Dresses for women 50 years old

A woman remains a woman at any age, and at 50, when a new stage begins in life, free from worries about children, and even more so! And a dress for a 50-year-old woman is one of the ways to emphasize her second youth, attractiveness and elegance. But when choosing a dress for women 50 years and older, you should follow a number of rules, which we will talk about in more detail.

Choosing a dress model

Fifty — the age, of course, is not critical, but he still dictates certain conditions for a woman. Dresses for 50-year-olds should not be flashy, too bright and short. All of the above is appropriate at the age of 20-30, but it is difficult to imagine an older woman in this image. Very dangerous elements of a romantic style in clothing, such as an abundance of ruffles, frills, draperies and bows in a dress for women over 50, they make it cheap and even vulgar. But this does not mean that it is impossible to wear models with an original drapery at the neck, a shallow intricate neckline in the neckline or a flounce at the waist. When choosing dresses for ladies over 50, stylists recommend choosing elegant, sophisticated models that gravitate toward the classic style. In this case, the type of figure is an important criterion.

Hourglass women with a pronounced waist, narrow shoulders and hips are ideal models of slightly fitted dresses with a boat neck. The silhouette takes on soft forms and femininity. With narrow hips and wide shoulders, the styles of casual and elegant dresses for ladies over 50 should be trapezoidal. With this silhouette, the emphasis shifts from broad shoulders to hips and legs. If the condition of the skin on the arms and in the décolleté area allows you to expose these areas, you should choose dresses with wide straps. The volume in the hip area can be increased if you choose a dress with a slightly low waist. Most often, at the age of 50, a female figure takes on the shape of a pear, that is, the hips become much wider than the shoulders. This nuance will help level out models of dresses in which the hem expands to the bottom, and the sleeves are made in the form of lanterns. Pear-shaped women are advised to wear dresses with a shallow V-neckline in the décolleté area. In the absence of a waist (“rectangle” type of figure), dresses with a belt or belt are the best option, and the “apple” figure looks best in straight silhouette models. Fullness is perfectly masked by flared hemlines, long sleeves and decor in the neckline.

As for the length, you should not choose models of dresses that hide legs lower than seven centimeters below the knees. If the figure allows, you can wear dresses to the knees, but not higher than 10 centimeters. Evening dresses for a woman of 50 are better to choose with a floor length or midi to the middle of the leg.

Choosing the colors of the dress

We hasten to please, there are no strict restrictions in choosing the color scheme of dresses. Fashionable pastel colors perfectly shade the face, refresh, rejuvenate. When choosing, you need to focus on the recommendations of stylists and your own color type. But there are also colors that can play against you. So, green and purple can add a few years to you if the shade is chosen incorrectly. Black evening dresses on women 50 years old can also look bad if the skin of the face has acquired an earthy tint with age. Deep blue, rich chocolate, noble graphite — these colors and their shades are considered optimal.

Prints are a luxury that women in their fifties can afford when choosing casual dresses. A dim check, wide stripes, large floral patterns in muted tones — such prints look unusual and noble. And beach dresses for women after 50 years old can choose any color, because that’s what summer is for, to allow yourself to be bright.


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