Dreadlocks - an original extravagant hairstyle for girls and women

Dreadlocks are an original extravagant hairstyle that will suit brave girls who want to stand out from the crowd. They can be made for any length of hair, using all sorts of fashion trends for decoration that will help make the image truly unforgettable.

Dreadlocks 2019

Girls with dreadlocks look very impressive and beautiful. This styling visually increases the volume of hair and looks very original. Hairstyle dreadlocks can be worn for several years. Adjust it with a crochet hook. Dreadlocks can be of different types, so each girl will be able to choose an option for herself.

  1. Dreadlocks for which Kanekalon is used. This synthetic material helps to make dreadlocks of various lengths, while it cannot be distinguished from your own hair. For bright images, you can use colored kanekalon. Weave it into your own hair using the figure-eight method, wear it for two months, and then you can use it again.
  2. Safe dreadlocks. This is also a kanekalon in the form of a special blank attached to one’s own head of hair. Synthetic material helps to form voluminous dreadlocks of different shades and lengths.
  3. Nepalese dreadlocks. Very interesting and catchy variety. For them, felt blanks are used. This involves focusing on the artificiality of the hairstyle.
  4. Dangerous dreadlocks are those that are woven from your own hair. They are braided from strands with a length of 10 cm or more. Weaving options are different: with a hook, by combing, by twisting, by rubbing with wool.

dreadlocks 2019dreadlocks hairstyletypes of dreadlocks

natural dreadlocks

Natural dreadlocks are made from your own hair. If you regularly correct them, then the wear period is a year or even more. It is worth noting that it is very difficult to unravel them, so you can only get rid of the hairstyle by cutting off the strands. Hair length must exceed 10 cm. You can make them as follows:

  1. Combing. This process is very complex. It is necessary to divide the hair into square-shaped sectors, fix the strands with elastic bands and comb them back with a comb. As a result, a rolled strand should be obtained, from which dreadlocks are woven, lowering the stray hair to the roots. The finished dreadlock is crocheted with a crochet hook. You can apply a special wax for dreadlocks to your hair.
  2. Hair rubbing. This method can damage the hair, while the dreadlocks look untidy. You need to take a woolen thing and start rubbing your head in a circle. After some time, the hair will begin to stray, you need to “break” them and try to form dreadlocks.
  3. Self-forming dreadlocks. This is a strange way, because it takes several years. The hair should be about 25 cm long. You just need to let it grow and it will start to tangle on its own.
  4. Twisting. Suitable for African hair. You need to divide the hair into strands and start twisting them in a clockwise direction, helping yourself with a comb. It is advisable to fix the results with wax.
  5. Weaving dreadlocks. It is worth saying that this method is painful. It is necessary to divide the hair into equal sectors, using a knitting needle and secure with elastic bands. A bundle is formed from the strand, which is further divided into two parts, and one of these parts is divided into two more. After that, you need to do the binding, repeat the manipulations until the dreadlocks cover the entire head.

natural dreadlocksdreadlocks braidssafe dreadlocks

Faux dreadlocks

Faux safe women’s dreadlocks are a great option for those who don’t want to sacrifice their own hair. This variety of dreadlocks is differentiated into classic artificial dreadlocks that resemble natural hair, «jadreads», which are very smooth and sophisticated, «trash» or «light» dreadlocks with double weaving. Capable of weaving are as follows:

  • weaving by hand;
  • fastening with a hook or string;
  • through combing;
  • by twisting and tearing strands;
  • «neglect»;
  • weaving with elongation;
  • rubbing with a brush or wool;
  • rolling or twisting each strand;
  • permanent waving;
  • twist weaving.

artificial dreadlockssafe women's dreadlockshow to make dreadlocks

Women’s dreadlocks

Women rarely do dreadlocks, but some still like this hairstyle. The fair sex looks incredible with dreadlocks. Fashionable design options are as follows:

  1. Women’s short dreadlocks that bring bright notes to any look. If the girl is brave, then you can make a hairstyle of bright color.
  2. Dreadlocks for long hair are difficult to make due to time costs. You will have to spend more than one hour to create a hairstyle. It is worth noting that the length of the hair can be halved if you make dreadlocks from your own strands. However, it is better to use synthetic materials.
  3. Safe kanekalon dreadlocks are braided to natural hair. The use of this material helps to create an interesting and multi-colored hairstyle.
  4. As for hairstyles with dreadlocks, a simple ponytail is considered a classic. Other options are a bundle or a bun. You can also braid beautiful braids from dreadlocks.

women's dreadlockswomen's dreadlocks for medium hairdreadlocks 2019

Dreadlocks for short hair

Any girl wants to express her individuality. Women’s dreadlocks for short hair give an unusual appearance to the girl. Their owner stands out from the crowd. However, it should be borne in mind that such a hairstyle can damage the hair, it can be difficult to wear them. It is important to know a few rules:

  1. Hair should be strong and healthy. Weak strands can suffer greatly from such a hairstyle.
  2. The hairstyle makes the hair shorter.
  3. If your hair length is not enough, it is advisable to use dreadlocks made of artificial materials. At the same time, your own strands remain preserved, since the dreadlocks are simply attached to the hair.
  4. There is a technique called «Dreadlocks». It involves weaving with the addition of synthetics. So you can lengthen your own hair, give it the desired shade.

women's dreadlocks for short hairdreadlocks for short hair

Women’s dreadlocks for medium hair

Dreadlocks on medium hair also look spectacular. Naturally, such a hairstyle develops if the strands are not washed and combed for a long time. However, the work to create this option is very painstaking and involves weaving and twisting the hair. When deciding how to make dreadlocks, consider the following:

  1. On medium hair, you can make dreadlocks both from your own hair and with the addition of synthetics. However, it is worth considering that in the case of weaving them from their own strands, the length will decrease. Then they will have to be cut off.
  2. It is best to make so-called «safe» dreadlocks for medium hair. To do this, use 40-60 artificial dreadlocks from kanekalon. You can wear your hair for several months, and then unravel it. If a girl is afraid to change her appearance so radically, you can try to make dreadlocks on several strands.

women's dreadlocks for medium hairhow to make dreadlocksdreadlocks braids

Women’s dreadlocks for long hair

Long hair is best for creating such an option as long dreadlocks from your own shock. Although you can add synthetic materials — it all depends on the desires of the girl. Varieties of hairstyles for long hair are as follows:

  1. Natural dreadlocks. They are made from kanekalon and their own strands. Hair lengthen and increase its volume. Only a hook is used for work, which makes it possible to wear dreadlocks for a long time. If the hairstyle gets tired, the strands need to be cut off or try to unweave them. You need to wash your hair about once a week.
  2. Classic safe dreadlocks, reminiscent of natural ones. Kanekalon is braided into the strand with the help of braids hidden inside. You can wear your hair for about three months.
  3. De-dreadlocks, for which the kanekalon is braided to the strands by means of a figure eight.
  4. SE dreadlocks, the beginning of which is made the same as for safe or natural ones, and a strand is added to the middle, like for de-dreadlocks.

women's dreadlocks for long hairlong dreadlocksdreadlocks hairstyle

Women’s dreadlocks with bangs

Dreadlocks with bangs can be made using a variety of materials. At the same time, not all hair is braided into a hairstyle, leaving a few free strands in front or on the side. They are further curled, dyed in a bright color or decorated with hairpins, beads or sparkles. Some girls use rings, tips and locks for decoration. Attached balls look good. At the same time, bangs are also decorated.

women's dreadlocks with bangsdreadlocks with bangs

Types of dreadlocks for women

There are such types of dreadlocks that women can do:

  1. Ja-dreadlocks that are worn for about three months. Can be done on short hair. These are artificial details woven into strands by means of a figure eight or an ordinary oblique. Safe for hair.
  2. Women’s de-dreadlocks. Kanekalon is used for them. Get variations that most resemble your own hair. Wear them for a couple of months.
  3. Safe elements — kanekalon in the form of a special blank attached to the head of hair.
  4. Nepalese details from felt materials. The artificiality of the hairstyle is very noticeable.
  5. Dangerous elements that are made from the girl’s own hair.

