Easy hairstyles for any occasion!

In the fast pace of life, many female representatives do not have enough time for long hair styling. Light hairstyles save time and provide an opportunity to look spectacular in any situation. Every woman should know a few of these options in order to quickly get together if necessary.

How to make a beautiful hairstyle quickly and easily?

Make beautiful quick hairstyles really. In this case, you can not only limit yourself to the option of the usual bunches or ponytails. Here are some examples of successful styling:

  1. Braid-harness. Great option for everyday wear.
  2. Dutch half-crown braid. Looks nice, and is done in a few minutes.
  3. Small Dutch braid.
  4. Elegant bow. Can be used for ceremonial occasions.
  5. Classic two braids. Such light hairstyles always look spectacular and neat.
  6. Pigtail headband.

how to make a beautiful hairstyle quickly and easilyquick hairstylesvery easy hairstyles

Quick hairstyles for long hair

It seems to some girls that it is difficult to make quick and easy hairstyles for long hair. However, there are popular options that can be easily implemented:

  1. Regular tail. At the end of its creation, you can remove a small strand of hair from the tail and hide it with an elastic band.
  2. Tail with pigtail. For him, you need to braid one or more braids at the temple and collect the hair together with the braids in the tail.
  3. If desired, you can release a couple of strands near the chin.
  4. You can also make such light long hairstyles: braid two braids and weave them in the tail.

quick hairstyles for long hairquick and easy hairstyles for long hairbeautiful quick and easy hairstyles

Easy and beautiful hairstyles for medium hair

The average strand also provides an opportunity to make beautiful quick hair on medium hair, without putting a lot of time into it. The following options are examples:

  1. Classic bundle. For him, you need to collect the hair in a ponytail with an elastic band, twist it at the base and fix everything with elastic bands.
  2. You can make a French or regular braid and wrap it around your head.
  3. A practical option, corresponding to light hairstyles, a high knot. You need to make a tail and twist the strands at its base.
  4. It will be nice to just wind neat curls and leave them loose.
  5. Actual low or high tail, you can comb or crimp your hair.

easy and beautiful hairstyles for medium hairquick hairstyles for medium haireasy hairstyles for girls

Quick hairstyles for short hair

A variety of options are presented and beautiful light hairstyles for short hair. The best ideas are:

  1. Select strands from the bangs in front on one side and twist them with a tourniquet. Secure with invisibility on the side.
  2. If the length of the hair is enough, you can wind curls of different lengths and comb them at the back of the head.
  3. A good headband of braids looks in combination with wavy hair.
  4. This option also looks elegant, which are represented by light short hairstyles, like a bun in combination with braids.
  5. You can make a bundle from a classic braid and fix it with invisibility.

quick hairstyles for short hairbeautiful light hairstyles for short hair

Easy hairstyles with bangs

Lots of women like quick hairstyles with bangs. They look spectacular and catchy. The simplest of them are the following:

  1. High or low beam. At the same time, the bangs should neatly frame the face and not stick out in all directions.
  2. Ponytail. This hairstyle is versatile and will suit any outfit.
  3. Delicate braids woven into bundles, tails or «Malvinkas».
  4. You can make a chaotic styling in the style of shaggy.
  5. Light waves look beautiful, complemented by bangs.

easy hairstyles with bangsquick hairstyles with bangs

Easy hairstyles for curly hair

Curly strands are known for being naughty. Often they are difficult to lay in the way the owner wants. However, there are easy curly hairstyles available, available to those who do not have the experience of creating them:

  1. Bunches. It is worth noting that the high version of this hairstyle is more suitable for girls with a long and neat neck. And if there are any problems in this area, then it is better to give preference to a low beam.
  2. Different types of braids and weaves on curly hair look interesting. You can make buns or tails from braids.
  3. The tail is one of the most successful variations, it represents beautiful quick and easy hairstyles for curly hair. To improve fixation, use either varnishes or hairpins. For a romantic look, you can make a bouffant.
  4. Natural loose hair is one of the best hairstyle options for curly hair. You can slightly lift them from the roots and beat a little.
  5. Hairstyles on one side look good: a tail, a bun or just loose curls.

