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It’s not at all necessary to be able to make an exquisite ombre or draw spectacular arrows, but the skill of creating an everyday make-up is useful for every girl. Daytime makeup beautifully emphasizes the natural virtues of your appearance with minimal tools at hand.

Day makeup rules

Everything has its place and time, this rule is also true for women’s make-up. Makeup that looks harmonious with the evening look will look defiant and vulgar during the day, while everyday make-up, on the contrary, will look pale on a special occasion. When applying fashionable daytime makeup, it is important to follow some rules:

  1. The foundation of everyday makeup is naturalness and an emphasis on natural beauty. A win-win option would be makeup in nude tones.
  2. The main component of the success of everyday makeup is beautiful and well-groomed skin, so it is important to pay maximum attention to caring for it. Necessary tools for daytime makeup — corrector, foundation, powder.
  3. All transitions and borders of colors must be carefully shaded;
  4. Daytime beautiful eye makeup is performed exclusively in muted shades close to natural skin tones — peach, cream, sand, beige, pink.
  5. Lips can be emphasized with a slight shade of gloss. Let’s say a variant of bright lipstick in combination with neutral eye makeup. The emphasis should be on one thing — on the eyes or on the lips.
  6. Eyebrows give expressiveness to the look, it is worth emphasizing them with the help of special tools.
  7. Day makeup rules

When applying daytime makeup, makeup artists strongly recommend using natural light, while the light should fall on the face evenly. This will allow you to track the saturation of each selected shade and create the most harmonious color combinations. For lips, you can use a transparent gloss, but it is important to clearly highlight the contour.

Day Makeup Rules Fashion

Everyday makeup for green eyes

Which shades to choose for daytime makeup depends on many factors, but one of the most important is eye color, especially when it comes to beautiful and deep green. When applying daytime makeup for green eyes, you need to take into account important rules:

  1. Purple is the opposite of green, and shadows in these shades are the best way to emphasize the eyes.
  2. The general rule for choosing cosmetics for green eyes is warm tones. In addition to purple, golden, copper, peach are good colors.
  3. A bright blush will help emphasize the natural beauty.
  4. One of the successful colors of lipstick or eye shadow for green eyes is red, but it is important to make up the eyelashes well with mascara.
  5. Everyday makeup for green eyesEveryday makeup for green eyes fashion

Everyday makeup for blue eyes

Many agree with the opinion that blue eyes are the brightest, bewitching and seductive. But in fact, a lot depends on the make-up, with which it is necessary to place accents and emphasize natural beauty. Day makeup for blue eyes is a series of the following rules:

  1. For everyday make-up in the office, brown, pink, terracotta shades will be successful shades. A win-win option for blue eyes is purple and lilac tones.
  2. To highlight blue eyes and make them a bright accent of your appearance, you should choose shadows in warm orange tones, champagne is the ideal color. The same effect can be achieved with gold, peach, bronze, golden pink tones.
  3. For owners of fair skin and blue eyes, suitable shades of powder are red, lilac, powdery, milk chocolate.
  4. To emphasize the eyelashes and highlight the shape of the eyes, you should choose a brown or charcoal pencil.
  5. Everyday makeup for blue eyesEveryday makeup ideas for blue eyes

Day makeup for gray eyes

Gray eyes have their own characteristics. At first glance, it may seem too neutral, but in fact it is an organic combination of gray, blue, green and even yellow. Such versatility gives many opportunities to create beautiful everyday makeup for gray eyes:

  1. Eyeshadows with an orange undertone (neutral brown, gold, copper, peach, melon, salmon) will make gray eyes more blue.
  2. Brown, wine, burgundy, plum, purple shades of shadows will help bring out the green color of the eyes.
  3. Silver and gray shadows will make the eyes lighter.
  4. Day makeup for gray eyesDaytime makeup for gray eyes ideas

Day makeup for brown eyes

Brown in the color wheel has neither neighboring tones nor opposite ones; daily makeup for brown eyes can be done in absolutely any range of shades. For a more successful effect, you should take into account the tone:

  1. For dark brown eyes, the most suitable shadow options are plum, deep green, charcoal gray.
  2. The average shade of brown eyes is universal — any shade will look beautiful. The most successful tones for everyday make-up, according to makeup artists, are shades of purple and green.
  3. If you have light brown eyes, you should avoid black eyeliner and use purple or dark brown instead. To highlight the shape of the eyes, you can choose a liner in champagne, bronze or light brown.
  4. Day makeup for brown eyesDay makeup for brown eyes fashion

Day makeup 2019

Not every girl has enough time in the morning for a professional make-up. The good news is that if you know the basics of everyday makeup and take into account the peculiarities of your appearance, then for an excellent result you need only a couple of strokes. When creating a fashionable daytime make-up, it is important to immediately determine what you want to focus on — on the eyes or on the lips, and, based on this, select colors. But it is important not to overdo it — make-up should look easy and natural.

