Elegant manicure - gentle design - 48 photos of the most relevant ideas

Lovers of sophisticated and graceful bows will appreciate the elegant manicure, the delicate design of which has a unique style. Stylists offer all kinds of options designed for different lengths of nail plates. They are presented in a variety of colors and for different nail shapes.

Elegant manicure gentle design 2020

Stylists bring to the attention of fashionistas an elegant manicure 2020, the fashion trends of which are expressed in the following details:

  • it is recommended to give preference to subtle nude coatings. Nail art is allowed in a bright or dark version, but it must be concise and not overloaded with unnecessary decorative elements;
  • matte finish is a great way to embody elegance. Such nail art is characterized by restraint and will fit perfectly into any images;
  • if drawings, rhinestones, sparkles and other decorative elements are used, then it is recommended to take them in limited quantities so as not to make the manicure overloaded;
  • when combining two or more shades, it will be ideal to take varnishes that are similar in tone. If contrasting coatings are used, then they should be neutral, for example, the combination of black and white is considered a classic. Nude can be successfully combined with absolutely any shade.

elegant manicure gentle design 2020elegant manicure 2020 fashion trends

Gentle elegant manicure on short nails

Owners of neat shortened nails will be able to easily embody an elegant manicure design 2020:

  • the easiest way is to cover the nails with a plain varnish of discreet shades;
  • creating nail art, the quality of its execution should be given special attention. This is due to the fact that even the slightest flaws will be visible on a small area of ​​u200bu200bthe nail plates;
  • if you want to bring variety, on one of the nails you can make a miniature laconic drawing, for example, draw the contours of a flower or twig;
  • one of the nails can be distinguished by covering it with sparkles.

gentle elegant manicure on short nailselegant manicure design 2020

Elegant manicure for long nails

On elongated nail plates, you can make an original elegant manicure 2020:

  • nails covered with a monophonic varnish will look great, while its variety can be any, this is the usual gloss, and a matte finish, and rubbing;
  • any color scheme is also allowed, it can be a light or dark elegant manicure. You can take bright varnishes, but it is better if they are somewhat muted, which is achieved using a matte finish.
  • all kinds of drawings can be depicted on elongated nails, the main thing is that they should not be very large and catchy;
  • you can cover one of the fingers with sparkles or lay out a strip or a pattern of rhinestones.

elegant manicure for long nailselegant manicure 2020

Elegant manicure on almond-shaped nails

An elegant manicure on oval nails 2020 will look truly unique:

  • french and moon design are very harmonious solutions that will look great on an almond-shaped nail plate;
  • nail art can be supplemented with flowers made in a similar tone with the main coating;
  • if you want to make the image more vivid, you can use the decor in the form of white stock, rhinestones or foil, on one of the nails you can apply the leopard print that is relevant this season;
  • It is advantageous to emphasize the almond shape with the help of a traditional rounded smile, which can be done in a single or multiple version.

elegant manicure on almond-shaped nailselegant manicure for oval nails 2020

Elegant Manicure Ideas

Stylists bring to the attention of fashionistas stylish novelties of elegant manicure, which are represented by the following trends:

  • a unique shine to nail art will give the use of sparkles;
  • geometry remains invariably relevant for many seasons in a row;
  • rhinestones will make the design truly unsurpassed;
  • an elegant manicure, the delicate design of which is made in the form of a jacket, will become a universal solution;
  • romantic notes will give the use of nude and pink shades;
  • with the onset of the spring-summer season, nail art decorated with flowers becomes a trend;
  • a win-win solution will be the use of a single-color coating;
  • shine and luxury will provide the use of rubbing.

elegant manicure ideasnew elegant manicure

Elegant manicure delicate design with sparkles

Sequins of different shapes and sizes provide an opportunity to create an incredibly beautiful elegant manicure:

  • the grace of nail art will be given by drawing thin lines with the help of sparkles, which can be even and form a cobweb or fold into fancy openwork patterns;
  • often there is an elegant manicure, the delicate shiny design of which embodies geometry. In this case, all kinds of figures are filled with sparkles, while clear contours can be drawn along their edge, which contrast with the main coating;
  • the nail plate can be divided into two parts, one of which is covered with sparkles;
  • romantic drawings, for example, hearts, can be lined with shiny elements.

elegant manicure delicate design with sparkles

Elegant manicure gentle geometry design

For everyday wear or going to the office, an elegant manicure with a geometric pattern will be a great solution:

  • geometry can be created using thin, well-defined lines that add up to certain shapes;
  • another way would be to draw figures and paint them with some color or fill them with sparkles, rhinestones;
  • elegant manicure delicate geometric design may contain figures and lines that add up to certain images, for example, these are flowers, a cat or other animals;
  • using geometry, you can embody a triangular variation of a jacket or moon nail art;
  • geometric elements can be laid out using foil. On one of the fingers, this decor element can be laid out in the form of stripes, and on the other, fill it with figures. Popular in recent seasons is the chaotic blurry arrangement of the foil, it can also be applied on one of the nail plates.

