Dresses for an apple figure

Today there are not many women who are proud of their figure and do not want to change anything in it. The vast majority still complain that there are some shortcomings that need to be corrected. And, perhaps, one of the most problematic types of shapes is the «apple». As a rule, overweight women have rounded shapes. Determining this type is quite simple, since all the parameters are approximately the same volume, and sometimes the waist is wider than the hips.

Today, in our review, we will try to find the perfect dresses for the “apple” figure, which will emphasize femininity and help hide those extra pounds.

Transformation of the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan

As a rule, girls with rounded shapes put on baggy products, and this is the worst mistake. The styles of dresses for the “apple” figure can be different, but it is worth remembering that the products must be made from high-quality materials in neutral shades. It can be wet silk, satin, wool, tight knitwear, cashmere and suit fabrics.

For example, a dress model with a straight or slightly flared silhouette will be the perfect outfit for a woman with an apple figure. And if the fabric has a small scar, then the figure will look a little slimmer.

Stylists recommend paying attention to such styles as a sleeveless case, A-line (trapezoidal) and high-waisted models. The presence of stripes on the sides will hide some volumes and create a vertical line that visually stretches the figure. You can complement the ensemble with a tuxedo, jacket or leather jacket. Of the more festive outfits for the “apple” figure, an empire-style dress is suitable. It can be a floor-length product with a strapless bodice. Bright trim on the top will draw attention away from the waist.

When choosing long dresses for an apple figure, you should pay attention to models with a deep V-shaped neckline and vertical stripes or pleats. The waist line can be slightly high and adorned with an elegant brooch that will surely attract attention.


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