Delicate jacket - the perfect design for every day and for special occasions

Each fashion season brings something new in areas such as makeup, hairdressing and nail services. But something certainly remains a classic on which various experiments are based. So, the classic gentle jacket will be popular in the spring and summer of 2019, it will be supplemented only with new decor elements.

Gentle french on nails 2019

In the spring and summer seasons, a gentle jacket 2019 remains in the top among the most popular variations of stylish nail art:

  1. We can safely say that every third manicure performed in the salon is French. French has become an established classic, well-groomed neat nails with a thin white stripe along the free edge — this is what will still be popular for many seasons.
  2. For girls who love experiments, a gentle jacket has ceased to be just white. Fashionistas can choose from a wide range of different types of additional decor: decoration with delicate pastel colors of the free edge of the nail, inlay with rhinestones and metallic sparkles, matte surface.
  3. In addition to colors, experiments with the shape and length of the nail will be fashionable.

gentle french on nails 2019

Gentle french on nails 2019

gentle french 2019delicate jacket with design

Delicate jacket for short nails

For lovers of accuracy, a real find will be a gentle jacket for short nails 2019:

  1. A narrow jacket looks good on shortened nail plates, but on condition that the nail bed itself is vertically elongated. In this case, the length of the nail is not visually reduced, and a delicate narrow jacket looks appropriate.
  2. On short nails, it is best to choose a French manicure in delicate light shades, avoiding black and dark colors. Pastel colors or a classic white shade fit perfectly on a short nail length.

gentle jacket for short nails 2019gentle jacket for short nails

Delicate jacket for long nails

On long nails of any shape, a gentle French manicure looks neat and appropriate:

  1. The classic shape of nails is considered to be both almond-shaped and square, they have been in fashion for several decades, and many girls choose such nails.
  2. Although square nails have sharp corners, a delicate jacket is perfect for this form, made both in one color, in actual shades, and using a combination of colors and materials for decoration.
  3. French nail art on long nails visually makes the shape of the nail narrower, it visually lengthens and gives a neat look to the nail plates.

gentle jacket for long nails

Delicate french on sharp nails

The sharp shape of nails is not as common in everyday manicure as oval or square. Sharp nails are not so comfortable, but they look beautiful and impressive:

  1. The sharp shape of nails of medium length, decorated with French manicure, will be an excellent option for design for special occasions.
  2. A soft pink jacket can be decorated with rhinestones or an intricate hand-made pattern. A somewhat aggressive shape of the nail can be offset by a pastel shade.

gentle french on sharp nails

Gentle french on oval nails

The oval or almond-shaped form of the nail plates is gradually replacing all the others and becoming the most popular:

  1. Oval-shaped nail plates look neat, regardless of length. Oval nail plates look especially good, which contain a beautiful delicate jacket.
  2. Any kind of French manicure on oval nails of medium length looks appropriate. The most common color is white, it is an unchanging classic, it is always relevant.
  3. On almond-shaped nails, a delicate jacket with a pattern or inlaid with rhinestones, a mosaic, gradient and color version looks good.

delicate french on oval nails

Gentle jacket ideas

For spring and the coming summer, French manicure will be one of the most popular nail decor options:

  1. For a long time, a gentle French manicure with a pattern remains popular and does not go out of fashion.
  2. In 2019, various experiments with color and additional decoration elements will be common.
  3. A delicate jacket looks great with small floral or floral patterns, the tenderness of a manicure can be further emphasized by the color that highlights the tip of the nail, the most trendy shades are pastel.
  4. Even black nail art combined with a matte finish can look neat and gentle.

gentle french ideasgentle spring jacket

Gentle jacket ideas

gentle french nail design

Delicate french on nails with a pattern

The combination of French nail art with a pattern looks extremely original:

  1. Using the pattern on the surface of the nail plate, you can recreate a variety of floral and plant motifs, landscape studies, cute cartoon characters and various symbols.
  2. A delicate jacket with a pattern decorating the free end of the nail looks very extraordinary.
  3. The background for painting is the base color of the base for modeling an extended nail or the color of the main nail plate, which is decorated with a French manicure.
  4. At the request of the client, the master can decorate both all fingers with elements of one ornament, and individual fingers of his choice.
  5. Decorative painting is done with acrylic paints, a thin brush and, if desired, additional decorative techniques.

delicate french on nails with a pattern

Pale blue french

In the coming spring season and the upcoming summer fashion season, pastel shades will be in fashion, both in clothes and shoes, and in related accessories and manicure:

  1. Delicate spring jacket, made in blue colors, looks especially fresh and stylish. The sky-colored design will be relevant in the autumn 2019 season, so the nail service masters come up with many different tricks that can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding clients.
  2. A delicate blue jacket looks stylish and charming both on its own and in combination with various spectacular techniques. For example, you can make a sky-colored design, and decorate one finger with a completely pale blue coating, encrust it with rhinestones or metallic geometric patterns.

