Ethno style - the secrets of creating a fashionable bow in ethnic style

Extraordinary and originality are more and more welcomed in modern fashion. And in order to achieve such qualities in your image, it is not necessary to “reinvent the wheel”. One of the easiest ways in this case is to choose an unusual direction in fashion design. And one of those popular today is ethno-style.

Clothing in ethnic style 2018

Ethnic motifs in a fashionable wardrobe are popular for their attractiveness and demonstration of freedom. This direction is incomparable with others, because it has clear definitions, but at the same time it covers the cultures of different peoples — ethnic groups. Such a fashionable branch can be described as original and multifaceted, while there are individual differences here, such as colors, finishes, and cuts. Let’s see the most relevant solutions in the wardrobe of the ethnic direction of 2018:

  1. Flared trousers. This element of clothing is always presented from light natural fabrics, flowing along the lines of the legs. Therefore, a flare from the hip will be a good cut.
  2. ethno style clothes 2018

  3. Hats. Straw and crochet hats are a stylish choice that is sure to grab attention. No less popular headdresses that correspond to a given theme are a scarf or scarf tied in the form of a turban.
  4. accessories in ethno style

  5. Ethno style jewelry. Massive necklaces that combine natural materials — feathers, stones, beads from native and semi-precious crystals and others are considered a fashionable trend that adds a touch of ethnicity to the image.
  6. ethno style jewelry

  7. Poncho. An actual solution that will not only stylishly complement the image, but also emphasize your individuality, is a wide triangular scarf with a slit neck made of yarn, wool, lace, cotton. The poncho is often complemented with tassels or fringe along the edge.

women's clothing in ethnic style

Ethnic style in clothes

The main difference of the popular trend is the clear features with the inherent details of a certain national costume. Ideas from the past are borrowed here, often reflecting the original features of the wardrobe of ancient tribes and peoples. To create a stylish bow, you can use the direction as a whole or its individual elements. Wardrobe details are distinguished by a free and comfortable cut, natural fabrics and bright colors, often in an ornamental print. Ethnic style is subdivided into several main sub-styles. Let’s find out more about each:

  1. Ethno-African style. This line is extravagant. The African trend in fashion is characterized by colorful colors and a variety of prints. Natural tones became characteristic — sand, blue, red, marsh and others. In combination with bright shorts, sundresses and skirts of different lengths, massive jewelry is sure to be used.
  2. ethnic style in clothes

  3. Ethno-Indian style. Brighter than the rest, the national idea of ​​traditions conveys the image of India. Here, such extraordinary ensembles as a skirt with harem pants and a short top are welcome. The highlight of the bow will be floral or geometric prints, layering.
  4. ethnic style

  5. Ethno country style. This line has been given an independent cowboy theme. Straw hats, jeans or leather bell-bottoms, waistcoats and simple shirts or cotton T-shirts remain characteristic elements of the wardrobe.
  6. ethnic style in clothes

  7. Arabic set. The main feature of this trend is the denial of any, even a minor demonstration of the female body. But this is the highlight of the images — they are incredibly feminine. Flowing materials, long dresses and loose tunics on the floor will convey all the tenderness and sophistication of the image.
  8. ethno clothes for women

  9. Asian ethnic style. Here, the main attributes are kimono dresses made of the finest silk or chintz, decorated with Japanese-themed floral abstractions. The actual accessory in the image is a wide belt, which at the same time accentuates the waist.
  10. women's clothing in ethnic style

  11. Russian ethnics. The style of a Russian woman is recognizable, first of all, by her coloring. Here, prints or embroidery like Zhostovo, Khokhloma, Gorodets painting are considered relevant. In this line there is always a place for sundresses, A-line dresses and skirts, kerchiefs and scarves and shoes with fur trim.

ethno style dresses

Ethnic style dress

This type of clothing has become one of the most relevant. Ethno-style dresses perfectly combine femininity, sophistication and comfort. Such natural fabrics as silk, cotton, linen convey lightness, and the free silhouette eliminates any stiffness. Actual styles are considered a trapezoid, a fitted straight cut mini and midi with a relaxed yoke, a wide sundress to the floor. The design can combine several ornaments and prints at once. And along the edge of the hem, neckline and cuffs, the product is often complemented by a contrasting piping.

ethnic style dress

Tunic in ethnic style

Another popular element of the ethno wardrobe has become a shortened mini-dress or an elongated jacket. The tunic is presented both from warm fabrics and yarn, and in the style of lightweight long blouses. Beautiful blouses in ethnic style are often complemented not only by bright ornamental colors, but also by fringes, tassels or symmetrical pompoms, and an abundance of decorative straps. Finishing such as a short sleeve or a cape-type detail, a wide neck with a lowered shoulder is also welcome here.

