Dresses for a full figure

The statement that fashion for the full does not exist has long been outdated. Around the world, there are fashion shows for curvy ladies, branded plus-size boutiques are opening, and plus-size beauties finally stop hiding in hoodies and gradually get used to loving themselves. In this article we will tell you how to choose a dress that hides figure flaws.

How to choose dresses for full?

The main function of the dress, chosen according to the type of figure, is the visual correction of the silhouette. To look slimmer, choose minimalist models, because the more complex, richer and brighter the decor, the heavier you seem.

It is best if the dress is monochrome, but vertical blocks of colors also look very good. It is not necessary to leave only black in the wardrobe — the choice of color should be coordinated with your personal appearance color type. Prints are best used as point accents — on the chest, sleeves or vertical inserts.

Refuse knitwear of large knitting — most often it is very full.

Forget also about clothes that tightly tighten every centimeter of the body — it will not help to hide or draw in extra pounds. But the appearance and mood will spoil thoroughly.

The best styles of dresses for full

There is no universal dress for all types of full figures. The most versatile is the sheath dress. With a simple silhouette and fitted cut, it «stretches» the figure and hides the most common imperfections.

The most popular type of dresses for curvy ladies was and remains a hoodie. It is not right. A dress that hides the figure from shoulders to hips is suitable only for girls with thin legs. If the legs are not your main trump card, leave the hoodies to the Primadonna and pick up something more suitable for you.

Full dresses with asymmetric details, for example, with a wrap, are well suited (an additional plus of such models is a V-shaped neckline).

Empire style high-waisted dresses are a great choice for both everyday and evening looks.

Another spectacular option — a bustier dress — will suit girls with a beautiful line of shoulders and arms.

Now you know how to choose a dress according to your body type. As illustrations, we suggest you use our gallery.


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