Dark blue manicure - ideas for nails of any length

Dark blue manicure is one of the most stylish and sophisticated varieties of trendy nail art. It is justifiably recognized by stylists and women as versatile, as it can be easily combined with wardrobe items of different colors and will suit any occasion.

Dark blue manicure 2019

Many stylists use dark blue manicure with designs. Among its current trends are the following:

  • nail art with overflows, for which a mirror rubbing is used or it is given the effect of a «cat’s eye»;
  • deep saturated hue serves as a great background for drawing different images. Often these are thematic drawings that correspond to a certain time of the year. So, in winter white snowflakes look very organic, in autumn — yellow-orange foliage, in spring and summer — floral and floral motifs;
  • dark blue manicure can be made in the space version, in this case it depicts the starry sky, planets and meteorites;
  • The current trend is the application of volumetric details, which are performed using certain techniques. These can be transparent dew drops, which are depicted on plants, flower petals can be made voluminous;
  • Animal prints are also very popular. The image of an animal or its separate part can occupy the entire surface of the nail plate;
  • the shade can be applied with a traditional smooth coat or lined with small pebbles. Often these two techniques are combined with each other;
  • nails look original, which are given a velvet effect, this is achieved using a special coating;
  • the trend remains such an example as the negative spice, when certain parts of the nail plate remain as if unfilled. In combination with a deep saturated tone, a contrasting effect is obtained, emphasizing the tenderness of the owner of nail art. Transparent stripes or certain shapes, for example, hearts, can be depicted. The last trick helps create a romantic design.

dark blue manicure 2019

Dark blue manicure 2019

dark blue manicure with designbeautiful dark blue manicure

Dark blue manicure on short nails

Lovers of neatness will be able to make a dark blue manicure on short nails:

  • special attention should be paid to applying the coating, since the shade is dark, in some cases almost close to black, so even the slightest flaw will be noticeable on the nails;
  • to give the image brightness, you can make the nail plates iridescent, for which a mirror rub is perfect;
  • a dark blue manicure on short nails can be embellished with rhinestones or broths, but it is recommended to limit their number so as not to overload the nail art and not make it too sticky. The same rule applies to the use of drawings.

dark blue manicure on short nails

Dark blue manicure for long nails

Owners of elongated nail plates will be able to afford almost any dark blue manicure:

  • nails can be made marble by drawing veins on them with a white tone, characteristic of this type of material;
  • any theme will look great: space, romantic, thematic seasonal;
  • rhinestones are able to organically decorate any kind of elongated nail art, this is a dark blue manicure for sharp nails, and square or almond-shaped nail plates. Pebbles can cover the entire surface of a particular nail, the color scheme of rhinestones can be selected according to individual preferences, these are traditional transparent pebbles, and bright colors.

dark blue manicure for long nailsdark blue manicure for pointed nails

Dark Blue Manicure Ideas

Stylists bring to the attention of fashionistas a variety of ideas for a dark blue manicure. Among the most popular of them are the following:

  • sequins, which can be laid out in the form of certain fragments;
  • rhinestones will give shine, luxurious and unsurpassed look;
  • a deep “cold” shade will look very harmonious in combination with silver;
  • another catchy and memorable design decision is a dark blue cat-eye manicure;
  • foil decoration is popular;
  • rubbing will make the nail plates iridescent and mysteriously shimmering;
  • geometry was firmly entrenched on the fashionable Olympus;
  • one of the varieties of the popular geometric ornament is the drawing of stripes;
  • nails can be decorated with drawings made on a variety of topics;
  • a jacket made using this shade looks truly luxurious;
  • nail art can be done in a traditional glossy or matte version.

dark blue manicure ideasdark blue manicure with design

Dark blue glitter manicure

A dark blue manicure with a design made with sparkles looks very bright and attractive:

  • the easiest way to apply is to cover all the nail plates with sparkles;
  • the stretch made with sparkles looks extremely impressive;
  • with the help of sequins, certain patterns can be laid out, for example, stripes are depicted or a hole is covered;
  • a dark blue shiny manicure can be combined with some other details, for example, with rhinestones or patterns.

dark blue glitter manicure

Dark blue manicure with rhinestones

A strict manicure in dark blue can be made extremely bright and elegant if you embellish it with rhinestones:

  • nail art can be richly decorated with rhinestones or they can be located on the nail in just a few pieces;
  • decorating with rhinestones, which are located in the hole area, looks spectacular;
  • rhinestones can divide nails into two parts, for example, if they fill one half or are laid out in the form of a strip;
  • with the help of multi-colored rhinestones, a variety of floral patterns can be laid out.

