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Choosing an outfit for a social event is not an easy task. It is necessary to maintain a balance between convenience and attractiveness, be bright enough, but not slide into vulgarity. With all this, every girl also wants to look unbanal, fresh and extraordinary. It would seem that the task is almost impossible. Meanwhile, with sufficient perseverance and a combination of taste with common sense, such a result is quite achievable. In this article, we will tell you about the new evening fashion trend — dressy jumpsuits, which can help you look elegant and bright at the same time.

Fashion models of overalls

The main trends of this season are:

  • checkered print;
  • color blocks technique — a combination of several contrasting color blocks in one thing;
  • unusual combinations of textures and materials (lace and leather, fur and plastic);
  • futurism;
  • male style;
  • glitter, crystals, patterns of sparkling details;
  • asymmetry;
  • cuts and cuts of various sizes and shapes;
  • loose clothes «from someone else’s shoulder»;
  • drapery.

For an evening look, it is better to stay on long jumpsuits, and short models are perfect for going to a cocktail party. As in the case of trousers, mid-calf overalls can only be worn by tall, slender girls, as such things visually shorten the legs.

Separately, it should be said about models with cutouts. Very good for the evening are overalls that are closed in front, but with a frank cutout on the back. Of course, not every girl will dare to wear such things, but at least once it is worth trying on such a thing. Another easy way to stand out at a party is to opt for a jumpsuit in sequined fabric. It will literally make you glow. You can wear both a model with a scattering of small sparkling particles, and a jumpsuit with large sequins — any glitter options are relevant.

Also pay attention to two-tone models — the classic version of black bottom — white top, a combination of mint and beige or, for example, black and gold, will suit those who do not like the total look.

How to choose a jumpsuit according to the type of figure?

The main thing to remember for all girls: before putting on a jumpsuit, make sure that it suits you (emphasizes the advantages and hides the flaws). After all, a jumpsuit is one of the most «insidious» types of clothing — it can even turn a cute and graceful girl’s figure into an impartial «something».

The second important rule: only very slender girls can afford to wear plain overalls with flat shoes. Or very high. For everyone else, heels and platforms were invented that visually lengthen the legs and make the figure more elegant.

Do not forget that overalls, like any other thing, should be selected exactly in size. No matter how much you want to fit into an outfit a couple of sizes smaller, resist this temptation — this does not hide at all, but, on the contrary, emphasizes excess weight. It is better to let the overalls be looser than required, rather than the seams crack and burst with every breath you take.

To give the image solemnity, complement the jumpsuit with elegant evening shoes, a beautiful handbag and jewelry. But you should not put on all the jewelry that you have at once — despite the total passion for large catchy jewelry, the sense of proportion should not be completely “turned off”.

You should also not get carried away with accessories, if there is a noticeable decor on the overalls — let one thing be bright: either the overalls, or jewelry and additions. Or you can even create a minimalist bow by adding a strict monochromatic jumpsuit with a thin bracelet, small earrings or an elegant narrow chain.


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