A dress is an indispensable attribute of the wardrobe of every girl and woman, because thanks to it you can emphasize the beauty of the figure. Even if you have not yet managed to get rid of extra pounds, the right dress will make you look slimmer. The choice of fashionable dresses for magnificent ladies has its own characteristics, knowing which you can easily replenish your wardrobe with beautiful models.

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A variety of styles of dresses for curvaceous ladies allow you to hide those parts of the body that seem the least attractive to their owners. If the figure has an A-shaped silhouette, it is necessary to shift the emphasis from the waist and hips to the chest and shoulders. And for this purpose, models with a decor in the upper part are best suited. V-necklines, open shoulders, decorated bodice — these details allow you to divert attention from wide hips. You can visually expand the top with the help of properly selected prints. Vertical stripes at the bottom of the dress and horizontal stripes at the top are the best solution. But stylists do not recommend small prints and polka dots.

The T-shaped silhouette is compensated by dresses with a narrow, tight-fitting top and a lush hem. An elegant dress for curvy ladies looks luxurious with a deep neckline, bare shoulders and a flared hem, which can be multi-layered. Want to hide the fullness of the hands? Match the dress with a stylish bolero or cape. A lantern sleeve or 3/4 sleeve will also cope with this task.

Casual and summer dresses do not have to be long. If you have slender legs, why not go for knee-length or just below? But evening dresses for curvy ladies look more elegant if their length is maximum. And don’t forget the high-heeled shoes, which will visually save you a few pounds!


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