dark blue manicure with rhinestonesdark blue manicure

Dark blue manicure with silver

An incredibly harmonious combination is a manicure with dark blue varnish, decorated with silver:

  • silvery elements can be lined with sparkles that fill a certain part of the nail or depict some kind of pattern;
  • a dark blue silver manicure can be done using foil, which is laid out in strips or applied to the surface of the nail plate using a peculiar technique that creates blurry patterns;
  • the main coating can alternate with silver, they are combined on one nail or on different fingers.

dark blue manicure with silver

Dark blue cat-eye manicure

Expensive, luxurious and rich manicure looks in dark blue, known as the «cat’s eye»:

  1. Nail art is characterized by shimmering tints that attract maximum attention.
  2. The cat-eye design is self-sufficient in itself and does not require additional decorative elements. If, nevertheless, there is a desire to further embellish it, then you can use rhinestones located in a single copy or in the form of several pieces on one or more nails.

dark blue cat eye manicure

Dark blue foil manicure

The trend of this season is a beautiful dark blue manicure decorated with foil:

  • the most common design method is longitudinal or transverse strips made of foil;
  • fancy patterns are often depicted with the help of foil, they are applied using a special technique and look extremely extraordinary and elegant.

dark blue foil manicure

Dark blue manicure with rubbing

Studying the brightest options for a dark blue manicure, you should definitely mention its combination with a rub:

  1. A mirror or pearl element is applied to the surface of the nail over the base coat and gives the nails a mysterious and shimmering effect.
  2. Rubbing can completely cover all the nail plates or be located only on a few of them, alternating with another type of varnish. For example, you can create an indescribable contrast effect if you use a shiny mirror rub and a matte finish, which are applied alternately on different fingers.

dark blue manicure with rubbing

Dark blue manicure with geometry

Stylists use all sorts of ideas for manicure with dark blue varnish, but the undoubted favorite among the design variations continues to be the application of geometric prints:

  • drawings can be drawn using a contrasting coating, this method is traditional and very often used;
  • the design with the help of rhinestones looks interesting, with which squares, triangles and other geometric shapes are filled;
  • geometry can be applied with foil, lined with sparkles, any alternatives are allowed.

dark blue manicure with geometry

Dark blue manicure with stripes

The stripes image is rightly recognized as one of the most popular variations of fashion design. This nail art is universal and suitable for any seasons and events:

  1. In anticipation of the hot summer, nautical design becomes more relevant than ever, a deep dark tone combined with snow-white serves as an excellent basis for applying stripes. They can be combined with other elements made on the same theme, for example, these are shells or anchors.
  2. If you want to give warm shades, you can create a dark blue manicure with beige. It will soften the cold main tone and give it gentle notes.
  3. Shiny stripes are one of the current trends. They are depicted using foil, sparkles or rhinestones.

dark blue manicure with stripes

Dark blue manicure with a pattern

A beautiful dark blue manicure looks incredibly stylish, which contains drawings made on a variety of topics:

  1. A very sophisticated solution is to combine it with a snow-white color, which draws all kinds of openwork elements. In the winter season, snowflakes and snow flakes can be depicted in white.
  2. Floral and floral themes never go out of fashion. Flowers or twigs with voluminous elements look great, this is one of the newest trends. The image of transparent drops looks very organic.
  3. Geometry firmly holds its position on the fashionable Olympus. An innovation was to depict geometric figures somewhat voluminous.

dark blue manicure with a pattern

Dark blue manicure with a pattern

beautiful dark blue manicuredark blue manicure

Dark blue glitter manicure

For going to a party or going out, a shiny dark blue manicure with a design is perfect. Shine nail plates can be given using a variety of elements and techniques. This can be the application of sparkles, mirror rubbing, laying out with foil, abundant decoration with rhinestones and other design techniques.

dark blue glitter manicure

Manicure dark blue french

French manicure dark blue with white or with any other color palette looks mysterious and original:

  • a light shade is mainly taken as the base, and the tip is drawn dark;
  • the opposite option is considered to be a rarer and non-standard solution, when the main part is painted over dark, while the tip is light;
  • the smile zone can be lined with rhinestones that form a clear line or have a stretch effect.

dark blue french manicure

Dark blue matte manicure

A beautiful dark blue manicure, made in a matte version, is capable of making the image as deep and mysterious as possible. Decorating with rhinestones or other shiny elements will look especially organic on it, they stand out very expressively and clearly on a matte base. You can limit yourself to only one type of coating or combine it with a glossy varnish.

dark blue matte manicure


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