Evening hairstyles for long hair - the most beautiful images for any holiday

Any girl wants to be beautiful, especially if there is a festive event ahead. Evening hairstyles for long hair in this case are a significant part of the image. They can be created in an assembled, loose version, complemented by all sorts of decorations.

Hairstyle ideas for long hair

Wearing elongated curls in a feminine loose form is not convenient in all cases. However, it can be difficult to figure out how to collect hair. Stylists offer all kinds of hairstyles for long hair, among which any fashionista will be able to choose an interesting suitable idea for decoration:

  1. side tail. A good option for sports or outdoor activities.
  2. high ponytail. A versatile option for going to the store and for work.
  3. wrapped tail. Interesting styling that attracts attention.
  4. low ponytail. It can be completed with an accessory according to the occasion.
  5. Braids around the head. Option suitable for a variety of events.
  6. Curls. For such a hairstyle, you can braid the braids and leave them overnight.
  7. Two French braids, artistically braided. These are universal evening hairstyles for long hair, suitable for any situation.
  8. Volume beam. Extremely elegant hairstyle that makes the image feminine.
  9. Classic low bun. An easy hairstyle that can be done in a couple of minutes.
  10. Hollywood curls. Luxurious and elegant.
  11. Braid at the back of the head or Dutch braid.
  12. Spit «waterfall» — an extremely interesting option with half-loose curls.
  13. A bunch and a «Malvinka». It will appeal to those who like to show off their hair, but appreciate the convenience.

hairstyle ideas for long hairhairstyle options for long hairhairstyles for girls with long hair

Hairstyles for long curly hair

Curly strands are naughty, but they can be tamed and styled in hairstyles with curls for long hair. Stylists offer several incredibly interesting options:

  1. Laying, consisting of different weaves and plaits — in front and on the side.
  2. high ponytail. The most versatile option, great for different situations.
  3. wavy shell. It looks a little disheveled and somewhat careless, but spectacular.
  4. bundlelocated on the back of the head. Creating such evening hairstyles for long curly hair, you can release a couple of strands in front of your face.
  5. Waterfall from curls with weaving.

hairstyles for long curly hair

Hairstyles for long flowing hair

Elongated curls are great for a variety of experiments. On them you can do quick hairstyles for long hair in a loose version. Among the most interesting design variations are the following:

  1. Light curls. They show a feminine nature and cause increased attention from the opposite sex.
  2. «Surf curls»made with braids.
  3. Careless curlsgiving a spicy and playful look.
  4. Evening hairstyles for long flowing hair with curled bangs.
  5. «Malvinka». An easy-to-execute option that looks extremely original.
  6. Styling with original braid rim.
  7. Loose hair, complemented by a pigtail.
  8. Loose hair, combined with hairpins and invisible curls.

hairstyles for long curly hairquick hairstyles for long hairbeautiful light hairstyles for long hair

High hairstyles for long hair

High evening hairstyles for long hair have become incredibly fashionable in recent seasons. It may seem that they are difficult to do, but they are not. Many of them can easily be done by any girl without the help of an experienced craftsman:

  1. Bouffant. To create it, you can only wash and dry your head, comb your hair back and treat it with a styling product.
  2. High beam. A hairstyle that can be used not only for an evening out, but also for every day, is also great for going to the office.
  3. retro tail. Suitable for women who do not like to spend a lot of time creating styling.
  4. Shell. Provides an opportunity to create an elegant and bright image.
  5. Haired braid. An interesting and effective option.
  6. Hairstyles with a bagel for long hair, which can be complemented with original artistic details, for example, braids wrapped around a bagel.
  7. Weave high bun.
  8. high mohawk. Suitable for brave girls who love to stand out.
  9. two beams — funny and naughty styling.
  10. high spikelet.

high hairstyles for long hairtrendy hairstyles for long hairwomen's hairstyles for long hair

Hairstyles for long hair with bangs

To present the appearance of a girl in the most favorable light, you can use hairstyles for long hair for women, complemented by well-chosen bangs. Do not chase fashion trends and make bangs that do not suit your face. There are a lot of styling options, so each girl will be able to choose the best one for herself:

