Dancing clothes

To start a dance career, you need your desire, a choice of direction in dance, a room for classes, an experienced coach. And, of course, you can not do without the right clothes and shoes for dancing.

Dancewear can be classified according to various criteria:

  • in the direction of dancing;
  • work clothes for training and dressy for performing on stage or participating in competitions;
  • amateur and professional.

If you select women’s clothing for dancing in a certain direction, there are a number of distinctive features:

  • Latin American dances usually wear a dress with a fluffy or straight knee-length skirt and an open back;
  • for sports dancing, loose-fitting clothes, wide trousers, shorts, short tight-fitting tops or spacious T-shirts are preferable, and a baseball cap is a must;
  • if you decide to improve your figure on a belly dance, you need tight-fitting short tops, leggings, or one-piece swimsuits, but on top, be sure to have a scarf or a skirt embroidered with coins and beads;
  • any comfortable clothing is appropriate for modern dances;
  • for folk dances, clothes are usually sewn to order — these are skirts, shirts, sundresses, interesting headdresses.

Practice and stage wear

The costumes in which you train are muted colors, comfortable, soft and comfortable, they are fundamentally different from outrageous and bright outfits for the stage. The stage dress is usually worn once and the cut and style are carefully chosen. If you are dancing in pairs, your dress must be in harmony with your partner’s costume.

Not all dancing people plan to perform on the big stage. Many do it to keep themselves in good physical shape, some may want to shine at parties and clubs. In this case, choose clothes for amateur dance classes according to your taste, convenient and comfortable for you.

Professional dancers are not always free to choose, sometimes they wear stage clothes for training, it is very important for them that nothing hinders or restricts their movements. For example — men often wear stretchy durable clothes and special body shirts. Women choose tight-fitting swimsuits that fit them perfectly.

Clothing for sports and dance

Sports and dancing are inseparable two concepts. Many former athletes come to professional dancing and vice versa. Fitness clothes, unlike dance clothes, should not contain a lot of decorative elements and all kinds of beauty patches, ribbons, bandages and leggings. In the gym, in addition to clothes, wear only the most necessary accessories — wristbands, cooling bracelets.

There are a number of general clothing requirements:

  • all seams in it should be flat and not press;
  • production material — viscose with the addition of elastane;
  • practical to wear and withstand frequent washing;
  • pleasant to the touch, comfortable;
  • fit perfectly on your figure.

Dance shoes

Shoes play an important role in the quality of dances and human health. It should be made of natural materials, have good elasticity and fix the leg well. For sports dancing, these are often sneakers and sneakers made of special “breathable” fabrics, the soles bend well and have decent stability. Fans of folk dances perform in leather boots or shoes with a small, durable heel.


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