Delicate summer manicure - perfect for the hot season

In the hot season, a gentle summer manicure is designed to harmoniously complement almost any look. This is due to its sophistication and sophistication, thanks to which it will easily fit into any bow. To create it, certain shades and design techniques are used.

Beautiful gentle summer manicure

An organic addition to both a beach and everyday urban look can be a summer manicure in delicate colors. It is characterized by such distinctive features:

  1. The main point with which the effect of tenderness is achieved is the right coating. What matters is not its structure, which can be glossy or matte, but the colors that give the image fragility and elegance.
  2. In the summer season, the nautical theme is extremely relevant. Delicate blue or turquoise color will serve as an excellent backdrop for this kind of stylish nail art. All kinds of images can be placed on the base: starfish, sand and footprints on it, anchors, white sails and boats.
  3. Fruity designs are another common summer trend. To give tenderness to nail art, it is recommended to draw fruits in light shades. For example, it can be a yellow lemon or a pale green lime, shown in a section. An additional piquancy to fruits will be given by droplets of water flowing down them and made in a volumetric version.
  4. If you want to bring brightness to the image, you can use rich color blotches. A nuance that needs to be taken into account is that they should be applied in a small amount so as not to draw the accent from the pastel coating and spoil the overall impression of tenderness.
  5. Such a design can not only be casual or office. It can be very successfully embodied in the evening version, decorated with rhinestones or a scattering of sparkles.
  6. Nail art can be made in retro style if you depict large or small peas on it. This design is reasonably associated with romance, it will harmoniously complement feminine outfits decorated in the same style.
  7. Floral theme is a win-win way to make nail art more delicate. Flowers can be absolutely anything: these are roses, daisies, cornflowers and other varieties.

beautiful gentle summer manicuresummer manicure in soft colorssummer gentle manicure options

Delicate summer manicure for short nails

Owners of short neat nails will be able to present them in the most favorable light if they create a colored delicate summer manicure:

  • the simplest way to design will be monophonic nail art, it definitely will not overload the nails and will not disturb the impression of their elegance;
  • both glossy and matte finishes will look equally advantageous;
  • you can create a light ombre, in which there are two shades similar to each other;
  • if you want to decorate the nail plates with rhinestones, it is recommended to be careful not to make the design too overloaded.

gentle summer manicure for short nailscolor gentle summer manicuregentle summer manicure

Summer gentle manicure for long nails

On elongated nail plates, you can fully show your imagination and create an original summer gentle manicure:

  • colors can be used in a variety of ways, both similar and opposite in tone;
  • for decoration, not only one or two shades, but also more can be taken;
  • on long nails, you can embody any image, for example, this is a gentle summer manicure with flowers, with geometry, with animal prints;
  • rhinestones can be present on the nails in any quantity, because their length and large area provide an opportunity to embody the most daring fantasies.

summer gentle manicure for long nailssummer matte gentle manicure for long nailsvery gentle summer manicure

Summer gentle manicure almond shape

One of the most harmonious solutions when creating such a design is reasonably recognized as a gentle summer manicure for medium almond-shaped nails:

  • nail art on similar nail plates ideally presents pastel colors of coatings;
  • stylists are advised to refrain from any catchy decorative elements, for example, from bright flashy color blotches. This can break the impression of fragility and sophistication characteristic of almond-shaped marigolds.

summer gentle manicure with sparklessummer gentle manicure on medium nailssummer gentle manicure almond shape

Gentle summer manicure ideas

Stylists offer a variety of summer gentle manicure options. Among the most popular ideas used for decoration, the following can be identified:

  • french is reasonably associated with elegance and classics, made in pastel colors, it will look truly unsurpassed;
  • nail art can be either monophonic or multi-colored, made using two or more shades;
  • gentle summer manicure can be diversified with the help of drawings, while for their image preference is given to discreet, soft colors;
  • if you want to create an evening or eye-catching design, you can turn to decorating with rhinestones;
  • bright colors are also acceptable, in combination with pastel shades, nail art will come out gentle;
  • tenderness can be achieved both with the help of a glossy and matte finish;
  • the design can be brilliant, for this they turn to elements such as rubbing or sparkles;
  • the technique of using negative space or the complete coating of the nail plates with clear varnish is welcome;
  • geometry firmly holds its position on the fashionable Olympus, different shapes are used to decorate nails.

gentle summer manicure ideassummer gentle manicure optionsbeautiful gentle summer manicure

Summer gentle French manicure

There is a win-win way to get a very gentle summer manicure — make it in the French version:

  1. As a base, it is recommended to use a traditional white tone or pastel shades. A completely transparent coating is also acceptable.
  2. The tip of the nail can be decorated with any color, it all depends on the individual preferences of the fashionista. It can be taken as a delicate color scheme, as well as bright or dark. In the second case, a romantic sophisticated look will also be achieved due to the snow-white, pastel or transparent base.

gentle summer manicure frenchvery gentle summer manicuregentle summer transparent manicure

Summer gentle multi-colored manicure

For the hot season, when you want variety and a lot of colors, a gentle summer multi-colored manicure is perfect:

  • Gradient technique is popular, when one shade smoothly flows into another. Their location in this case can be longitudinal, transverse or diagonal;
  • for ombre, two colors or more can be used;
  • similar shades can be used, for example, this is a pink gentle summer manicure, made using a lighter and brighter color;
  • it is permissible to take tones that are contrasting in color;
  • multi-colored nail art can be made with a clear separation of the color zone, images on the main cover of various patterns.

