Curls for short hair - 24 photos of the most fashionable hairstyles and styling

Girls with short curls always look very cute and nice. This solution is suitable for any fashionista who wants to add volume to her hair. Stylists recommend that you familiarize yourself with newfangled techniques for styling hairstyles. Loose strands, weaves or gathered hairstyles are available this year. The short length of the curls does not mean that you will not be able to achieve the desired styling.

Curls for short hair 2020

In past seasons, straight hair was considered the most relevant and in demand. However, recent innovations have provided a modern alternative. Short curly hair always attracts a lot of attention, looks lovely and creates lush chic curls. Most ladies prefer curly interpretations of world famous haircuts. For example, bob, square, asymmetry and the like. They are in huge demand, thanks to the fabulous volume obtained as a result.

If you have straight strands by nature, do not despair, other solutions are provided for you. After all, no one canceled the classic wrap on curlers or styling tools! Cutting-edge technology makes it possible to create curls with an iron for short hair. In this case, do not forget about thermal protection products that actively protect your curls from negative temperature effects.

curls for short hair 2020

Curls on a short square

Since last year, the square and all the original variations have been the most popular. Many girls cannot decide on such bold haircuts. While other fashionistas with a variety of types, lengths and colors of hair, without fear, cut strands to shoulder level, or even higher! Current trends involve slightly curled or curly curls, as they look very impressive and attractive.

In the case of even strands, it is better to make neat light curls for short hair. To reproduce this technique, you will need a cone curling iron or a regular iron. Regardless of the color or type of curls, you will be satisfied with the result. Curly bob is the best alternative for those who want to diversify their style, add new outlines to classic hairstyles.

curls on a square

Beautiful curls for short hair

Whatever the length of your strands, there are some interesting ideas for you to design the perfect styling. Everyone’s favorite lush curls or curls can be done even on the shortest options. Therefore, to reproduce curls on short hair with a curling iron is an excellent solution that does not require much time and effort. Such hairstyles have many advantages, the key ones are:

  • practicality. Curls do not interfere, do not climb into the eyes;
  • versatility. Diverse collected interpretations, neat weaving are possible;
  • color palette. Short curls are considered an excellent base for applying the desired shade or coloring technique.

Each girl, regardless of the daily rhythm and lifestyle, will choose the right styling for herself:

  • ‌small;
  • ‌large;
  • ‌afro;
  • ‌wet;
  • ‌with or without bangs.

Such a rich variety provides many opportunities for chic decoration for every occasion. The casual option has a choice of loose curls, a neat ponytail. For more solemn meetings or events, it is better to choose a hairstyle in the Greek style, with minimalist braids and weaves. Do not forget about accessories and jewelry, they will complement the overall outfit in the best way.

beautiful curls

Small curls for short hair

Small curls for short hair are a great alternative for going out. Graceful curls will add charm to you. You can do them yourself in a few minutes and get amazing results. A characteristic feature of this styling is an incredible volume, since the curls overlap each other, making the hair spectacular, lush and beautiful.

Color, type and length of hair does not matter, this type of styling is compatible with all sorts of varieties. If you have even strands, choose a curling iron with a small diameter to form miniature curls. For reliable fixation, stylists recommend using special tools. It is important to note that curly styling looks great with coloring shatush, balayage.

small curls

Big curls for short hair

Large curls for short hair look chic, elegant and suitable for going to a festive event or celebration. Such a stylistic technique requires curlers, curling irons, ironing. The resulting curls can be laid on one side or left completely loose. Other interpretations imply collected curls with front strands released. To simplify the process, you will need a variety of means of fixation or decorative accessories. Hairpins, hairpins, headbands and invisible hairpins will perfectly fix the desired result.

big curls

Afro curls for short hair

To diversify your everyday haircut or styling, newfangled trends based on the 70s will help. Afro curls for short hair have been at the peak of popularity for several seasons. Great demand is due to stylish miniature curls resembling springs. If you have been dreaming of lush, chic hair for a long time, with the help of such a hairstyle, a fabulous volume is provided.

Afro curls are ideal for girls with a narrow face or small features. It is better for young ladies with a round face to avoid such styling, because it can visually increase its size. To implement a flirty variation, you can use special styling tools, improvised means or a perm.

afro curls

Curls for short hair with bangs

Even curls with an iron for short hair could not do without bangs. Cutting-edge trends provide many relevant options. The most popular and in demand are straight, short, beveled, elongated with a gap or torn bangs. Any interpretation can be combined with diverse curls of all sizes, formats, figurations or colors.

The ponytails collected at the crown with shortened or long strands released in front were very fond of the fashionable public. Actual techniques with a bunch of «khan», minimalist spikelets or weaves along the temple are welcome. Loose hair can be neatly styled, but it is better to separate it from the bangs with the help of thin hoops, massive headbands, hairpins and other accessories.

With a bang

Curls for very short hair

Short curls are also very rapidly winning ladies’ hearts. Stylists and leading hairdressers sincerely advise you to familiarize yourself with the key features of winding for very short hair. First of all, you need to do it as carefully as possible so as not to burn yourself, use high-quality styling tools and do not forget about thermal protection, fixatives. Seductive curls perfectly emphasize any color of curls and staining technique.

very short curls

Wet curls for short hair

Ultra-modern trends have brought into the fashion world actual interpretations with wet strands. This trend was based on street style and quickly penetrated the preferences of visitors to the red carpet, catwalks, leading beauty trendsetters. A short haircut with wet curls will perfectly complement any outfit, look. It is important to note that it is combined with any shades or hair coloring techniques.

It is not very difficult to make such styling, but for the first time it is better to trust an experienced master. The result can be formed into collected hairstyles as desired. Of these, you can reproduce very spectacular, lush and luxurious variations. A low ponytail with a neat, inconspicuous fleece, weaving along the temple and a bunch of «khan» have become in demand this year.

wet curls

Hairstyles with curls for short hair

Short hair can be presented in different ways. New fashionable stylistic trends have opened up opportunities to create unique variations of stylish hairstyles. The most popular of them are:

  • ‌low tail, high tail;
  • ‌beam;
  • ‌spikelets;
  • weaving over loose hair;
  • ‌braided braids along the temple.

Depending on the length of the curls, whether they are shoulder-length or shorter, you can easily select the size of the curls. It is better to decorate a thin appearance with large curls in order to maintain proper harmony. For a more rounded outline of the face, it is worth playing small curls for short hair or neat loose curls. Hairpins, headbands, hoops and other decorative elements can always be used as accessories.

hairstyles for short curls

Evening styling curls for short hair

Before important events, dates, holidays or celebrations, girls think through their image to the smallest detail. Women’s short curls must be elegantly designed so that the bow is complete and complete. Stylists recommend following the basic rules for harmonic combinations. Collected hairstyles, for example, a ponytail or a braid, are best done tight.

Loose hair requires a careful approach. First of all, it is necessary to choose the proper size of curls, and then form the hairstyle design. The Hollywood wave has become a favorite interpretation of modern fashionistas. Its characteristic feature is the laying of strands only on one side. In the case of very short hair, it is better to simply pin it back.

evening hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles for short hair

A wedding is one of the most important events in a woman’s life. Therefore, before the celebration, the bride needs to choose the perfect hairstyle. A classic outfit requires a proper one-stop solution. Light curls for short hair are a great option. You should not create excessive volume due to the afro or splendor with the help of large curls, since a veil will do this task better. Among the additional accessories, it is worth highlighting headbands, tiaras, crowns or hoops.

wedding hairstyles


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