Evening hairstyles - photos and videos of the most stylish images

An image for a festive or solemn event will harmoniously complement evening hairstyles. Certain varieties of them can become the main focus and attract even more attention from others than the outfit. Properly chosen styling will emphasize the sophistication and sophistication of their owners.

Evening hairstyles 2020

Stylists offer girls a variety of trendy evening hairstyles 2020:

  • styling can be performed both on loose and collected hair;
  • evening hairstyles can be whole compositions or contain a certain element that acts as the main accent. For example, it can be a bundle, located on the background of curled curls;
  • you can emphasize any detail of the hairstyle with the help of well-chosen coloring, the side strands, laid in a different way compared to the rest, can be highlighted in a different color;
  • often decorative elements are used to create stylish styling, such as hairpins, invisible, beads, rhinestones, flowers.

evening hairstyles 202trendy evening hairstyles 2020

Evening hairstyles for long hair

Evening hairstyles for long hair will look truly unsurpassed. Due to the considerable length of the strands, any fantasy styling invented by the stylist can be realized on them:

  • coarsely curled curls, freely descending over the shoulders, will become a traditional performance;
  • a scattering of small curls is also incredibly relevant, while the following styling variations can be used: fixing and lifting the side strands with hairpins and combing the hair from one side to the other;
  • Evening collected hairstyles will also look great, for example, this is a high ponytail, curled into large or small curls;
  • another option is the tail, which, on the contrary, is located at the very bottom of the head. At the same time, it will harmoniously look on perfectly aligned strands, one of them can be released and wrapped around the base of the tail;
  • high or low buns are popular. At the same time, they can be both concise and as fantasy as possible, consisting of intertwining and beautifully laid braids.

evening hairstyles for long hairevening hairstyles for long

Evening hairstyles for medium hair

Almost any designer’s idea will help to realize evening hairstyles for medium hair:

  • clearly and neatly laid Hollywood waves will look unique. They will help to embody the extremely popular retro image in recent seasons;
  • curling strands in any chosen way is relevant not only on long, but also on medium hair;
  • low beams will look very organic. They cannot embody such a number of fantasy elements as on long hair, but you can make them somewhat careless, with curls knocking out of them. This decision will look cute and romantic;
  • the beam can be made emphatically elegant and neat, while it is allowed to use any decoration that gives the styling brightness and originality;
  • evening collected hairstyles for medium hair can be done by combing the strands from one side to the other and fixing them with invisibility. In this case, you can create wavy bends that add spice.

evening hairstyles for medium hairevening hairstyles for medium

Evening hairstyles for short hair

You can also make evening hairstyles for short hair unique:

  • The shortest haircuts can be fixed with a gel, giving them a “wet” effect. This option is possible on hairstyles that contain a voluminous hat on top, while they are cut off on the sides and at the back of the head;
  • evening hairstyles on a bob-car are performed in different variations. Longer front strands can be curled and fluffed up, giving them extra volume. Another option would be to fix them in the form of Hollywood waves;
  • a pixie haircut that is cut evenly over the entire surface of the head provides less room for imagination. However, it can also serve as a spectacular addition to an evening bow, if you give it shine with a special varnish;
  • a pearl hairpin can act as a bright accent, with which the side strands are pinned on one side;
  • a short square can be curled in the opposite direction, embodying the original retro styling.

evening hairstyles for short haireasy evening hairstyles

Fashionable evening hairstyles

This season, the masters offer incredibly beautiful evening hairstyles to the attention of girls:

  • styling may contain bangs or be without it;
  • such an option as a tail having a high or low location is popular;
  • an unchanging trend is evening hairstyles made in the form of a bun;
  • weaving is a great way to diversify styling and emphasize the individuality of a woman;
  • the Greek style is invariably associated with evening fashion; hairstyles can also be made in this version;
  • curls — one of the most common and frequently used types of styling;
  • the hairstyle can be complemented by such an original element as a bagel;
  • young women of fashion will appreciate such an option as a «Malvinka»;
  • the decoration of the image will be a wide or narrow rim;
  • Kanekalon is capable of diversifying styling and providing additional volume.

trendy evening hairstylesbeautiful evening hairstyles

Evening hairstyles with bangs

Evening hairstyles for medium hair with bangs will look very original:

  • if the bangs have a considerable length, then it can be presented as profitably as possible, for example, make a pile on it and beat it, lay it in waves;
  • bangs can be made contrasting compared to the hairstyle, for example, curl it against the background of perfectly dropped hair, or, on the contrary, make it even against the background of curled curls.

evening hairstyles with bangsclassic evening hairstyles

Evening ponytail hairstyle

A great solution to help demonstrate the beauty of the outfit are evening hairstyles made in the form of a tail:

  • it can be emphatically smooth and neat, with this design it is often located at the very bottom;
  • a high tail is perfect for an open dress, which can consist of smooth strands or be curled into small curls or large curls;
  • at the top of the head, a high ponytail can contain all kinds of weaving. This is one braid that wraps around the head, which is performed as a regular or French;
  • several braids can be braided on top, which are combined into a tail.

