embroidery on clothes

No matter what they write in fashion magazines, but the laconic simplicity in clothes attracts a few. The most famous designers are constantly in search of new sketches, shapes and patterns to create original things. Artistic embroidery on clothes is especially relevant in the spring-summer season, as patterns and ornaments are in perfect harmony with blooming nature.

Escape from simplicity

In the distant past, hand embroidery on clothes was considered a manifestation of folk art. In most cases, shirts, blouses, skirts, sundresses and accessories were decorated with characteristic national ornaments. Today, embroidery on modern clothes is not necessarily ethnic in nature. Designers develop designs on their own, and then embody them with the help of threads on different types of fabrics, from cotton and silk to wool and tweed. The variety of decor, embroidered by hand or with the help of special devices, which we can observe in the new collections of fashionable clothes, is amazing. It is worth noting that both Russian and Slavic embroidery on clothes did not remain in the past. Ethnic motifs are still widely used. A few decades ago, embroidery served exclusively as decoration, but today it has a more important role. With its help, designers solve complex problems that arise when creating fashionable images. Thanks to graphics and motifs, lace embroidery captivates with beauty, sophistication, lightness and harmony. This is a great way to get away from simplicity. Fashionable clothes with embroidery have been demonstrated more than once by such giants of the fashion industry as Alberta Ferretti, Dolce & Gabbana, Dries van Noten, Marchesa, Gucci, Balmain and Zac Posen. Women’s clothing collections are filled with a combination of delicate shades, complex finishes, a mix of floral ornaments that are embroidered on noble fabrics.

Designers prefer to play with complex and rich halftones, combining different textures of threads and their color combinations in one product. It is worth noting that the result is amazing. Patterns for embroidery can be seen on both outerwear and casual wear. They adorn classic trouser suits, elegant blouses, evening and cocktail dresses of a simple silhouette. Products embroidered with gold threads, glass beads, lace, ribbons or artificial pearls look incredibly impressive. The image, created from the elements of the wardrobe, decorated with a similar decor, surprises with courage. It is very feminine and at the same time somewhat outrageous.

A more concise and discreet option is embroidery of inscriptions on clothes. These can be quite miniature logos, and large patterns of letters in different languages, decorating the entire back, shelf or sleeves of the product. Young girls prefer discreet inscriptions embroidered with threads of the same color as the clothes themselves. But on stylish youth jeans, this rule can be neglected. Large embroidery with colored threads mixed with golden blotches looks quite creative in this case.

By the way, it will not be difficult for skilled craftswomen to decorate clothes with an original hand-embroidered pattern. Sketches can be borrowed from specialized sites or developed by yourself, focusing on your own taste.

One way or another, it will not be easy for fashionistas to pass by the current trend, which is embroidery on clothes!


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