  1. Shell. Perfect everyday styling that does not require hairdressing skills.
  2. Retro styling. You will need to divide your hair into two parts. The top must be combed and fixed with a hairpin, and braid the remaining strands. Next, you should put the hair towards each other and stab.
  3. voluminous tail. Before creating a hairstyle, it is advisable to wind all the strands on a curling iron.
  4. Sports ponytail. The best choice of young girls. It is necessary to make a high tail, divide it into two parts. Twist the bundles from them and weave them together, reach the end and tie with an elastic band.
  5. Curls with bangs. A beautiful variety, which presents fashionable hairstyles for long hair.
  6. Styling with a spectacular rim of braids.

hairstyles for long hair with bangshairstyles for long hair for women

Voluminous hairstyles for long hair

Voluminous puffy hairstyles for long hair look impressive and impressive. It’s easy to make them on elongated strands, you don’t even have to ask for someone’s help. You just need to twist a few strands around the crown using curlers. Next, you need to comb the hair in the root zone, collect everything with a shell and collect up. For fixing, it is convenient to use wax or studs.

There are several subtleties that must be taken into account when creating volume in order to get beautiful light hairstyles for long hair:

  1. Do not wash your hair on the day of styling.
  2. To lift the hair near the roots, apply varnish or mousse.
  3. When creating styling on wet hair, it will fall apart faster.
  4. Do not comb your hair after styling.
  5. No need to go overboard with styling products.
  6. Wax is suitable for shaping hair ends or curls.

voluminous hairstyles for long hairfluffy hairstyles for long hair

Collected hairstyles for long hair

A collected hairstyle for long hair for a celebration is justifiably popular among women. Its various varieties are ideal for different holidays: weddings, graduations and so on. There are several options for their design:

  1. With a big French braid. Get a fabulous image.
  2. Collected hairstyles for girls for long hair, consisting of French braids, are a versatile option.
  3. Curly bun hairstyle.
  4. Careless bundle. Good for everyday wear.
  5. Hairstyle with a fishtail braid. Very easy to do by hand.
  6. Assembled bunch of flowers.
  7. Side bun and fishtail braid.
  8. Simple bun with bangs on the side.
  9. Elegant side bun.
  10. A sloppy fishtail braid gathered into a bun.
  11. French braid crown.
  12. Double French braid crown.
  13. Braided chignon.

collected hairstyles for long hairhairstyle for long hair for a party

Hairstyles for very long hair

If a girl has very elongated curls, then she can create all kinds of hairstyles for long hair for a holiday. It is not necessary to go to the salon so that the strands are beautifully laid. Laying can be done with your own hands.

  1. Hairstyle with twisted ends. The image will evoke associations with the sixties, which is very impressive.
  2. natural negligence. A popular trend that will remain relevant for a long time.
  3. Hairstyles with braids.
  4. Braided ponytail.
  5. High ponytail. The choice of girls involved in sports.
  6. A long tailhigh or low.
  7. french tail. Provides an opportunity to get a casual and relaxed look.
  8. Twisted tail.
  9. All kinds of variations of Greek hairstyles, especially impressive looking at a considerable length.
  10. Hollywood curls or waves.

hairstyles for very long hairhairstyles for long hair for holidays

Wedding hairstyle for long hair

Wedding hairstyles for long hair with or without a veil require special attention when creating. Every bride wants to be the prettiest of all. There are a lot of styling options. Stylists advise girls with small facial features to pay attention to braids, ladies with a rectangular shape fit smooth hairstyles or curls, and chubby ladies — asymmetry or high styling.

