«A woman who doesn’t use makeup thinks too highly of herself.»
Coco Chanel

While we are chasing world-famous cosmetic brands, Ukrainian manufacturers are ready to surprise us with natural creams, organic shampoos and even slimming scrubs. Don’t believe? Read on! What is it — cosmetics made in Ukraine? Evaluate the seven most famous cosmetic companies that have already won the love and trust of our customers. Let’s support a domestic manufacturer?smiley

Pudra Cosmetics

If the Ukrainian cosmetics market is overflowing with care products, then things are completely different with domestically produced decorative cosmetics. Although our trademarks are trying to create high-quality decor, yet, for the time being, it is the Pudra Cosmetics trademark that can pleasantly surprise you with the quality and range of its products. It was the powder that became the hallmark of this brand. The company’s product range also includes lip glosses, lipsticks, tonal foundations, mascaras, eyeliners, and nail polishes. A distinctive feature of the products is a soft and silky texture. The production of cosmetics has been established in Ukraine.

Compact powder Pudra Silk Proteine Compact Powder with a delicate, velvety texture flawlessly evens out skin tone, masking rashes, irritations and even acne. The tool has several natural shades that perfectly fit on the skin, maintaining a perfect complexion throughout the day. The aged design in black is also pleasantly impressive. And the presence of a large mirror will allow you to «bring beauty» even in the subway car!


Ukrainian organic keeps heading forward confidently. The already well-known trademark «Yaka» produces shower gels, shampoos and hair conditioners, natural soaps, as well as cosmetics for body and face care. The company promotes a healthy lifestyle, as well as respect for nature and the environment. Therefore, «Yaka» pleases not only with affordable prices, but also with eco-friendly packaging with an interesting design. For example, in transparent bottles with shampoos and shower gels, you can find plant branches or flowers.

Shampoo for strengthening hair Yaka «With flax» also has an original design: in a transparent bottle with a convenient dispenser, you can see a sprig of flax. But not a single design! The product contains valuable natural ingredients — flax oil, herbal decoction and essential oils, which effectively strengthen brittle and weakened hair. This is a real find for owners of thin, weakened hair prone to falling out.


Company Elf one of the largest cosmetics manufacturers in Ukraine, which produces products of several brands. «Green pharmacy«- cosmetic products based on medicinal plants, essential oils and natural fats. «home doctor«- a line of cosmetics for a home first aid kit: lip balms, hand creams, bath salts. Another cosmetic line that Elfa represents is a series of beauty products for salon and home care Salon. It includes hair care cosmetics , nail art and figure modeling.


Another leader in the domestic cosmetics market is the Biocon trademark, founded in 1995. The manufacturer uses an extract of a medicinal leech, for which he received an international patent. The range includes skin whitening products, sunscreens, filler creams, toothpastes, lip balms and more. The best assistant to protect the skin in winter will be cream Biokon «Winter Care». Enriched with natural olive, shea and cotton oils, the product deeply nourishes and regenerates the skin, protecting it from the aggressive effects of wind and frost.

Hirudo Derm

Ukrainian trademark that develops effective and safe cosmetic skin care products on the basis of the Biocon Medical Research and Production Center. All Hirudo Derm products are made on the basis of medicinal leech extract and natural essential oils. These highly active ingredients help to effectively fight various dermatological problems, as well as the skin aging process.

Cream against age-related skin changes Hirudo Derm Bio Active Multieffect will help to maintain the tone, youth and beauty of the skin for a long time. The nourishing formula of the product is enriched with valuable oils, vitamins, arginine and leech extract. These components effectively rejuvenate and tighten the skin, improving turgor and complexion.


Another «green» brand is Vigor, which produces natural cosmetics from organic raw materials. According to the manufacturer himself, the composition of the product includes 97% natural biologically active bases, essential oils and medicinal herbs. The manufacturer works in three directions: products for the face, hair and body. The range includes oils, scrubs, wrapping masks, anti-cellulite products and to strengthen blood vessels. All cosmetics have a short shelf life and should be stored in the refrigerator.

White Mandarin

One of the most popular organic brands in Ukraine — White Mandarin has proven itself in the cosmetics market. All the company’s products are made exclusively on the basis of plant components — natural and essential oils, plant extracts and algae. White Mandarin presents lines for face, body and hair care.

For impeccable smoothness, moisturizing and nourishing the skin, use body milk White Mandarin Body Lotion «Citrus». The product contains valuable citrus essential oils that moisturize, tone and nourish the skin. The tool not only effectively smoothes and softens the skin, but also eliminates sagging and signs of cellulite.

Looky Look

Young organic cosmetics brand Looky Look develops quality hair and body care products. The manufacturer also presents a series of cosmetic products for body modeling, skin tightening, nutrition and hydration, harmony and relaxation. The brand gained popularity thanks to a line of massage oils with natural aphrodisiacs.

As you can see, our manufacturers can give odds to many foreign brands. Made in Ukraine cosmetics are always high-quality, natural ingredients, innovative production technologies, as well as love and care for the consumer. What else is needed in order to support the domestic manufacturer?!wink


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