all sorts of shades and multi-colored little sparkles.

Stylists recommend paying attention to a multi-colored cow print on the eyes or to a more delicate tonal range. The most daring girls can decorate their make-up with additional iridescent rhinestones, diverse beads and false eyelashes. Exquisite combinations with arrows of any length and shape, tinted eyelashes and colored lips are acceptable.

cow manicurecow print eye makeup

Converse cow print

To create fashionable summer looks, you need not just stock up your closet with seasonal clothes and accessories. You need to get acquainted with the ultra-modern assortment, consider cow print shoes. Such trends are in perfect harmony with open feminine sandals, sandals with heels. However, the most popular sports sneakers are converse with cow spots.

Street style proponents often prefer neat chunky sneakers or converses in rich hues. Black and white and beige-brown specks on a white background provide for a classic color scheme. They are the perfect complement to any outfit. More gentle interpretations broadcast a light tonal range, additional decorations in the form of sparkles, rhinestones, decorative laces.

cow print conversecow print sneakers

Cow print glasses

Designers and leading brands have tirelessly developed a line of cutting-edge accessories to please the stylish crowd. Animalistic trends again won the girls’ hearts. Not only catchy colors deserve your attention, but also an exclusive cow print. Nothing saves from the bright rays of the sun like high-quality and newfangled sunglasses.

Summer collections provide incredible patterns with spots of different shapes and sizes. The color palette includes black and white spots. However, do not miss the opportunity to try on interesting multi-colored and bright color options. When choosing a frame, you should pay attention to round glasses, sharper “chanterelle” outlines and current rectangular sun protection novelties.

cow print sunglassescow print sunglasses

Cow print on cover

The process of purchasing accessories for your smartphone or favorite device also requires a serious approach. Since phones have become an integral part of our leisure and life, it is always at hand. Based on this, it is better to select similar details with original colors that will serve as another stunning accent to your bow. Cow print case will be the perfect stylistic solution.

Black and white shades are considered more neutral. When choosing colorful interpretations, it is better to give preference to red, yellow, pink, emerald tones. A delicate color palette broadcasts light lemon, menthol, lilac, peach and powdery interpretations. Check out the current multi-color samples, they can be additionally decorated with shiny rhinestones, silicone inserts, beads or voluminous details.

cow print phone casecow print for phone case


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