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A dress makes a woman irresistible, but the inept choice of style and length of the product can easily cancel out all your efforts. Remember some rules that will not let you make a mistake while trying on and buying things. Pay attention to the length of the dress and give preference to the one that best decorates you — mini, midi, maxi.

How long should the dress be?

The floor length dress was a hit last season. Today, fashion designers have shortened the hem to a democratic midi or bold mini. Despite fashion trends, build on your height, figure flaws, and leg shape.

The length of the dress for short girls should be slightly above the knees. Thus, a couple of centimeters are visually added. Straight-cut outfits with a minimum amount of decor are well suited. It’s easy to add height with a high waist and long vertical slits. It is strictly forbidden to wear models up to the middle of the calf.

High fashionistas can choose any length. Today, products that focus on the waist are very popular. Wrap-around outfits are perfect for you. Will not be superfluous, for example, flounces or ruffles. Baby-doll is a fashionable dress for thin beauties. Dresses of medium length will also be appropriate here — the best option for women of average height.

Choose your dress wisely

The length of the dress plays a particularly important role in the image of a business woman. To comply with the dress code, choose an outfit with a skirt no higher than the knee. A long skirt is also inappropriate in a business environment.

Every woman should know when not to wear a short skirt:

  • for an interview;
  • to the church and to the wake;
  • to any official meeting;
  • gathering in an unfamiliar company;
  • going to meet the parents of his young man.

At the same time, a short skirt will be appropriate at a party, disco, birthday of friends, for any celebration without rules for a costume, and, of course, for a date.

The most versatile is the midi length — women of all ages can safely wear it, and a knee-length or calf-length dress will look appropriate at any event.


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