easy hairstyles for curly haireasy hairstyles for curly hair

Easy hairstyles for every day

Every girl should have a list of options, quick hairstyles for every day. The following varieties are very popular:

  1. Ballerina’s bun. A very simple hairstyle that looks incredibly impressive.
  2. Triple braid. Although it is simple, it looks intricate and original.
  3. The fishtail braid is one of the easiest styling options for long hair.
  4. A low or high bun can also be included in the list, which are light everyday hairstyles. This styling looks interesting on curly or pre-curled curls.
  5. A ponytail — low or high — suits all girls. You can make «links» by tying parts of the tail with rubber bands.

easy hairstyles for every dayquick hairstyles for every dayeasy everyday hairstyles

Light evening hairstyles

In some cases, you need to quickly put yourself in order and make light hairstyles for the holiday. The following ideas will help:

  1. Styling with braids and weaves. You can add flowers or accessories to them.
  2. Loose curls. The easiest and safest option.
  3. Ponytail. It is even appropriate for evening events, especially if you release a couple of strands framing your face.
  4. Different versions of Greek hairstyles are easy to perform, while looking elegant.

easy evening hairstyleseasy hairstyles for the holidays

Easy wedding hairstyles

On the most solemn day in the life of every girl, light hairstyles for the wedding will come to the rescue. To look great, you can use the following options (all of them can be supplemented with a veil):

  1. High ponytail with a variety of accessories.
  2. Hairstyle with loose curls and a diadem.
  3. Hairstyle with braids and flowers.
  4. Elegant high or low bun of curls.
  5. Bundle with curls.
  6. Hair styling.

quick hairstyles for long haireasy wedding hairstyleseasy wedding hairstyles

Light hairstyles with loose hair

Extremely popular solutions are beautiful and light hairstyles with loose hair:

  1. The most common styling option is a braid, but it is not necessary to collect all the hair into it; you can use strands only partially.
  2. The Dutch braid-“half-crown” looks great, it is braided separately from the right and left sides to the middle. The ends of the braids are parallel to each other and are reinforced with hairpins. With this option, the hair does not interfere, and the image is somewhat romantic.
  3. An elegant bow can be created using hair. Extreme curls are collected on both sides, a tail is made, leaving a small bun. It is divided into two parts, so it turns out a bow, which is fixed on both sides with hairpins, after which you need to take a thin strand and close the elastic band with it.
  4. If you want to leave your hair loose, you can refer to this option, which presents light hairstyles for girls, like a hair band. To create it, under the main mass of curls there are two independent pigtails, you need to lay them like a headband.
  5. You can collect the side strands and secure them with a hairpin in the middle. Loose hair will look beautiful if you twist it a little.

easy hairstyles with loose hairbeautiful and easy hairstyles with loose hair

Easy hairstyles for thin hair

When creating light hairstyles for straight hair, you need to turn to options that will add volume and density:

  1. Styling begins with drying the hair at the roots, while the ends can be curled a little with tongs or curling irons.
  2. To increase the volume, it is worth turning to staining. The roots should be darker than the tips. If you paint in a dark color, and then light roots appear, then the styling will seem even rarer. For such hair, the option of burnt roots will be an ideal solution. It is achieved using ombre staining or simple highlighting.
  3. The easiest way to create volume is to braid the pigtails the day before and collect the back of the head in a ponytail. Such a blank will become the basis for a volumetric beam, shells, ponytail, pigtails and other options.
  4. If the hair is too short, then you can turn to the corrugation, which is used only at the roots.
  5. A bun is an ideal option for creating volume on the head. To create it, the hair is collected in a ponytail and secured with an elastic band, then a tourniquet is twisted or a braid is braided. After that, you can wrap a pigtail or tourniquet around the elastic band, and fix the result with hairpins. The resulting bun can be decorated with hair accessories.