If the dress has few accessories, then a variety of jewelry can be woven into the hair. The most important thing is not to overload the image:

  1. You can simply loosen the curls freely and add fresh flowers.
  2. Laying with selected curls. A good option for naughty strands, while those that cannot be styled can be removed under a veil.
  3. A variety of styling options with a veil, which can be located both on loose and collected strands.
  4. Retro hairstyles with accessories.

wedding hairstyle for long hairtrendy hairstyles for long hair

Greek hairstyle for long hair

Greek-style hairstyles for long hair look incredibly impressive. They are appropriate in a variety of situations — both for everyday wear and for all kinds of events. There are such varieties of them:

  1. Greek tail. It is a combination of horse and fish tails.
  2. Scythe-crown, adorned with gold embellishment.
  3. Headband braid.
  4. Greek styling with ribbon.
  5. Just loose curls, complemented by jewelry.
  6. Bundle with braids.

greek hairstyle for long hairgreek hairstyles for long hair

Hairstyle «waterfall» for long hair

A beautiful image with graceful curls can be created by embodying women’s hairstyles for long hair, known as the «waterfall»:

  1. For the classic version, two braids should be symmetrically weaved from the temples back, connected with a hairpin or elastic band.
  2. You can also make a double “waterfall”: let go of the loose strands on one side, but braid them again.

waterfall hairstyle for long hairwomen's hairstyles for long hair

Hairstyles for long thin hair

Thin strands do not look so voluminous, so for them you have to carefully think over holiday hairstyles for long hair. The best options for their design are as follows:

  1. Curled curls. They give extra volume to even the most problematic hair.
  2. High tail. You can make one high and the second below it.
  3. «Malvinki» or semi-assembled styling options.
  4. Lush bunch.
  5. Textured hairstyles that look a little messy.
  6. Various bouffant options.

hairstyles for long thin hair

Hairstyle «waves» for long hair

Any girl can make waves and embody elegant hairstyles for long hair. To do this, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Divide the strands into a parting.
  2. Select a small strand and wrap around the curling iron.
  3. Fix the strand with a clamp and let it cool.
  4. Repeat steps for the entire mop.
  5. Fix the result with varnish.

wave hairstyle for long hairfancy hairstyles for long hair

Hairstyle «bun» for long hair

A bun is a very simple hairstyle to perform:

  1. To implement it, you need to make a simple ponytail so that the strands near the face are left uncovered. Next, carefully wrap the tail with a bun and secure.
  2. You can still make the same tail, divide it into two parts. It is necessary to turn the tail through the resulting loop and repeat until the end of the length. You can fix the result with hairpins.
  3. You can find such an option as a “low bun” hairstyle for long hair or a high-lying look.

bun hairstyle for long haircollected hairstyles for long hair

Hairstyles with braids for long hair

Braids are a convenient option to quickly collect strands. They are suitable for a variety of situations. You can embody such hairstyles from braids for long hair:

  1. Fishtail braid. An option for girls who love casual styling.
  2. Boxing braidsthat can be combined with colored ribbons.
  3. Braids in hippie style.
  4. Braid-crown.
  5. Spit-waterfall.
  6. Spit in a braid. An interesting and intricate option that causes a lot of attention.

hairstyles with braids for long hairbraid hairstyles for long hair

Hairstyles with a tail for long hair

One of the most common options is the high ponytail hairstyle for long hair. It can also be made very interesting if you use one of these design variations:

  1. Ponytail. The easiest option that suits many girls.
  2. Low side ponytail. Elegant and feminine.
  3. Tail with side parting.
  4. Tail with longitudinal or French oblique. Looks incredibly interesting.

ponytail hairstyles for long hairhigh ponytail hairstyle for long hair

Hairstyle «shell» for long hair

«Shell» is a popular variety, which presents elegant hairstyles for long hair. To implement it, you need to make a ponytail from all the hair on the side, clasp it with chopsticks at the level of the elastic band and wind it up by rotating the wand to the left. Strands must be pulled tight. When the hairstyle is ready, you need to get the sticks and fix the “shell” with invisibility.

shell hairstyle for long hair

Hairstyle «snail» for long hair

Hairstyles with weaving for long hair look extremely impressive, one of them is the “snail”:

  1. To make a “snail”, a small strand should be highlighted in the center of the hairstyle. The rest of the volume is fixed.
  2. From one end take a part that is a quarter of the total. Divide it into three sectors, begin to make a braid.
  3. From the other end, add a braid, wrap the braid in a circle.

snail hairstyle for long hair


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