Darsonvalization and skin rejuvenation

Women’s trip to the beautician is a sacred ritual for the return of youth. Ignoring age and the laws of nature, ladies want to turn back time, “cancel” the law of gravity and “lift” sagging chins and cheeks and smooth out wrinkles that “we don’t know where they came from”. That is why the main requirement of the cosmetologist’s clients is skin rejuvenation.

Almost 200 years ago, the French scientist Jacques d’Arsonval noticed the unique feature of high-frequency currents to positively affect the skin, improving its condition. The method of electrotherapy was subsequently named after the scientist — darsonvalization.

In this sense, the apparatus invented by the observant Frenchman acts like a magic wand from a fairy tale. The effect on the skin of alternating high-frequency currents and low voltage is miraculous:

  • spasms of blood vessels are eliminated;
  • the face is toned;
  • skin is visibly rejuvenated and tightened.

Note that this happens without injections, fillers and other tricks. Therefore, in the current cosmetology, darsonvalization is unusually popular as a method of treatment and rejuvenation.

What is the power of darsonval?

What is the power of darsonval?

Cosmetologists are unanimous in evaluating the effectiveness of darsonval — good!

The device adequately competes with other innovative beauty technologies.

The strength of the healing effect of the miracle device is based on the effect of electric current on a person. It enters through a glass electrical conductor. The tube is filled with gas.

Subject to the rules for handling the «magic glass rod», the procedure is absolutely painless for a person within a few minutes.

Why is electrotherapy so useful? Current discharges cause irritation of skin receptors, which speeds up metabolic processes and improves blood circulation, activating blood circulation. It is especially valuable that disinfecting the skin, the device does not damage it. Therefore, among the cosmetology services, the procedure using an impulse massager is far from the last place.

Darsonval currents against 100 diseases

Darsonval currents against 100 diseases

Word of mouth broadcasts rave reviews about the miracle drug regularly. For many women, darsonval has firmly established itself in a homemade set of products to maintain the beauty and youthfulness of the skin.

Beauties love him for the successful fight against skin defects:

  • darsonval successfully copes with acne with the help of ozone, which destroys bacteria;
  • acne also prefers not to «mess» with it because it helps to reduce pores and «extinguishes» inflammation;
  • spider veins after the application of darsonval are reduced;

Jacques Arsene d’Arsonval first used the beneficial properties of electricity for the benefit of people in the century before last, but the device has been successfully used to this day. The common name «darsonval apparatus» combines a group of medical devices actively used by doctors to treat skin diseases, neurological and gynecological diseases, respiratory organs, arteries and veins.

Regular physiotherapeutic procedures using darsonval contribute to:

  • improving sleep;
  • strengthening immunity;
  • elimination of fatigue;
  • increase in working capacity;
  • relief from headaches.

The darsonval apparatus is especially in demand in beauty salons and dermatological rooms. Healing currents successfully fight the enemies of beauty and cope with oily and problem skin, acne, dermatitis, acne, and swelling.

Beautician herself

Advanced beauty goers have long mastered «beauty gadgets» — brushes for cleansing oily skin with a turbo mode, photoepilators, vacuum facial pore cleaners and much more. Newfangled beauty devices that take pride of place on the shelf where creams, tonics and serums are stored, could only be seen in beauty salons before.

Another thing now. Many salon procedures can be afforded at home. Fortunately, manufacturers of beauty gadgets are trying their best and produce simplified versions of salon devices for individual use.

At home, a local darsonvalization procedure is possible using a compact darsonval device used for cosmetic purposes. It consists of a generator, a transformer and electrodes of various shapes. They are also called «nozzles». They are intended for different parts of the body — nose, head, face, ears, gums. The device is accompanied by a detailed instruction for users with recommendations for use.

«Home» darsonval is in demand, time-tested and helps well in facial skin care.

Expert comment

Razmadze Tamara Otarovna, head of the cosmetology department, dermatologist-cosmetologist

From the first days of its appearance, the “darsonvalization” method was found interesting by many specialists from the field of medicine, but this method has firmly established itself in the field of dermatocosmetology. To date, the popularity of the use of darsonval is growing rapidly and in the arsenal of many women it becomes a must have.

And this is easily explained:

  • it is easy to use;
  • the procedure is relatively inexpensive when compared with the cost of other cosmetic procedures;
  • the use of darsonval does not take much time for «beauty».

This method works well:

  • in the treatment of acne;
  • acne

  • inflammatory phenomena;
  • to reduce and eliminate vascular «asterisks»;
  • reduction of porosity;
  • to improve the tone of the skin;
  • reducing puffiness.

In addition, this method can be used after deep cleansing of the face. In all other cases, it is, unfortunately, ineffective.

But do not forget that the use of darsonval remains a medical manipulation, and all contraindications and possible consequences must be taken into account. Do not forget that a doctor’s consultation is required.

Darsonval, with proper use and compliance with the necessary rules, will help get rid of the listed ailments and restore health, smoothness and radiance to the skin.

Be healthy! Take care of beauty!

Methods for using darsonval

Methods for using darsonval

You have bought the darsonval apparatus. We studied the instructions It’s time to act, but a consultation with a cosmetologist will not hurt.

Then you determine the skin area to which you are going to apply darsonval, choose a technique, fix the nozzle. For the face, for example, use a mushroom nozzle. Local darsonvalization involves contact and non-contact techniques.

How to work with the darsonval device?

In the first case (contact method), you slide smoothly over the surface of the skin on the face. In places of inflammation, it is permissible to touch the area of ​​u200bu200bthe skin pointwise. Due to the impact of pulsed currents, local blood circulation improves, metabolic reactions are active, the function of the sebaceous glands is normalized, skin elasticity increases, and the development of wrinkles slows down. Feels like a pleasant warmth.


Beauticians strongly advise you to follow the following rules to achieve maximum effect:

  • the skin must be cleaned of any cosmetics with a tonic that does not contain alcohol;
  • the skin on the face must be absolutely dry;
  • «Slide» follows the massage lines;
  • you can hold the electrode in especially problematic places a little longer than in other areas;
  • after the procedure, apply a moisturizer to avoid peeling.

In the second case (non-contact method), the electrode rises above the surface of the problem area. As a result, an air gap and a discharge are formed, the strength of which depends on the size of the gap. This produces ozone, which successfully sterilizes wounds and reduces acne.

Darsonval reduces swelling, relieves inflammation, promotes tissue nutrition.

With the right actions, the darsonvalization procedure takes from 5 to 15 minutes.

The general course of electrotherapy is recommended to carry out at least 15 procedures.

Amendment «against» darsonval


Not everything is so rosy-saving in darsonvalization. Those who have a pacemaker, those suffering from epilepsy, those who have skin lesions, those who have recently had a stroke, and people who have impaired blood clotting should definitely not skip to run after the device. Expectant mothers are also not recommended to carry out such procedures. Women with sensitive skin should be aware that an allergic reaction may follow darsonvalization.

And now the most «uninteresting». What is good for those who are balding, then ladies who seek to “rejuvenate-smooth” their face are absolutely not necessary. One of the side effects of darsonvalization is intense hair growth. This means that along with smoothed out wrinkles, a lady can get a bonus in the form of “increased hairiness” above the upper lip, on the cheeks and “thickened” eyebrows.

Do not forget about this and it is better to additionally consult with a specialist before proceeding with skin rejuvenation and wrinkle smoothing with darsonval.

New technologies open up great opportunities for women in their age-old struggle to prolong youth. You should not be afraid of new (and well-tested old) beauty devices. The main thing is not to lose vigilance and listen to the advice of experts.


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