Delicate pedicure - nail design for sophisticated natures

A well-chosen gentle pedicure, the design of which is represented by various variations, can be a harmonious completion of the female image. Restrained design is rightly considered universal and suitable for any occasions and events. Such nail art can be used by women of different ages.

Pedicure — Design Ideas

Stylists bring to the attention of fashionistas a pedicure design of toenails, made in a delicate design. To create nail art, a lot of varnish coatings and materials have been developed that provide an opportunity to realize any idea:

  1. The simplest and most relevant option is the execution of a pedicure and manicure in one color. Trendy are all shades, tones and semitones found in nature. Natural colors are in fashion.
  2. When choosing a color and design, it is important to consider seasonality. Nail masters recommend combining techniques. For example, a monophonic pedicure with stamping, marble or «broken glass», «cat’s eye» is becoming incredibly popular.
  3. The jacket remains in trend, gentle pedicure — design with a gradient, lunar. A variety of techniques is enough to create both bright and concise options.

pedicure design ideaspedicure toe nail design

Pedicure — french design

A classic, not influenced by fashion, continues to be a pedicure — a gentle jacket design:

  1. Nail art masters recommend doing a jacket in nude or pastel colors, where the “smile” is created by a white, silver stripe or sparkles. However, no one forbids the use of dark and bright shades that come in combination with restrained pastels.
  2. Shades such as marsala, emerald green, coffee, rich blue, orange are suitable for a french pedicure. A special feature is that a “smile” is drawn with these tones, located on a discreet, muted background.
  3. A pedicure jacket design with rhinestones is able to bring bright notes to the image. You can use other types of decor — draw a colored or shimmering strip, decorate your nails with sparkles, kamifubuki
  4. In addition, pedicure can be diluted with a rub or foil. The jacket looks interesting with a non-trivial strip passing in the middle, which turns into a vertical line.

pedicure design french

Pedicure — plain design

The one-color design, which was undeservedly forgotten, is back in fashion:

  1. To embody such a pedicure design, pink or white gel polish will be the most suitable.
  1. You can play with the degree of color saturation, alternately apply a glossy gel and matte varnish.
  2. Even the usual mirror delicate plain pedicure design is already beautiful in itself. Designers offer a combined jacket with holes in one color scheme.
  3. If you need a more expressive option, then you should paint your nails in a contrasting color with summer shoes. A laconic pedicure involves the use of the same shade as the sandals on the feet. Do not ignore the nude and pastel options. You can complement the pedicure with rhinestones, rubbing.

pedicure solid color design

Pedicure — glitter design

A gentle pedicure design, complemented by sparkles, will look truly unique:

  1. Nails can be completely covered with glitter or stripes can be drawn. In addition, the coating is done in monochrome or with different prints, for example, you can depict geometric patterns, draw bunny ears.
  2. An excellent solution would be the design of a pedicure with kamifubiki, the circles of which go in even stripes in two or three rows. They will come in handy for the cold season, when you want to bring playfulness to nail art.
  3. Broken glass is another brilliant decor that pairs perfectly with light and dark shades. In the first case, a light and relaxed design is created, and in the second, a more expressive one.
  4. Glitter looks good on a nude finish, especially if it’s gold and silver. Tenderness pedicure will add crystals and rubbing.
  5. The eye see you design is in trend, when the nails are completely covered with sparkles, and the image of the eye is laid out on top. On large nails, they should be full-fledged open eyes with pupils, and cilia are depicted on the rest.

pedicure design with sequins

Matte pedicure — design

An ideal option for everyday life, which can be turned into a luxurious nail art for a party overnight, is a pedicure, the light design of which is done using a matte finish:

  1. If you add a few pieces of kamifubuki, rhinestones, bouillon or crystals, then the pedicure will acquire breathtaking notes.
  2. Matte pedicure is especially beautiful in shades of cobalt blue, coral, emerald. These rich tones must be alternated with delicate pastels.
  3. Rhinestones can be laid out in a triangle, lines, or completely cover one of the nails with them. Bouillons are suitable for combination with rhinestones or independent use.

matte pedicure design

Peach pedicure with design

A nude design pedicure, which is made using a peach shade, will look truly unsurpassed:

  1. In combination with a summer wardrobe and shoes, a peach pedicure will be a source of good mood, even if it is made simply in a monophonic design.
  2. Better design options are gradient and ombre, smooth transitions between colors, techniques with overflows. The trend is a horizontal and vertical gradient with contrasting shades and close tones. In this case, a peach shade must be taken as the basis, and pink, beige and other colors can be used as auxiliary ones.

peach pedicure with design

Pedicure — ombre design

Out of competition continues to be pedicure gradient design:

  1. To create a spectacular nail art, at least two shades should be used. They must be in harmony with each other. Some masters manage to create completely new shades by mixing two drops of different colors, for example, white and pink tones.
  2. Ombre can be created in completely different colors, for example, it is yellow, pink, blue. Let’s also allow a pedicure design, the pastel colors of which differ from each other only slightly.
  3. Small toes are ombré with two or three colors. A large nail is additionally decorated with a pattern, a pattern of rhinestones. The length of the transition from one color to another may vary. Ombre can be horizontal, vertical and even diagonal.

