Dark manicure - fashion trends and trends for short and long nails

A dark manicure is a type of nail art that is designed to add depth and a luxurious look to an image. Therefore, it enjoys reasonable popularity among many fashionistas. Due to the versatility of such tones, this design can be used to complement many outfits.

Dark manicure 2018 — fashion trends

Many stylists use dark manicure 2018 as a component of current bows. It is characterized by such fashion trends:

  • the luxury of design can be fully shown on elongated nail plates, but neat short nails will look unsurpassed;
  • as for the coating, it can be discreet matte, traditional glossy, contain iridescent spectacular mother-of-pearl and a mirror effect, which is achieved using a special rubbing;
  • the real trend is the so-called New York nail art, when there is a certain shade on all fingers, and on any one (often it is nameless) — another;
  • geometry does not lose its relevance, wide or narrow stripes, squares, triangles, rhombuses, which are characterized by clear lines, prevail. The use of smooth rounded elements is also allowed;
  • for ceremonial exits, a dark evening manicure is perfect, which contains decoration with rhinestones, modeling, kamifubiki;
  • Acrylic powder can give a velvet effect to nails. It is used alone or in combination with a matte or glossy finish;
  • to create stylish nail art, tones such as black, navy blue, deep gray, golden brown, burgundy, emerald and other shades can be used;
  • nail art can be monochrome or made using several shades. In this case, both similar colors and contrast can be used. Bright tone refreshes fingers and acts as an original highlight.

dark manicure 2018 fashion trends

Dark manicure 2018

dark manicure 2018manicure 2018 in dark colors

Dark manicure for short nails

Manicure for short nails is capable of giving the image a neat, elegant and at the same time expensive look, while dark colors should be applied with special care. The design is presented as follows:

  • it can be plain neatly painted nails;
  • discreet thin stripes may be present;
  • French and moon nail art remain invariably relevant;
  • such an option as «cat’s eye» is allowed;
  • discreet and concise design variations are ideal for complementing office outfits. Such nail art is able to bring strict notes that fit perfectly into the dress code.

dark manicure for short nailsdark manicure for short nails

Dark manicure for long nails

Manicure in dark colors for long nails will help to fully express your design ideas. There are such types of its application:

  • with the help of a monophonic glossy or matte coating, all nails are stained;
  • for decoration, foil can be used, which stains the zone of the hole or the tip when creating moon nail art or jacket;
  • dark manicure may contain a smooth transition from one shade to another, they are applied using the “gradient” technique;
  • to give the nail plates an even more luxurious look, rubbing or a technique that creates a cat-eye design can be used;
  • decorating with rhinestones can be used in almost any quantity, for example, they can completely cover any nail plate.

dark manicure for long nails

Dark Manicure Ideas

The fair sex, creating stylish bows, will be able to apply manicure ideas in dark colors, which are as follows:

  • nail art made with a matte finish looks elegant and expensive;
  • similar shades are incredibly organically combined with rhinestones;
  • french and moon nail art are justifiably associated with classics that are not influenced by fashion. However, they will play in a completely new way, thanks to deep and rich tones;
  • a dark manicure with a rub is capable of acquiring spectacular overflows;
  • the design may contain all kinds of drawings made on floral, geometric, floral themes;
  • shiny foil will organically complement nail art;
  • spectacular overflow has a cat-eye design and ombre;
  • imitation of marble will add real luxury to the image.

dark manicure ideas

Dark Manicure Ideas

dark manicure ideas

Dark matte manicure

Many stylists take as a basis the ideas of manicure, the dark colors of which give sophistication and an expensive look. One of the most popular options is to apply a matte finish:

  • they cover the nail plates in the main part. You can stop at this or apply glossy stripes or openwork patterns on top;
  • another way would be to apply patterned elements using modeling, it is laid out in the form of original curls and monograms;
  • on a matte background, sparkles, rhinestones and kamifubiki will sparkle especially brightly;
  • there is an option when the drawings are made using a matte finish, but they occupy a significant surface of the nail.

dark matte manicure

Dark manicure with rhinestones

Lovers of bright memorable bows will be able to choose a trendy dark manicure decorated with rhinestones. These items are available in the following variations:

  • as dividing lines between certain parts of the nail, for example, they can separate the tip from the base;
  • rhinestones can lay out complex and bizarre patterns, for example, curls. However, their location requires a significant area, so elongated nail plates are ideal;
  • a dark manicure with rhinestones can be not only as catchy as possible, but also simple and concise. This design method occurs when pebbles are used in a single copy or several pieces.

dark manicure with rhinestones

Dark French manicure

Extremely elegant and sophisticated is the dark French manicure, presented in the following design variations:

  • the base is made in deep colors, and the tip is drawn in some other color, for example, white or bright;
  • the tip can be lined using silver or gold foil;
  • the base can be transparent, and the tip is dyed in black or some other deep color. This design is applied only on a few fingers.

dark french manicure

Dark manicure with sparkles

An original and spectacular manicure in dark colors can be made even brighter if you decorate it with sparkles. They can be posted in the following ways:

  • applied to the entire surface of the nail plates over the base coat;
  • lay out in the form of certain patterns, for example, openwork curls, stripes, geometric shapes;
  • a dark glitter manicure may contain a stretch effect, when the glitter is applied liberally to one end of the nail and at the same time their amount decreases towards the other end.

dark glitter manicure

Dark manicure with rubbing

An extremely original design method would be to make an emerald, dark blue, black, dark red manicure using a rub. It is a special coating that gives the nails a shine and a luxurious look. The surface of the nail plates acquires a mother-of-pearl overflow. Decoration with rhinestones looks very organic, but it is important not to overdo it with their number.

dark manicure with rubbing

Dark manicure with rubbing

dark manicure 2018dark manicure 2018 fashion trends

Dark manicure with a pattern

You can create an incredibly beautiful dark manicure if you decorate it with all sorts of patterns. The following design variations are capable of giving eccentricity:

  • regardless of seasonality, the floral theme remains invariably relevant. Flowers can be drawn small or large, occupying almost the entire surface of the nail plate;
  • flowers can be supplemented with floral prints, or the latter can be drawn separately;
  • with the onset of the autumn season, images of maple or any other leaves painted in yellow-red colors are in trend;
  • geometry does not lose ground on the fashionable Olympus for several seasons in a row, drawings can be concise and discreet or most eye-catching;
  • against such a background, images of a star placer look unsurpassed.

dark manicure with a pattern

Dark manicure «cat’s eye»

A manicure looks really chic, the dark colors of which are applied using the “cat’s eye” technique. For this, the following design techniques are taken:

  • the coating can be uniform and evenly applied to the surface of the entire nail plate;
  • manicure 2018 in dark colors «cat’s eye» may contain overflows and transitions from one shade to another, while the contrasting tone can be located in the middle in the form of a smoothly spreading strip. For example, a golden stripe applied on a brown background looks extremely original. These shades are incredibly harmoniously combined with each other.

dark cat eye manicuredark color manicure

Dark moon manicure

Another option that is presented with a stylish dark manicure is moon nail art. Among its characteristic features are the following:

  • often used in combination with a jacket;
  • the hole can be dyed in the traditional way and have a rounded shape or be made as a triangle;
  • the hole can be stained with varnish or applied with foil.

dark moon manicurestylish dark manicure

Manicure dark gradient

Lovers of luxury and eccentricity will appreciate such an option as a manicure with dark varnish, made using the «gradient» technique:

  • the transition from one shade to another can be done horizontally, vertically or diagonally;
  • for a color combination, a similar tone or contrast is taken, often it is bright and saturated.

dark gradient manicure

Dark manicure with foil

One of the most spectacular and extraordinary is a dark manicure with a design that uses special foil to create. This decorative element is applied to the surface of the nail plate in the following ways:

  • glued in the form of strips, evenly spaced throughout the nail;
  • acts as a feature separating one part of the nail from another, for example, the tip from the base when creating a jacket;
  • a certain detail can be laid out with foil, for example, a zone of a hole or a “smile”.

dark manicure with foildark manicure design

Manicure «dark marble»

In recent seasons, manicure ideas with dark varnish, which contain an imitation of a marble pattern, have been extremely popular. There are the following features of the design of nail art:

  • the nail plates may contain light white, beige, pastel stains;
  • another option would be bright saturated streaks;
  • a marble pattern can cover all nail plates or any specific ones;
  • marble design can be complemented with rhinestones, while they are used in small quantities, for example, in a single copy on one finger.

dark marble manicuredark nail polish ideas


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