Emerald manicure - fashion trends and trends for short and long nails

Recently, bright and rich colors of varnishes are considered relevant solutions for stylish nail design. One of the most popular was the emerald manicure. A variety of original and unusual ideas will help you choose the best option for any image.

Emerald manicure 2019

This coloring refers to deep saturated shades. Given such contrast and flashiness, it is important to pay attention not only to decorative design, but also to hand care. Dark varnishes always look expressive, emphasizing even the smallest flaws. Therefore, before applying the coating, carry out cosmetic procedures — scrubbing, leveling the nail plate, moisturizing and nourishing the skin. And so that in general nail-art meets the latest style trends, review current solutions. Let’s see the most fashionable emerald manicure 2019:

  1. Nail shape. For such shades, soft, streamlined contours are best suited. The square shape remains universal. But the trend is also beautiful ideas on almond-shaped, pointed, oval nails.

emerald manicure 2019

  1. Color Intensity. The most popular are dark saturated varnishes. This option is perfect for a monochromatic coating, and for the background, and even as a finish on a light or contrasting basis.

trendy emerald manicure 2019

  1. Actual finish. Emerald-colored varnish suggests even additions without textures. It is better to exclude molding. However, rhinestones are considered a stylish exception and will help add sophistication to even the most modest bow.

emerald manicure with design

Emerald manicure for short nails

In the last few seasons, the natural length of the nail plates has been considered an actual choice. Short nails are popular not only due to neatness and tidiness, but also due to convenience, practicality, functionality — the necessary qualities in the image of an energetic and active fashionista. Manicure for short nails of emerald color can be made monophonic. This option will perfectly complement any everyday bow. A matte top will be a stylish addition. But if you like design ideas, stick to the feng shui style, highlighting one, maximum two fingers.

emerald manicure for short nails

Emerald manicure for long nails

Girls who boast long «claws» are not limited in choosing an attractive design. The only condition stylists put forward is the streamlined shape of the nail plates. While walking, the monochromatic matte finish looks beautiful even on pointed contours. An emerald-colored manicure with a design suggests both plentiful and concise decor. The most popular are rhinestones and stones. This type of finish can be combined with other additions. Nail-art looks very impressive with a mirror rub, glitter, foil and other shiny tools.

emerald manicure for long nails

Emerald Manicure Ideas

Beautiful rich varnish always attracts attention, regardless of the presence of decor and finishes. However, in an ensemble with stylish additions, nail-art will definitely emphasize the individual style and originality of a fashionista. In addition, this coloring has become universal for an image in any style. Laconic and restrained solutions are acceptable in a non-strict business bow. Richly decorated ideas are suitable for romantic and casual combinations. Ideas with glitter and rhinestones will complement the evening outfit. But let’s see the most fashionable emerald manicure ideas:

  1. Emerald feng shui manicure. An excellent choice for girls who are forced to stick to a restrained style, but who want to dilute the variety, would be to highlight one or two fingers in a contrasting color or finish.
  2. Emerald monochromatic manicure. The monochrome finish is a lifesaver for any occasion. An acceptable addition to such solutions is a uniform shiny tool or a matte top.
  3. Marble. The color of emerald is often used in the ideas of interpreting natural stones on nails. Marble stains can decorate both all fingers and act as a Feng Shui finish.
  4. With rubbing. Dark rich varnish will be an excellent basis for applying rubbed pigment. And the most relevant are rubbed «Maybeetle», a mirror and holography.
  5. Lunar. The fashion trend of the last few seasons is the selection of a crescent at the root of the nail plates. Dark varnish can be used both for the base and for holes of various shapes — concave, classic, geometric.
  6. Broken glass. The interpretation of fragments of a mirror or transparent glass looks very impressive and stylish on a dark background. And this option is suitable for any shape and length of the nail plates.

Emerald French manicure

French style is considered a classic in modern nail-art. It remains traditional to highlight the edges of the nail plates in white in combination with a neutral or transparent base. However, such solutions do not always look attractive in the image and do not act as a catchy accent. In this case, stylists offer fantasy ideas. An emerald manicure with a French design can be done on a colorless background in the form of a dark smile with varnish or with a shard effect. A fashionable trend is the combination of matte and glossy finishes. It is better not to use a saturated shade for the background.

emerald manicure french

Emerald matte manicure

The non-reflective coating always gives the handles neatness, and the nail plates neatness. In an ensemble with dark lacquer, a matte top looks especially impressive and stylish. This option is suitable for both long and short lengths. A matte emerald-colored manicure can be made combined, for example, by highlighting one or two fingers with gloss, leaving all the rest without shine. On a matte background, brilliant decor looks great — glitter, rhinestones, foil, and more. The trend of recent seasons has become the cat-eye design, where a glare stripe plays interestingly on a matte top.