evening ponytail hairstyletrendy evening hairstyles 2020

Evening hairstyle bun

A bun is a popular option for simple evening hairstyles:

  • a highly placed bundle, decorated with a hairpin, flowers, beads or pearls, will become a stylish decoration of the image;
  • hairstyles for an evening dress can be presented in the form of a low bun, which consists of complex braided elements. This styling is relevant for long hair, on which you can make several braids that combine into a bun and make the hairstyle voluminous and beautiful;
  • the bundle can be smoothly combed, but often free options are preferred to complement the evening bow;
  • medium or long hair, curled into curls, can decorate a small bun located on top.

evening hairstyle bunsimple evening hairstyles

Evening hairstyles with weaving

Evening hairstyles with braids look extremely original and unique:

  • weaving can be done in the form of ordinary, French braids, in the form of a «fishtail»;
  • braids can be wrapped around the head or gathered with a voluminous bundle;
  • you can braid a high tail, and then make a free volumetric braid out of it;
  • classic evening hairstyles can be done by combining several techniques, for example, these are braids combined with a tail or a bun.

braided evening hairstylesevening hairstyles with braids

Evening hairstyle in the Greek style

In recent seasons, some women’s evening hairstyles are done in the Greek style. This design has the following features:

  • styling can be done in the form of a high voluminous bun, while in front the hairstyle will contain a tiara-headband, this decor element looks like a branch consisting of small leaves arranged one after another;
  • Greek styling may consist of coarsely curled curls. At the same time, the top of the head is lifted with the help of a pile, and the hairstyle is decorated with a thin elegant tiara.

evening hairstyle in the Greek style

Evening hairstyle with curls

Curls are a popular design method, which is represented by an evening hairstyle on a square or long hair:

  • curls can be coarsely curled, while they are either clearly fixed with varnish or made deliberately careless;
  • small curls are also relevant, they can be gathered in both side parts or combed to one side;
  • in the evening part, the strands can be lifted and supplemented with fleece;
  • from coarsely curled curls you can collect a high tail.

evening hairstyle with curlsevening hairstyles 2020

Evening hairstyles with a bagel

The collected evening hairstyles made in the form of a donut look incredibly original:

  • this element can be perfectly smooth or consisting of wicker parts;
  • the bagel is often decorated with additional decorative elements, for example, it is a string of beads wrapped around it or a braid, also located around the bagel.

evening hairstyles with a bagel

Evening hairstyle «Malvinka»

Laying «Malvinka» is a very popular option, which presents hairstyles for an evening dress:

  • the peculiarity of its implementation lies in the fact that several strands located in the upper part of the head are taken and collected. From below, the hair falls freely over the shoulders, while they often curl into curls;
  • fixation of the upper strands is carried out in different ways. They can be collected with a hairpin, contain a small bun or a bow decoration.

malvinka evening hairstyle

Evening hairstyle with a rim

The headband is a very successful decorative element that can harmoniously complement light evening hairstyles:

  • the rim can be thin or wide, laconic or containing decorations in the form of beads, rhinestones, flowers, a bow;
  • with the help of a rim, laying in the Greek style is often performed. At the same time, its design looks like a combination of leaves that combine into a branch;
  • wide laconic headbands are often used to complement loose or collected hairstyles in a retro style, for example, this is a babette.

evening hairstyle with headbandeasy evening hairstyles

Evening hairstyles with kanekalon

Young women of fashion can choose for themselves modern evening hairstyles decorated with kanekalon:

  • this multi-colored element gives the image originality and makes it unique;
  • another advantage is giving additional volume;
  • kanekalon organically complements all kinds of weaves, it can be woven into ordinary or French braids;
  • Kanekalon will look organic with a dress made in the same shade. A universal outfit will be a white, black, silver dress.

evening hairstyles with kanekalon

Evening hairstyle for a full face

Well-chosen evening hairstyles for obese women can give visual harmony:

  • when creating styling, it is recommended to leave elongated side strands released, which will visually make full cheeks smaller;
  • hairstyles can be loose, curled into large curls. It is better to refrain from small curls so as not to give the face additional volume;
  • if assembled styling is created, then it is necessary to release strands on the sides and arrange them as large curls.

evening hairstyle for a full face

Evening look — makeup and hair

Important details of a properly composed image are an evening hairstyle and makeup:

  • it is necessary that the overall image looks harmonious, for example, if the hairstyle contains elements of bright coloring, then it is necessary that the makeup be designed in a similar color scheme;
  • an evening look allows both hair and makeup to look bright. For any variation of styling, you can pick up catchy makeup. However, it is necessary that the emphasis be placed either on the eyes or on the lips;
  • you can use dark saturated shadows and volumetric design of eyelashes, while it is recommended to make up your lips with nude, restrained lipstick;
  • another option would be bright red or burgundy lipstick and light nude to decorate the eyes;
  • instead of shadows, you can use sparkles, liberally applied to the eyelids;
  • makeup can be done in monochrome when the shadows, blush and lipstick are made in the same tone.

evening makeup and hairstyle


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