elegant manicure gentle geometry design

Elegant gentle manicure with rhinestones

An elegant manicure with a delicate design decorated with rhinestones can give a unique luxury to the image:

  • pebbles can be used as the basis of any pattern. For example, they can decorate the leaves of twigs or make the core of a flower;
  • it is common to lay out the area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole with rhinestones in the case when moon nail art is made;
  • elegant manicure allows and geometric shapes can also contain rhinestones;
  • to maintain elegance, pebbles should be used in small quantities without overwhelming the design.

elegant gentle manicure with rhinestoneselegant manicure

Elegant manicure gentle French design

An elegant French manicure is characterized by versatility. It is suitable for the fair sex of different ages and perfectly complements any outfit:

  • french can be single or double. In the latter case, two or more stripes are present in the smile area;
  • elegant manicure gentle french design is often performed in a traditional white or nude version, this is the most successful solution to make the image feminine;
  • such a kind of nail art as ombre is also allowed, when a stretch is created in the smile zone, made using a different color or sparkles.

elegant manicure gentle design frenchelegant french manicure

Elegant nude manicure

Another solution for all occasions is an elegant nude nail design. In this case, the design of nail art is allowed absolutely any:

  • you can use decoration with sparkles or rhinestones, which are laid out in the form of stripes or certain patterns;
  • elegant manicure delicate design may contain negative space, presented in the form of a hole, strip, heart or geometric figure;
  • the coating can be taken both glossy and matte;
  • in a nude version, a marble design can be presented.

elegant nude manicure

Elegant matte manicure

Elegant nails made in a matte finish will look truly unique:

  • even a simple coating of nail plates with matte varnish will look great;
  • you can diversify the manicure with the help of decoration with sparkles or rhinestones;
  • a fashionable elegant manicure in a matte finish can be covered with velvety powder, which is located on one or two nails.
  • the use of the ombre technique, the addition of any pattern, is also welcome.

elegant matte manicure

Elegant pale pink manicure

The pink finish serves as the perfect base for creating all sorts of stylish nail art. With its help, it will be possible to realize an elegant manicure on oval nails or on another form of nail plates:

  • in order to comply with the principles of elegance, it is recommended to refrain from choosing bright pink, flashy shades. The best solution would be muted pastel colors;
  • elegant nails 2020 can be done in a concise everyday version or in a festive one. In the latter case, one or more marigolds can be covered with small pink sparkles;
  • the use of contrasting coatings will help to revive the design, when glossy and matte varnishes are applied on one nail plate or alternately on several;
  • you can use the addition of marigolds with marble veins, which will look very organic against such a background;
  • a combination with a gray tint is reasonably considered one of the most successful, such a technique can be implemented on one or more fingers.

elegant pale pink manicuretrendy elegant manicure

Elegant manicure with flowers

Flowers are a popular decor element that can harmoniously decorate not only a romantic, but also a business elegant manicure:

  • the main rule is to observe the principle of conciseness. This is expressed in the image of medium-sized flowers of a soft color, which will give the nail art elegance and femininity;
  • flowers can be depicted in a variety of ways — these are roses, tulips, mimosa, snowdrops and any other options;
  • any element of the flower can be lined with sparkles or rhinestones;
  • the drawing of colors prevails with a varnish similar in tone to the main coating or neutral black or white.

elegant manicure with flowersbusiness elegant manicure

Elegant manicure gentle monophonic design

One of the best ways to embody elegance is to use a solid color finish:

  • nude shades remain out of competition and are reasonably associated with tenderness;
  • if you want to make the image memorable, you can make a gentle manicure with an elegant red design. In this case, it is recommended to give preference to matte varnish, which will make the catchy scarlet color more muted;
  • a monochromatic design can be supplemented with single elements of brilliant decor, for example, these are one or more rhinestones located on one of the fingers.

elegant manicure gentle monophonic design

Elegant gentle manicure with rubbing

Using a rub is a win-win way to make an elegant light manicure, dark or bright design unique:

  • a delicate pearl rub will look the most harmonious, since the metallic or golden version are coatings that are more suitable for complementing an evening bow;
  • rub can be taken in different shades, alternating them on different fingers;
  • this type of nail art does not require additional decor, since the rubbing attracts attention in itself. If desired, one of the fingers can be decorated with a concise miniature pattern or a pebble;
  • one of the nails can be made contrasting by covering it with a matte varnish, which will stand out against the background of a shiny rubbing.

elegant gentle manicure with rubbing


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