emerald matte manicure

Manicure emerald «cat’s eye»

The dark rich color of the polish is great for interpreting the cat eye on the nails. This effect is done using a special magnet. With a certain application, a glare strip can be made in the center, side, diagonal of the nail plate. «Cat’s eye» does not always decorate all fingers. This option can be chosen for finishing in the style of Feng Shui, highlighting one or two nails. In addition, glare stripes look great in an ensemble with other types of decor. One of the popular solutions was an emerald manicure with a rub. However, the finish should be applied to different nails.

emerald cat eye manicure

Emerald manicure with rhinestones

Rhinestones remain the most spectacular and attractive type of decor in modern nail-art. Such an addition a few seasons ago was considered an attribute of evening style. Recently, however, designers have been using stones and crystals for everyday bows as well. A manicure with emerald rhinestones on a light background will perfectly fit into a discreet and delicate bow. For a more saturated and catchy effect, stylists offer ideas on a dark basis with transparent crystals or contrasting stones. You can decorate one or two nails with abundant scattering or make a beautiful composition.

emerald manicure with rhinestones

Emerald manicure with silver

Silver color will be a stylish addition to rich varnish. The simplest remains the Feng Shui option, where a metallic shade will highlight one or two fingers. Silver lacquer is often used here. Ideas with openwork patterns look more impressive and stylish. For such ideas, sliders are perfect. A manicure in emerald tones can be supplemented with loose glitter. This tool is especially well suited for textured solutions. But the volume supplement should not be applied to all fingers. The matte design is perfectly complemented by a mirror rub on one nail.

emerald manicure with silver

Emerald manicure with gold

A touch of sophistication and charm to the whole image will be added by nail-art of rich color in an ensemble with gold trim. This option is the perfect complement to an elegant evening look. But for everyday style, fashion ideas are also relevant. The emerald-colored manicure with gold is presented in casting ideas. Here you can also add unusual liquid stones in an identical shade with varnish. More simple in execution, but no less spectacular are solutions with glitter and golden patterns. If you like rhinestones and stones, then gold beads are a stylish alternative.

emerald manicure with gold

Emerald Glitter Manicure

Sequins remain the simplest in execution, but very attractive type of decoration for decoration. In modern nail-art art, designers use two types — varnish, which includes glitter, and loose powder. The first option is great for stylish stretch marks or a one-color Feng Shui-style cover. With the help of fine powder, you can make beautiful openwork patterns with a small texture. A manicure with emerald lacquer goes well with gold, silver and multi-colored sparkles. A stylish design can also be made with emerald-colored glitter.

emerald glitter manicure

Emerald manicure with beige

In modern nail art, contrasting combinations have become topical solutions. And often such ideas are presented in an ensemble of restrained and rich varnish. A beautiful emerald manicure will perfectly complement the nude shade. And in this case, the designers offer to focus on light cold or pinkish tones — ivory, ivory, milky. Beige shade can be both primary and secondary. Such solutions look especially successful in the French style and Feng Shui. Actual additions will be a matte top, a mirror rub, rhinestones, highlighting the hole.

emerald manicure with beige

Emerald foil manicure

Foil has become another trendy decor choice. This tool is presented in two types — liquid paste and thin tapes, with an adhesive side. Ribbon foil is great for french and hole ideas. This decor is also used for popular geometric interpretations. Liquid foil lays beautifully on a flat surface, forming an original and unusual abstraction. A beautiful emerald-colored manicure is also presented with the effect of broken glass. In this case, it is better to choose a transparent foil, which will interestingly beat a dark saturated shade with a light glare.

emerald foil manicure

Emerald manicure with a pattern

Beautiful drawings and abstractions always look attractive and emphasize the individual style in the image. Geometric themes have been a fashion trend for many seasons in a row. In this decision, black and emerald manicure is considered relevant. However, geometric motifs can also be made using tape foil. Floral abstractions, drawings of birds and insects will also be an actual addition. To make the images clear and symmetrical, stylists suggest using sliders or stickers. This tool is very easy to use even at home.

emerald manicure with a pattern

Emerald manicure gradient

Gradient color transitions on nails are considered a fashionable trend in modern nail-art. The ombre effect always looks unusual and original, complementing the entire bow with such qualities. Emerald manicure is best complemented with white, black or lighter green. The direction of the gradient can be vertical, horizontal or finger to finger. But the most amazing and stylish are the geometric ombre ideas. Gradient solutions are perfectly combined with rhinestones, sparkles or rubbing on individual nails.

emerald manicure gradient


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