types of dreadlocks for womentypes of dreadlockswomen's dreadlocks for long hair


De-dreadlocks are considered a safe hairstyle, as they are created using the synthetic material Kanekalon. When your hair grows back, you can easily update your hairstyle. You can wear safe dreadlocks for 2-3 months, depending on the growth of your own shock. It is necessary to wash your hair once a week. Any shampoo needs to be diluted with water to a liquid foam, apply it on the head, leave for a couple of minutes and rinse. There is no need to wash the elements themselves thoroughly, just rinse them with soapy water.

de dreadlockssafe dreadlockslong dreadlocks

Thin dreadlocks

Thin female dreadlocks look very original. As in all cases, they can be made from your own hair or artificial materials. Masters advise choosing the latter method, because after weaving natural dreadlocks, the hair is in such a deplorable state that it will have to be cut off. Thin elements have a number of advantages and disadvantages that must be considered before shaping the hairstyle. The pros are:

  • hair lies well, bad weather does not spoil the hairstyle;
  • head can be washed twice a month;
  • you do not need to take care of your hair for a long time;
  • only soap is used for washing, so you can save on care products.

The cons are as follows:

  • braiding dreadlocks from your hair for a long time and can be painful;
  • thin elements need to be braided once a month;
  • you need to wash your hair for a longer time, it takes several hours to dry;
  • just braided elements create a feeling of tightness and cause discomfort;
  • for some time the scalp suffers from infrequent washing;
  • parts on your own hair can damage them.

thin dreadlockswomen's thin dreadlocksnatural dreadlocks

Kanekalon dreadlocks

Kanekalon hair is a good choice. This synthetic material can be plain, for example, blue dreadlocks, ombre, fluff or chameleon, due to which the images are very effective. Kanekalon dreadlocks features:

  • they can be easily made at home;
  • you can also remove them without problems, and the curls need to be restored only when the dreadlocks have been worn for a very long time;
  • the girl can choose the color and length to taste;
  • kanekalon is used even on short strands;
  • wear them for about 2 months;
  • wash them once a week, do not dry them with a hairdryer;
  • hair care is not too complicated.

kanekalon dreadlocksblue kanekalon dreadlockswomen's dreadlocks cost

colored dreadlocks

Colored dreadlocks are the choice of spectacular girls who want to stand out from the crowd. You can dye your own hair or use artificial materials. Depending on the overall image, the color can be bright, such as red dreadlocks, or calm, acidic or neon. Ombre options are also popular. An interesting choice is to make them from a chameleon material that changes color under the influence of the sun.

colored dreadlockscolored women's dreadlockstypes of dreadlocks for women

dreadlock wig

If you don’t want to do this element on your own hair, you can buy a wig with dreadlocks or make them from an existing wig. Prices for such an accessory are not too high. It does not look very natural and will often be noticeable that this is a wig, however, in order to stand out from the crowd at evenings, this is ideal. Color solutions may be different, for example, these are white dreadlocks. It all depends on the general image of the girl.

wig dreadlocks

How much does it cost to make women’s dreadlocks?

Experienced craftsmen recommend not saving on braiding such elements. The price tag varies depending on the city, it is advisable to see the work of a specialist. Often, production together with consumables costs about 5-6 thousand rubles. Weaving costs about 2 thousand. In the salons there are female dreadlocks, the cost of which reaches about 10 thousand rubles, if done by a private master — up to 7 thousand.

Prices for your hair depend on the length and number of dreadlocks:

  • 10 cm and up to 40 pieces — 5 thousand, for a further 10 cm, 2 thousand are added to the price tag;
  • 10 pieces for a length of up to 25 cm — 500 rubles, more than 25 cm — a thousand. These are only approximate prices, they need to be clarified individually with a specialist.

how much does it cost to make women's dreadlockswomen's dreadlocks cost


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