easy hairstyles for thin haireasy hairstyles for straight hair

Quick hairstyles for the office

Stylists say that the strictest dress code is no reason to deny yourself the actual and creative styling. Light hairstyles for work should have the following characteristics: be practical and do not require support during the day:

  1. Trendy hairstyles include buns, braids, ponytails, shells and the Greek hairstyle.
  2. There is nothing easier than a braided hairstyle. A raised braid is created as follows: the curls are divided into three strands and a classic braid or spikelet is braided.
  3. If the braid is too long, it is removed by double folding option.
  4. Another convenient option is a bunch, which is suitable for any business meeting.
  5. The shell option looks very beautiful and is suitable even for an evening look.
  6. A romantic and business look can be created using a Greek hairstyle.

quick hairstyles for the officeeasy hairstyles for work

Easy collected hairstyles

Hairstyles look elegant and elegant, simple and light versions of which are made assembled:

  1. One of the famous options is the collected styling based on curls. They will look like slightly messy curls or partly curled hair in a hairstyle.
  2. Gathered styling can be made from braids, if they are arranged around the head, a crown is obtained. Braids look more beautiful from voluminous weaves.
  3. An excellent solution would be a bun or two buns on the front of the head.

easy updo hairstylessimple and easy hairstyles

Easy ponytail hairstyles

A ponytail is an excellent way to create easy and quick hairstyles:

  1. You can make a bouffant and twist the hair on the tail a little.
  2. For a change, weaving is used, a pigtail is added to the tail.
  3. A high ponytail will look more stylish and beautiful on long hair. But the low ponytail is suitable for medium hair length.
  4. Favorite hairstyle can be unique, which is achieved with a hair bow or a double tail.

easy ponytail hairstyleseasy and fast hairstyles

Easy Greek hairstyles

Greek fast and beautiful hairstyles look very feminine and are often complemented by accessories:

  1. The easiest option would be the antique knot. First, the curls are curled with a curling iron, then divided into a straight or corner parting and thrown back. Make a beam with the help of invisibility. This bundle is located in the middle or at the bottom of the back of the head. If desired, the hairstyle is decorated with ribbons or a bandage.
  2. Hairstyle «Melon slices» is created using vertical parts that go to the neck. This styling is decorated with several long ribbons.
  3. The ponytail in the Greek style is created with a light pile at the roots, then the strands are gathered at the crown into a ponytail. A double hoop is put on the head.

easy greek hairstylesfast and beautiful hairstyles

Light hairstyles with corrugation

With the help of corrugated strands, you can make very light hairstyles:

  1. The easiest option is to create a uniform corrugation along the entire length of the hair.
  2. Only certain individual strands can be made corrugated.
  3. Wavy curls can be collected in a ponytail or braided into a loose braid.

easy hairstyles with corrugationvery easy hairstyles

Hairstyle «light bun»

The strands gathered in a bun represent the lightest and most beautiful hairstyles:

  1. The bundle can be created in a single or double version, located high on the top of the head.
  2. Behind you can braid one or two braids, lift them high and braid into one or two braids.
  3. For going to work, a low-lying beam is ideal.

easy bun hairstylethe easiest and most beautiful hairstyles

Easy hairstyles with pigtails

Light hairstyles with braids look incredibly feminine and romantic:

  1. The pigtail can be made ordinary, French, in the form of a fishtail.
  2. Weaving looks interesting, consisting of several braids, which are collected in a fancy bundle.
  3. You can make a side braid, which is woven into the tail.

easy braided hairstyleseasy hairstyles with braids

Light hairstyles with overhead strands

Lovers of extraordinary bows will love light hairstyles with kanekalon:

  1. With the help of overhead strands, you can add extra volume to the styling, this is their undeniable advantage.
  2. Often used is the option of weaving kanekalon into braids.
  3. Overhead strands can be matched in shade with the natural hair color, but often they are taken in bright colors. In the first case, the hair can be made visually much thicker and more lush, and in the second case, you can show your own unique style and special personality.

easy hairstyles with overhead strands


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