summer gentle multi-colored manicure  summer manicure in soft colorsgentle summer manicure ideas

Summer gentle manicure with a pattern

A gentle summer manicure with a pattern will help to fully express your individuality:

  • the theme of the picture is selected according to individual wishes, it can be cartoon characters, ice cream, marine images, geometric shapes, various flowers and vegetation;
  • summer gentle yellow manicure or nail art of any other color will be a favorable background for all kinds of images. On a light coating, they look especially clear and advantageous;
  • in some cases, drawings can be supplemented with original inscriptions, which are selected taking into account the requirements of their owner.

summer gentle manicure with a patternsummer gentle manicure with flowerssummer manicure gentle colors

Delicate summer manicure with rhinestones

A summer gentle manicure without a pattern, but decorated with rhinestones, looks truly luxurious. Moreover, such elements can have a very different location:

  • a popular design variation is the hole area filled with rhinestones;
  • rhinestones can be laid out in the form of strips crossing the nail plate;
  • filling the middle of a geometric figure with pebbles is another fashion trend that creates a gentle summer manicure;
  • rhinestones can have an arbitrary arrangement, folding into ornate patterns.

gentle summer manicure with rhinestonessummer gentle manicure without a patterngentle summer manicure in pastel colors

Delicate bright summer manicure

An indescribable impression on others is able to make a summer bright beautiful gentle manicure:

  • brightness can be achieved by placing on a pastel background any catchy color elements;
  • it can be small-sized drawings or prints, for example, polka dots, geometry, floral motifs;
  • bright abstraction is also popular, when bright blotches or rich color stains applied in random order are located on pastel nails; A variety of thematic inscriptions can also be bright.

    gentle bright summer manicuresummer bright beautiful gentle manicuregentle summer manicure for short nails

Delicate summer manicure in pastel colors

A classic way to add romance to an image is to make a summer gentle pastel manicure:

  • all kinds of nude shades are welcome, which can include both beige and pink colors;
  • other harmonious shades will be mint, light yellow, blue and any other light and delicate tones;
  • gentle summer manicure in pastel colors can be combined with a variety of decorative elements, such as sparkles, rhinestones, foil.

gentle summer manicure in pastel colorssummer gentle pastel manicuregentle light summer manicure

Delicate summer monochrome manicure

You can use a simple and convenient design method if you make a gentle summer manicure and pedicure in a plain version:

  • the highlight of such nail art will be the tone of the nail plates, which will give the image of femininity and romanticism;
  • this is a universal solution, ideal for office work and everyday wear;
  • on a plain coating, you can place a decor in the form of stones of absolutely any color.

summer gentle manicure optionsgentle summer monochromatic manicure

Summer gentle matte manicure

With the help of a matte finish, you can also create a summer gentle simple manicure:

  • design methods can be chosen identical to those made using a glossy finish;
  • nail art can be plain or multi-colored, made using the ombre technique, decorated with rhinestones or sparkles, with all kinds of images applied;
  • the alternation of a matte coating with gloss on different nail plates or combining them on one finger has also become a classic.

summer gentle matte manicuregentle summer manicurebeautiful gentle summer manicure

Summer gentle manicure geometry

Geometry is the current trend of the last few seasons; it can also decorate a gentle light summer manicure:

  1. In order for Nel-art to remain sophisticated, stylists recommend decorating it with images of small geometric shapes. At the same time, they can remain empty inside, in which case only the outline will be drawn.
  2. Figures can be made of small shiny pebbles attached to the nail plate. For example, a longitudinal strip consisting of triangles can be depicted in this way.

summer gentle manicure geometrygentle light summer manicuresummer gentle manicure with a pattern

Gentle summer transparent manicure

A gentle summer transparent manicure will become a universal solution suitable for all occasions:

  1. The variation of the jacket looks interesting when the base is covered with transparent varnish, and the tip is made in pastel colors.
  2. The trend is summer manicure, the delicate colors of which are combined with transparent elements. This is the so-called negative space technique, which has become extremely popular lately. The design may include transparent geometric shapes or abstract elements.

gentle summer transparent manicuresummer manicure gentle colorsgentle summer manicure

Summer gentle manicure with rubbing

A very gentle summer manicure, complemented by rubbing, looks incredibly fresh and original:

  • a shiny rub is often applied over a base coat that presents a sophisticated pastel color scheme, for example, it is beige, light pink, mint;
  • a very good solution would be a pearl rub, which creates indescribable overflows on the nails;
  • rubbing can only be used on certain fingers, making them a bright accent of the image. Nail plates covered with pastel varnish serve in this case as an organic addition. Rubbing is taken in similar tones with a regular coating or in traditional silver or golden hues.

summer gentle manicure with rubbingvery soft manicuresoft pink summer manicure

Summer gentle manicure with sparkles

Such a kind of design as a gentle light summer manicure can also be presented in the evening version, if you apply glitter decoration for this:

  • the size of these elements can vary from very small, creating a spectacular scattering on the nails, to large ones, known as kamifubuki;
  • glitter can alternate with light varnish and cover any specific fingers;
  • with the help of sparkles, floral or floral ornaments can be created, geometric shapes can be filled in, longitudinal or transverse stripes can be laid out;
  • for decoration, multi-colored sparkles can be used, which are laid out in whole compositions. You can combine elements of different sizes and colors, making nail art unique.

summer gentle manicure with sparklesgentle light summer manicuregentle summer manicure ideas


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