Evening hairstyles for medium hair - a selection of ideas for the most beautiful images

At any holiday or party, girls want to look appropriate. To harmoniously complement and create a holistic image, you need to learn more about beautiful hairstyles for medium hair. This year, stylists and leading hairdressers presented a lot of topical styling for all kinds of special occasions. Among such an abundance and variety, you will definitely choose the perfect option for yourself.

hairstyles 2020

Evening hairstyles for medium hair 2020

In addition to the generally accepted classic techniques in the form of lush curls, straight strands and smooth tails, beams, experts offer newfangled unique interpretations. Among which are the styling:

  • with or without bangs;
  • high;
  • loose;
  • Hollywood curls;
  • with buns, bunches;
  • voluminous;
  • with tails, weaves;
  • with additional accessories.

Evening hairstyles for medium hair provide for serious elegant options, or vice versa — gentle, playful. For a short dress, it is better to choose loose strands, and for a maxi dress, gathered styling is suitable. Additional decorations in the form of hairpins, headbands, tiaras or bows are welcome. The main guideline is the harmonic combination with the main outfit.

With a bang

Evening hairstyles for medium hair with bangs

Most fashionistas already know that bangs are in trend this year, so you should choose evening hairstyles for medium hair for women. First of all, it is necessary to notice the ultra-modern interpretations of the modern bun on the back of the head with a ragged milled bang. If we consider options with a straight or beveled one, it is better to dissolve the strands or collect them in a careless tail, after twisting the curls.

Another actual styling option for going out involves an elongated bang. Stylists recommend curling it neatly if you have a round face shape or a sharp chin. And for a more square shape, it is better to straighten it. Velvet headbands, massive shiny hairpins, spectacular bows and ribbons will be a great bright accent to complement your festive bow.

without bangs

Evening hairstyle for medium hair without bangs

Beautiful evening hairstyles for medium hair without bangs are also very popular. Its absence allows you to create beautiful collected styling. Hairdressers suggest considering a versatile option with a tightly tied ponytail, which is also suitable for every day. It can also be served in a variety of ways. For example, turn it into an elegant pigtail or make a spike under it. The main emphasis should fall on neatness, sophistication.

If you are a fan of voluminous hairstyles, hairdressers offer many options with inconspicuous bouffant to give your hair volume. They can be left loose, thrown to one side, decorated with beautiful styling with ribbons, headbands. Or make weaves, add miniature braids, spikelets, hairpins. Graceful interpretations with beams are also welcome.

straight hair

Evening hairstyles for medium straight hair

Evening hairstyles for medium hair length are provided for straight or wavy strands. However, their type does not matter, because every fashionista can use curling irons, irons, thermal protection or styling products. Hairstyle ideas for straight hair hang sophisticated interpretations with additional braids from one or two sides, buns in the style of «khan», sophisticated weaves of decorations.

For collected hairstyles, you must first select aesthetic elastic bands, hairpins and ribbons. Since they will become an integral part of styling, they need to be properly combined with the overall look and outfit. Straight side ponytails, well-groomed wide braids and a delicate fishtail will be especially popular. However, bundles decorated with thin braids around will also look very feminine and solemn.

curly hair

Evening hairstyles for curly hair of medium length

Delicate curls, chic curls and evening hairstyles with curls for medium hair go well with any holiday bow. Most ladies around the world dream of curly strands, artificially make them with the help of special devices. Even the usual variations with loose hair look very elegant and add femininity. But you can play with your hair, dilute it with braids, small buns, jewelry.

The most relevant hairstyle today is the Hollywood wave. This interpretation implies loose, smooth, symmetrical curls that can be worn from two or one side. Having applied one-sided styling, you need to use hairpins and other fixators to save the created outline. Or create neat bindings at the roots.

trendy hairstyles

Fashionable hairstyles for medium hair

A simple evening hairstyle for medium hair does not take much time, so you can reproduce it yourself at home. Cutting-edge fashion trends provide ample opportunities. It’s time to turn all your dreams and old ideas into reality. Lush curly curls can be intertwined and woven into all sorts of forms, and straight lines can be supplemented with diverse decorative details.

Greek-style styling will be in particular demand this year. They will gain popularity due to the chic volume and lush strands. The world-famous reception with a ribbon will once again become relevant and in demand. Light hairstyles for medium hair will definitely deserve your sympathy due to unusual stylistic combinations and new innovations that are worth paying attention to.