tunic in ethnic style

Ethno style skirt

This feminine element of clothing is present in the lines of all sub-styles of the fashion trend. An ethnic-style skirt always has a wide feminine silhouette — a trapeze, sun or half sun. An asymmetric hemline will be an actual addition. In addition to natural material, comfort is provided by an elastic insert or a wide elastic band instead of a hard belt. Ethnic coloring is often used in the design of other popular styles, for example, pencil, slim-fit mini.

ethno style skirt

Vest in ethnic style

A sleeveless jacket is considered a characteristic attribute of the national costume of many peoples. In the Russian direction, such a detail can be functional on fur or sheepskin. In other stylistic branches, this women’s clothing in ethnic style plays a more decorative role. A popular solution has become a knitted openwork design, often with a woven leather belt included. Another original version is presented in soft leather or suede, complemented by fringe or perforated patterns.

vest in ethno style

Ethno style coat

Maxi-length models are considered a traditional element of outerwear. Short short coats can correspond to a given theme only in color. Such ethno clothing for women has a wide flying hem and is distinguished by dense natural fabrics without lining — wool, knitted cotton and others. A stylish solution is considered to be a patchwork technique with the addition of not only textiles of different textures, but also leather, suede, and fur. Often in the design of the coat there is a wide free-form hood.

ethno style coat

Ethno style cardigan

An alternative coat choice would be an elongated women’s jacket. The main difference between outerwear and a cardigan is a lightweight design. Summer fabric is also used here — seam, linen, chintz, lace. Ethno-style in clothes accentuates the relevance of combining a cardigan with a knee-length dress or trousers, both in the appropriate direction and casual.

ethno style cardigan

Wedding dress in ethnic style

Marriage in the national style has become a popular solution in modern fashion. The most important difference of the original idea is not so much the decor of the situation, but the image of the bride. An ethno-style wedding dress is always relaxed, but at the same time feminine. Here you will not find ornamental colors. The color of the product remains classic white. But the fabric is used without synthetics — perforated cotton, stitching, cotton-based lace. Actual styles are straight silhouettes with a drawstring at the waist and tight-fitting models with a long train.

wedding dress in ethno style

Evening dress in ethnic style

Having picked up an outfit for the evening in such an original direction, you will definitely stand out from the crowd. Characteristic features of the design are a smooth style to the floor of flowing natural materials. An elegant ethnic dress is presented both in summer collections and in cold season shows. Ornaments and prints in the national theme are made not only in contrasting colors, but often with a metallic sheen. A stylish finish can be a halter collar, an asymmetric one-shoulder yoke, a wide A-shaped sleeve, an attractive hem slit in the center.

evening dress in ethno style

Shoes in ethnic style

Shoes are always simple and comfortable. At the same time, the design is often complemented by intricate trim — lacing, pom-poms, fringe. Mostly women’s shoes in ethno style are presented on a flat sole. If you prefer models with heels, be prepared that you will not find thin stilettos in such collections. The block can have a small height of up to five centimeters and a wide shape. Designers use soft natural materials — leather, suede, durable textiles. Ornaments or warm natural palettes are relevant. Let’s see the most popular solutions:

  1. Woven sandals. Open flat sandals are considered a stylish choice in the warm season. Here, a design with a wide ankle bracelet or long ties twisted around the leg is relevant.
  2. shoes in ethnic style

  3. Boots. When choosing closed shoes, designers prefer the low style of semi-boots. Models on a flat course or a low thick heel and a wide top became characteristic.
  4. women's shoes in ethno style

  5. Boots. Current boots are lace-up models or a solid design without a fastener made of leather, suede, textiles.

ethnic style

Bags in ethnic style

An important addition to the original bow is the bag. Roomy textile backpacks in characteristic colors have become an actual choice. A more feminine and romantic solution would be a small suede shape with a long handle. Ethno-style summer bags are presented by hand-made models of a round shape or with soft square outlines. Such accessories are often complemented by a catchy and expressive finish — large-scale beadwork, fringe, small pompoms around the perimeter of the product, a lot of straps and more.

ethno style summer bagsbags in ethno style

Ethno-style accessories

A beautiful ethnic image is not complete without the use of stylish jewelry. Large rings and massive bracelets are considered an actual addition. Such accessories can have a thin shape, but at the same time go in a triple or more set. Earrings in ethnic style have also become a popular solution. Such jewelry has a massive design, often using natural materials — natural stones, silver. Beautiful earrings are also presented from beads. And the trend of recent seasons are jewelry in ethnic style in the form of necklaces and large pendants.

ethnic style earringsaccessories in ethno styleethnic style jewelry


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