Evening manicure - a selection of fashionable ideas for short and long nails

Evening manicure occupies a large niche in the art of nail design. Trends in nail art do not change dramatically, many design techniques are kept up-to-date for several years. This option, like no other type of nail design, will help emphasize the style and personality of its owner.

Evening manicure 2019

Stylists bring to the attention of fashionistas evening manicure 2019, the best ideas of which are extremely diverse:

  1. The main trend in nail fashion 2019 will be the maximum style and shine. Nails will no longer be a detail of the image, they will become one of the main accents, for example, this is an evening metallic mirror manicure.
  2. Still relevant and in demand are rhinestones, stones and imitation of jewelry laying on the nail.
  3. A discreet matte top and a shimmering rub will create a special mood for the evening and draw attention to your hands.

evening manicure 2019

Evening manicure 2019

evening manicure 2019 best ideasbeautiful evening manicure

Evening manicure for short nails

Owners of shortened nail plates can also look luxurious and create an evening manicure on short nails:

  1. This length will look advantageous both with dark shades of varnish and with light ones.
  2. On short nails, you can use almost all design techniques, as on long ones. A matte finish, mother-of-pearl rubbing and metallic sparkles will look good, with the help of which a gradient or pattern is applied to the nail.
  3. Depending on the length of the nail bed and the plate itself, even on a short length, you can apply an individual pattern or encrust the nail with rhinestones.

evening manicure for short nailsevening manicure for short

Evening manicure for long nails

Well-groomed long nails are extremely impressive. Almost any evening manicure 2019 looks gorgeous on such nail plates, from a discreet and elegant jacket to rich painting and rhinestone inlay:

  1. You can further increase and model the shape of the nails before proceeding to their design.
  2. On long nails, you can apply a coating and complete the evening manicure with a layer of matte finish.
  3. Long nails of any shape will look advantageous, covered with a layer of small sparkles or mother-of-pearl rubbing.
  4. Mirror nail art on long nails looks especially bright and impressive, acting as a separate accent of the whole image.

evening manicure for long nails

Evening manicure ideas

Creating an evening holiday manicure, stylists use all sorts of original ideas:

  1. You can choose from a variety of nail designs or opt for a solid color finish. It all depends on the image and outfit that you want to complement with successful nail art and accessories.
  2. Classics are plain bright or dark coatings, complemented by a matte top coat if desired.
  3. An additional accent will be made by mother-of-pearl rubbing or shimmering sparkles.
  4. Separately, it is worth highlighting the charm and originality of the artistic painting on the nail, which can successfully complement the colors of the dress or accessories.
  5. Shiny rhinestones and stones laid out on the surface of the nail are indispensable.
  6. Self-sufficient and maximally draws attention to the mirror design.

evening manicure ideas

Evening manicure ideas

evening holiday manicurestylish evening manicure

Dark evening manicure

Often, to draw up a bow for the evening, they choose the design of nails with gel polish in dark shades:

  1. Black evening manicure, dark burgundy, wine, dark purple, blue, rich brown — these shades are selected based on the color scheme of clothes, shoes or accessories.
  2. It is believed that in solemn occasions, dark shades best denote elegance and sophistication of the image.
  3. Evening dark manicure looks great on nails of any length, it can be combined with any kind of decor.
  4. Design techniques such as rhinestone inlay, geometry using metallic colors, sparkles, foil look best on any of the dark colors of varnish.

dark evening manicure

Light evening manicure

A light evening manicure will become a universal solution:

  1. It can be matched with an evening dress or with dark outfits. Pastels and nudes are the perfect backdrop for any kind of nail design.
  2. Painting on the nail looks perfect on a light-colored coating.
  3. Inlay with rhinestones, stones, complementing the nude evening manicure, will look especially elegant and sophisticated.
  4. On light nails, mother-of-pearl rubbing is considered an ideal decor option, giving the coating a delicate mother-of-pearl shade.
  5. Light nail art is best combined with metallic sparkles, with the help of sparkles you can create a stylish gradient.
  6. The perfect jacket looks best in light shades.

light evening manicure

Bright evening manicure

Creating a bright and memorable image for the evening, do not forget about the proper nail art. You can stop at a neutral or nude version of nail coverage, but the desire to think through the image to the smallest detail is very high. A win-win solution would be a red evening manicure or the design of some other bright color:

  1. Bright nail art can be created using dark or red gel polish, complementing it with all sorts of decorative elements.
  2. The scarlet color coating will suit almost any color and style dress. This design is appropriate both in combination with minimal decor, and without it.
  3. Another option for a bright and memorable coating is a black gel polish with glitter. It is versatile, it can be complemented with any kind of design, this color goes well with metallic decor, and with rhinestones, and looks good in the form of a jacket.

bright evening manicure

Evening manicure with rhinestones

Rhinestones are one of the most popular and sought-after types of design with which you can create a chic evening manicure. Any fashionista at least once in her life decorated at least one nail with shimmering rhinestones:

  1. If earlier rhinestones were a decor with a small selection of options, today nail art masters have a large assortment of rhinestones of different types, colors, cuts and degrees of brilliance.
  2. Among them, a separate group of rhinestones-pearls or stones in the form of hemispheres stands out.
  3. Shimmering rhinestones of different sizes with a cut are perfect for the design of one or more nails in the evening version. The master can lay out any pattern in the form of a precious inlay on the nail.

evening manicure with rhinestones

Evening manicure with stones

The design with stones is an evening manicure with hemisphere rhinestones, the size range of which ranges from small to extremely large:

  1. Volumetric stones-rhinestones look very impressive on nails in the form of imitation of jewelry, brooches or cameos, in the center of which there is a large central element, and around — a rim of small rhinestones and stones, shimmering and iridescent.
  2. Often, only one finger is decorated with such inlays, so the design looks as appropriate as possible.
  3. You can create a bright evening blue manicure using stones, rhinestones, small broths and a scattering of sparkles.

evening manicure with stones

Evening manicure with painting

Such an option as an evening manicure with a painting will be popular for a long time:

  1. Nail design in the form of drawings made with brushes, acrylic paints over the nail coating and fixed with the top layer is a reflection of the professionalism of the master. There are many different styles and types of nail painting: floral, plot, animalistic, even landscape.
  2. The detail in these drawings is amazing. A manicure for an evening dress on any length of nails is perfectly complemented by artistic painting. You can choose a pattern to match the outfit, if the dress is decorated with large floral motifs, you can repeat the same pattern on the surface of the nail.
  3. Twisted and floral patterns, flowers will be appropriate. You can decorate one or two nails with such a painting, accentuate individual details of the pattern with sparkles or rhinestones.

evening manicure with painting

Evening glitter manicure

Decorating nails with sparkles is the oldest and most familiar technique with which evening manicure options are created:

  1. Not only a master can decorate nails with liquid or loose sparkles, but there are a lot of options for decorating nails with glitter.
  2. Types of glitter for nails are divided not only into liquid and loose, they differ from each other in size, coating method, gloss and even shape.
  3. Many of these glitters need detailed layout, and the smallest ones can simply be randomly applied to the surface of the nail.
  4. You can successfully choose nail art with glitter to the image, sparkles can be not only golden or silver shades, the variety of colors is amazing. Nails decorated with sparkles of dark shades look incredibly luxurious: black, burgundy, dark blue, dark green.
  5. Glitter can be added to any pattern, geometric design or rhinestone inlay.

evening manicure with sparkles

Matte evening manicure

Matte or satin nail art has been in the top of the desired and sought-after coatings for many seasons:

  1. Matte can be both dark and light, and even nude luxurious evening manicure.
  2. You can choose any color to complete the look. The idea that evening design can only be bright, sparkling and made in dark colors or metallics is a mistake. Light shades also go well with many outfits.
  3. Matte finish nails add style and luxury at the same time. You can decorate your nails with any kind of design or leave them plain, but in any case, it will be appropriate to use a satin finish.
  4. Matte top coats exist both in the line of regular nail polishes and in the line of gel polishes from different manufacturers.

matte evening manicure

Evening manicure with gold

Golden color and stylish evening manicure are inseparable for many fashionistas:

  1. Like gold jewelry, shoes, dress details, fabric color — all this is acceptable when creating a bright evening bow. If you want to focus on the details of gold color, then it is best to choose jewelry, shoes and manicure decor. Golden shimmering elements in the nail cover will always be popular.
  2. Metallic gives a special touch of luxury, sets accents. It can be gold-colored rhinestones or the smallest broths, painting with gold paint on the surface of the nail, gold sparkles of various sizes and shapes.
  3. Golden elements look equally good both on a dark base color and on a light one. Only in both cases these are two combinations of different moods.

evening manicure with gold

Evening manicure with rubbing

The use of rubbing powder is justified for both everyday and evening design:

  1. The rubbing is easy to use at home, therefore, by choosing the shade of mother-of-pearl coating that suits you, you can create a beautiful evening manicure for any occasion.
  2. It is not necessary to supplement the rub with other decorative elements. Rubbing is a pearlescent powder of the finest grinding. It is applied to the nail with a sponge or finger, rubbed in with soft movements and a top coat is applied on top.
  3. As a design for the evening, you can rub it on light and dark gel polish, adding a pearl shade to the nail art. Using pearlescent powder on nails will make it look sophisticated and memorable.

evening manicure with rubbingbeautiful evening manicure

Mirror evening manicure

An excellent option for a point accent in the whole image is a bright evening manicure, made in a mirror version:

  1. You can create it using a special gel polish. Often a silver or mercury shade acts as a mirror. Such nail art goes well with plain dresses for celebrations, nails covered with mirror gel polish already look like a bright accent of the whole image.
  2. You can complement this accent with tasteful jewelry, matching the color of the metal with the color of the mirror nail art. These can be large geometric rings, phalangeal jewelry or bracelets.
  3. You can complement such a bow with a small clutch of the same metallic shade as the color of the mirror nail art.

mirror evening manicure


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