pedicure ombre design

Gentle pink pedicure — design

A classic variety of delicate nail art is a pink pedicure with a design:

  1. On the thumb, you can draw monograms in a bright shade. As a last resort, when there is no time for long procedures, it is worth making multi-colored horizontal or vertical stripes. Often they are created only on the thumb, and the rest is applied with a monochromatic contrasting or similar coating.
  2. Pink tone can be pale, close to white, or brighter. A combination of coatings of different tonality is also allowed.

gentle pink pedicure design

Pedicure — marble design

One of the most popular variations of stylish nail art is a white pedicure with a design made in marble:

  • stains are applied on a white background, imitating the structure of a marble stone. At the same time, different shades can be taken for their implementation; gray, pink, beige tones are taken to give tenderness;
  • you can also use the classics when stains are made using a black coating. However, in this case, they should be minimalistic and barely noticeable.

pedicure marble design

Blue pedicure with design

With the help of a blue tint, you can embody an incredibly beautiful pedicure design:

  • this color is reasonably associated with the marine theme, so it can be used to depict gentle waves;
  • blue sky with white clouds — another successful variation of stylish nail art;
  • on a blue background, patterns lined with silver sparkles will look very organic.

blue pedicure with design

Yellow pedicure — design

Sunny yellow is a great way to create a summer pedicure design:

  1. The current nail art is a multi-colored jacket, in which each “smile” on the finger is made yellow and some other color.
  2. For a pedicure, you should use kamifubuki, sparkles of various colors. Stones or rhinestones of different colors can be used, located on a yellow background, a “cat’s eye”, which mysteriously flickers with tints.
  3. A brilliant decor can be placed on one half of a large nail, and the rest can be painted in bright yellow.
  4. As a basis, you can take a white coating, on which you can depict a pineapple using a light yellow tint.

yellow pedicure design

Pedicure — design with dots

The easiest way to make a pedicure a delicate toenail design, complemented by a print, is to depict dots on a discreet background:

  1. These elements can be applied in a chaotic manner or lay out lines from them.
  2. Another design in demand is any image lined with dots, coupled with a plain coating. Often, drawings, even the simplest ones, are combined with other techniques (ombre, jacket, matte finish).
  3. You can bring a touch of freshness to nail art by applying colored dots that will stand out against a discreet light background.

pedicure design with dots

Pedicure — delicate design with lines

Does not lose its position on the fashionable Olympus pedicure design geometry:

  1. A feature of gentle geometric nail art is that the figures are applied to the nail plates using light shades.
  2. It is also acceptable to use the traditional black color, however, in this case, the figures should be drawn using thin lines.
  3. Filling the figures with glitter is an incredibly successful technique that will provide an opportunity to maintain the tenderness of the design and at the same time look unique.
  4. A light pedicure design may simply contain single lines or thin stripes parallel to each other.

pedicure gentle design with lines

Pedicure — design with stickers

For girls who do not have creative abilities, a pedicure is useful, the design options of which involve the use of stickers:

  1. The drawing can be drawn on the thumb or on all, but gradually reducing its volume.
  2. All kinds of drawings and stickers go well with pastel varnish. However, they will have to be fixed mainly only on the thumb. Images on a marine theme, floral ornaments, patterns and prints on fashionable topics are relevant.
  3. Stickers can be placed on all fingers, which contain images of flower bouquets made using different light pastel shades. This is an incredibly gentle combination that will uniquely decorate not only the thumb, but also all other nail plates.

pedicure design with stickers

Pedicure — design with butterflies

In the summer, a light, delicate pedicure design will look great with the image of butterflies:

  • since the nail plate of the thumb has sufficient space, it is advisable to apply the pattern on it. You can depict the whole butterfly or only one of its wings;
  • the butterfly can be drawn with multi-colored varnish or lined with sparkles or rhinestones. In any case, it will be noticeable and attract attention due to its location on a pastel background.

pedicure design with butterflies

Pedicure — heart design

A stylish pedicure, the design of which contains images of hearts, will look extremely gentle and romantic:

  • on a light background, you can place multi-colored kamifubuki, this is the simplest solution;
  • the heart can be lined with sequins or rhinestones, even the use of foil is allowed;
  • drawing a heart with varnish is another popular technique, while the drawing can be supplemented with romantic inscriptions;
  • the thumb can be decorated with a large heart laid out on it, and a scattering of small hearts can be placed on the rest.

pedicure heart design

Pedicure — camomile design

For the summer and spring period, a flower design pedicure is perfect:

  • a small scattering of daisies looks very gentle and touching. You can draw them or use ready-made stickers to apply them;
  • one or several large flowers can be depicted on the thumb, and small daisies can be used as their complement;
  • you can use a combination with any other varieties of flowers, for example, with blue cornflowers or delicate tea roses.

chamomile design pedicure

Pedicure — rubbed design

An excellent solution would be a design pedicure, the summer light version of which is done with the help of rubbing:

  • to give maximum tenderness to nail art, it is advisable to use a pearl rub, which is taken in pastel pink shades;
  • you can also apply a rub on the snow-white coating, which will add shine to the pedicure and make it even more tender;
  • rubbed nails can be supplemented with rhinestones or sparkles laid out in the hole area. This technique will make nail art sophisticated and stylish.

pedicure design with rubbing


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