soft blue french

Delicate jacket with flowers

Patterns with flowers on the nails are one of the most popular nails. French with delicate flowers can be made in the following design variations:

  1. Many girls choose floral motifs, especially for the spring and summer season. Additionally, you can decorate your fingers with flowers in different ways.
  2. Flowers can be painted by hand, with acrylic paints, and a manicure with a finished image can be covered with a top finishing layer.
  3. In addition to the pattern, many young ladies choose decoration with rhinestones or the smallest sparkles.
  4. One of the most common ways to apply any pattern on the nail is stamping, which is done using special stamps. The pattern turns out to be monophonic, it can be decorated with rhinestones, sparkles or manually with additional colors.
  5. There is another common decor option — stickers or the thinnest films with a pre-printed pattern.

delicate jacket with flowers

Delicate jacket with rhinestones

A gentle jacket on nails 2019 with rhinestones looks truly luxurious:

  1. Rhinestone inlay looks stylish if the decor is not used on every nail, but only on some.
  2. With rhinestones, you can lay out both a pattern and a hole at the base of the nail or the tip of the nail, which is important for any French manicure.

gentle jacket with rhinestones

Colored gentle french

The original delicate French nail design can be made in a variety of colors:

  1. It is becoming popular as a monophonic color French manicure, as well as rainbow or gradient.
  2. Gradient design requires special skill, but it looks unsurpassed. You can create a mosaic version by highlighting the tip of the nail with a combination of several colors, like a mosaic. This cover option is original and will attract attention.
  3. Actual colors — a combination of pastel shades, black and white combinations, combinations of delicate colors with the smallest metallic sparkles.
  4. Monochromatic colored coatings of the tip of the nail are also a trendy accent.
  5. The color option is chosen by those girls who decide to move away from the classics and add a little color to their everyday life. This is a great option for a little experiment.

color delicate french

Delicate jacket with sparkles

Decorating a nail with sparkles is one of the most popular types of jewelry in nail art. In this version, a gentle French manicure 2019 can also be performed:

  1. In addition to their popularity, glitter is one of the easiest nail decorations to use.
  2. Glitter comes in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. There are sparkles in the form of the smallest metallic dust or large figures that can be laid out by hand.
  3. There are two types of glitter on the market: liquid, which must be applied with a thin brush and loose, which can be applied to the nail with a finger or with a whisk brush.
  4. A delicate jacket of sequins looks extremely bright and makes the nails well-groomed.
  5. Any color of sequins is suitable for applying a design, but its tenderness can only be emphasized with the help of metallic, pink, golden, silver, blue, pale yellow sequins.
  6. Nail art, where the free edge of the nail is covered with sparkles of dark colors, is suitable for special occasions, parties, celebrations and meetings.

delicate jacket with sequins

Delicate black jacket

A black delicate jacket with a design gives the nails a special charm. Manicure acquires a touch of rigor, conciseness and style:

  1. Nails with a black design look neat and well-groomed when the line along the free edge of the nail is thin and even. Such nail art gives the decoration a special geometry and does not look excessive.
  2. As an additional decoration, a matte finish is perfect, a shade of metallic sequins to match the edge of the black jacket, inlay with the smallest rhinestones, decor with the thinnest lines of metallic color and foil-leaf gold or silver.
  3. A black French manicure looks spectacular in an asymmetric version, where one or two fingernails can be singled out separately.

soft black jacket

Delicate matte jacket

Matte finish gives any manicure a special charm:

  1. A matte finish on plain or decorated nails makes the manicure less catchy, even if the main color is bright or very saturated. Therefore, matte nail art is suitable for both special occasions and every day.
  2. A discreet soft pink jacket on nails with a matte top will create the desired effect. This is the most suitable type of everyday cover and nail decoration, it does not stand out from the requirements of the office dress code and the fingers look well-groomed.
  3. With a matte finish, the design of any color looks good, light shades, pastels, classic white and even stylish black or burgundy.
  4. If desired, a matte jacket can be supplemented with one of your favorite types of decor.

soft matte jacket

Delicate wedding jacket

For a wedding manicure, a delicate white jacket is often chosen:

  1. French manicure in a classic white color best reflects the tenderness and purity of the image of the bride and goes well with the wedding dress.
  2. The French design for a wedding dress can be complemented with white or shiny patterns on several fingers, metallic decor, laying out the thinnest foil or inlaid with shimmering rhinestones.
  3. Manicure, which will be based on the classics, is the most appropriate option for a bride in a snow-white dress. Brides who prefer experiments with the color of the dress can choose their own color and type of nail decor, the basis of which will be played by French nail art.

gentle wedding french

Delicate wedding jacket

soft white french


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