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Chubby girls are often faced with the fact that they can not pick up their clothes. This is especially true for dresses. After all, I want it to be beautiful, attractive, comfortable and at the same time, all the flaws of the figure were hidden. But there is always a way out. Staple is a natural cotton fabric, which, although it can be quite thin, is not transparent, and therefore is an ideal choice for overweight girls. Let’s take a closer look at what the advantages of full-length staple dresses are, and also consider which of their models are most interesting.

Staple dress styles

To begin with, let’s decide what kind of fabric this is — a staple. As already mentioned, it is cotton, but viscose fibers are added to cotton. The staple is a fairly durable fabric, while it has a pleasant silky surface. An ideal fabric for summer dresses, which, moreover, looks very good on plump girls and women.

Since maxi lengths are all the rage right now, floor-length staple dresses are a pretty good choice. You can, for example, stop your attention on a dress of a «rustic» style, reminiscent of a light sundress, but at the same time hiding plump legs. Also interesting is the «Roman» style. These are dresses similar to hoodies with a belt at the waist. They will hide all your extra pounds. If you do not like these styles of long staple dresses, then another option is an A-line dress. It can be of any length and in this way it conceals the absence of a waist very well.

If you want shorter and brighter dresses, then pay attention to dresses in the style of «dudes». The underbust band will define the waist, and the flowing dress will hide all those extra pounds on the stomach and on the legs. In addition, with the help of such a dress, you can create an extremely interesting image that will undoubtedly attract attention to you. Also an interesting model of a staple dress is a “balloon”. It, again, hides the absence of a waist, and its unusual shape distracts attention from the shortcomings of your figure.


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