  1. For burning brunettes, fashionable daytime makeup 2019 should be spectacular, emphasizing natural beauty. If it is necessary to even out the complexion, the tone should be the same as the skin tone. Eyebrows natural or with a little shadow — it is important that they look natural. Weighting the eyelashes is not worth it, mascara should be applied in one layer. To make day makeup for brunettes light and natural, lipstick should be chosen in nude shades.
  2. Day makeup 2019Day makeup 2019 brunettes

  3. For blondes, the most common problem is redness of the skin, which is easy to mask with foundation or corrector. Absolute naturalness has become the trend of 2019, so the eyebrows should be the same color as the hair. The idea of ​​​​everyday makeup with arrows for blondes has become fashionable, the color of lipstick should be light pastel, matte looks beautiful.
  4. Day makeup 2019 blondesDay makeup 2019 light

  5. For red-haired girls, make-up artists recommend makeup in brown tones. Blush is better to choose an amber color that gives the skin freshness. Successful shades of shadows are brown and peach. Eyebrows should be natural, without tattooing, lipstick should be chosen in red colors.
  6. Day makeup 2019 redheadsDay makeup 2019 redheads

Classic day makeup

Classic everyday make-up is the hallmark of every woman. It is ideal for both business meetings and everyday walks. Beautiful daytime makeup includes a number of rules:

  1. The emphasis in makeup should be one — on the lips or on the eyes.
  2. The main secret is to create an even tone of the face, which is easy to achieve with the help of a corrector, a tonal foundation.
  3. For the eyes, shadows or eyeliner are used. It is important to take into account the features of appearance — for example, if the eyes are set too close or too deep.
  4. In daytime makeup, it is important to correct the shape of the face, but this should be done with caution, the transitions between light and dark tones should be invisible.
  5. Before applying lipstick, a foundation is applied to the lips, a contour is outlined.
  6. Classic day makeupClassic day makeup ideas

Day makeup with arrows

Perfect daytime makeup) is a make-up with a pronounced emphasis on the eyes or lips, and one of the most effective ways to highlight the eyes is graphic arrows. To apply them, you will need a dark eyeliner, if you want to use shadows as well, their tone should be as light and natural as possible. The arrows should not be too bright, their task is to make the cut of the eyes more expressive. Before you add graphic arrows to your everyday make-up, remember that you should practice well first — it is impossible to make a perfect line the first time.

Day makeup with arrowsDay nude makeup

Day nude makeup

Absolute naturalness has become the trend of 2019, and daytime makeup options in nude tones, which means bodily, close to natural, are becoming increasingly popular. Makeup in nude tones suits absolutely everyone, the main thing is to choose colors that are close to your skin tones. Such makeup includes shades of brown colors (peach, copper, coffee, beige), brown eyeliner or eyeliner, lipstick in natural tones, preferably matte.

Day nude makeupDaytime nude makeup ideas

Bright day makeup

With all the popularity of natural trends in 2019, there is a category of girls who prefer bright types of daytime makeup. Beautiful catchy tones are suitable for girls with any eye or hair color, and the main task is to maintain a fine line between the brightness of a daytime make-up and vulgarity. First of all, it is important to remember that either the eyes or the lips should be a catchy accent.

Bright day makeup

The most popular option for bright daytime makeup is the use of a catchy shade of lipstick — red, carrot, burgundy, purple. In order to withstand the lightness and naturalness of the image, you should choose neutral eyeshadows in soothing colors for the eyes — nude, pink, soothing greens, depending on the appearance. If you prefer to highlight your eyes with bright arrows or an extraordinary color of shadows, your lips should be made neutral, the ideal option is just a gloss or a nude tone of lipstick.

Bright day makeup ideas

Day makeup in brown tones

For most brunettes and red-haired girls, the ideal option is a simple daytime make-up in brown tones that highlight eyes and lips. emphasizing the expressiveness of facial features. Brown make-up is similar to neutral nude, but its color range is much wider — it includes not only light natural, but also dark saturated tones.

Day makeup in brown tonesDay makeup in brown tones ideas

Day makeup with red lipstick

The hallmark of many girls is red lipstick, associated with defiant images. But this does not mean at all that with such a taste preference it is impossible to make a light daytime make-up for every day. In this case, difficulties arise with the choice of cosmetics for the eyes — too calm and neutral tones will not be in harmony with bright lipstick, and excessive expressiveness can make your image vulgar. It is important to clearly highlight the shape of the eyes, emphasize the lash line with eyeliner or voluminous mascara, but the shadows should be neutral, in soothing colors.

Day makeup with red lipstickDay makeup with red lipstick ideas

Glitter day makeup

Gentle daytime makeup implies lightness and naturalness, so it is combined with great difficulty with sparkles. Dazzling glitter is more appropriate in an evening or festive look, but if you still want to experiment and add such cosmetics to your everyday look, you should do it with great care. It is worth giving preference to brilliant shadows in calm colors — beige, gray, peach, and use them in small quantities. For lips in this case, it is important to choose the most neutral tone.

Glitter day makeupDay Glitter Makeup Ideas

Daytime eye make-up

Daytime makeup in 2019 implies a bright accent on the lips or on the eyes. But since many are faced with such an inconvenience as the need to tint lips regularly, an expressive eye contour is a better idea. For the desired effect, tools such as:

  • graphic arrows;
  • bright elongated eyelashes with several layers of mascara;
  • bright shadow transitions.
  • Daytime eye make-up

Day makeup for a woman 50 years old

The main task of a make-up artist who applies daytime makeup to a woman aged 50 and over is to emphasize natural beauty and rejuvenate her face with the right accents. At the same time, one should not allow an inflection towards youth ideas that will look ridiculous. Features of daytime makeup for a woman of elegant age is the creation of an elegant and well-groomed image. The face should look natural and natural, without the effect of a mask, a calm and muted color scheme is preferable.

Day makeup for a woman 50 years old

For the expressiveness of the image, the design of the eyebrows becomes obligatory, eliminating the effect of the impending century. Eyeliners and liners should be discarded, replacing them with a soft pencil. Bright and catchy tones of lipstick, as well as textures with a greasy sheen, are taboo at this age. When choosing cosmetics, it is important to be guided not only by aesthetic qualities, but also by its composition — given the aging of the skin, products should be soft and gentle.

Day makeup for a woman 50 years old fashion


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