High evening hairstyle for medium hair

On holidays, you always want to look incredibly beautiful and just perfect. To choose the right styling, you need to figure out which option suits you — gathered or loose. Masters and hairdressers have worked out upcoming trends. Therefore, this year women’s evening hairstyles for medium hair are available in all sorts of interpretations, which is why young ladies like it so much.

To perform such styling, you must first take care of a small pile. In some cases, girls use irons with a corrugated nozzle and process their hair at the very roots. After that, they make a magnificent wrap or collect hair in a beautiful tail, a massive braid, a bun. In this case, the resulting styling should be focused on the crown of the head.

loose hair

Evening hairstyles for loose medium hair

For romantic meetings and special occasions, you can wear the most elegant dresses and make the best classic hairstyles. And what could be more beautiful than loose straightened strands? They can be emphasized with beautiful accessories in the form of hairpins, headbands, ribbons. However, loose evening hairstyles for medium hair can be applied with other additional details.

An actual solution would be to weave spikelets along the cheekbones, emphasizing the overall length or braids around the head. Small bunches on both sides of the back of the head add playfulness, coquettishness. Perhaps decorated with overhead strands, or small multi-colored sparkles. Curly hair is best combed to one side. In this interpretation, they will look more stylish and fashionable.


Evening hairstyles for medium hair curls

Cutting-edge trends never cease to amaze with their simplicity. Simple evening hairstyles for medium hair once again present twisted curls as the best choice for special occasions. Before picking up a curling iron, you need to find out how to properly style strands in order to be in trend. The key feature is not to comb your hair thoroughly.

To turn girly flirtatious curls into chic feminine curls, you need to casually shape the hairstyle. But it is important to make sure that the hairs do not stick out, they are smooth. As decorations, it is best to use weaving over loose strands. Or lay them on one side and secure with hairpins with rhinestones, beads, sparkles.


Evening hairstyle bun for medium hair

Most girls think that buns are only suitable for business meetings. In fact, simple evening hairstyles for medium hair in the form of a bun have become a great styling alternative. And serve as a great addition to a long dress. The classic outlines involve tightly gathered buns at the crown or back of the head, without extra sticking out strands and the like.

For a more sophisticated transformation, you can make the bundle looser, do not tighten it too much. Let the front strands out, direct along the cheekbones. If you have straight hair, it is better to twist it. Thin braids have found their way into such hairstyles. They can be carefully woven into the bun itself, wrapped around it, or added hidden spikelets at the back of the head.

hairstyles cascade

Evening hairstyles for medium hair cascade

An evening hairstyle for medium hair cascade has gained immense popularity. A haircut in this style has long been in demand among fashionistas and lovers of universal styling. To make a stunning holiday hairstyle, you only need to twist the ends to add volume. After combing, the curls will look very magnificent, feminine. You can pin up some side strands at the back of your head with decorative hairpins with sparkles or rhinestones.

voluminous hairstyles

Volumetric evening hairstyles for medium hair

To achieve stunning volume, you can simply twist large curls with a curling iron. Styling products will help styling to keep a lush shape for a long time. Stylish evening hairstyles for medium hair have become an excellent basis for the implementation of small curls. They give even more voluminous accents. If you do not want to expose your hair to heat, you can use the classic bouffant technique. It should be invisible, look as natural and natural as possible.


Evening ponytail hairstyle for medium hair

The average length is not at all a reason to abandon the ponytails. If you have straight hair, it is best to gather your hair tightly at the back of your head, leaving a parting in the middle or side. Modern trends portend a neat tying of the tail instead of an elastic band or a latch in one strand. Shiny accessories, massive headbands, hairpins, ribbons or bows will be a spectacular addition.

For curly or curly curls, stylists recommend elegant evening hairstyles for medium length. Since curls impose a special natural splendor, a high tail can be formed from them. To make it look more solemn, you can weave a lot of thin braids into it. Other variations involve fixing the tail in designated places along the entire length.

with diadem

Evening hairstyles with a diadem for medium hair

For weddings, engagements and similar festive events, you want to look as feminine as possible and feel like a princess. A miniature crown or diadem will help achieve this goal. It can be applied over loose or gathered hair. Evening hairstyles for medium length with such an ornament will add integrity and a brilliant accent to the image.

It is worth paying attention only to the fact that the styling should be lush. To do this, you must first wrap or corrugate. Based on the resulting curls or graceful curls, you can form a variety of collected hairstyles. High ponytails with additional weaves, coarse chic braids, fishtail or voluminous buns — all these interpretations will serve as an excellent base for solemn styling with a diadem.


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