Rings of Venus are horizontal wrinkles on the neck that can appear at any age, even in children. Most often, the appearance of such folds is due to genetics and structural features of the neck muscles, but it also partly depends on our lifestyle. Consider what our daily habits can provoke the appearance of the rings of Venus.

What are the rings of Venus

We call the folds on the neck wrinkles, but in reality this is not entirely true. Wrinkles are creases that are formed due to age-related changes, lack of skin moisture (dry wrinkles), due to too active facial expressions (mimic wrinkles), photoaging.

Rings of Venus, unlike ordinary wrinkles, are even in children. It depends on the structure of the platysma — a thin and wide muscle that starts from the corners of the mouth, runs along the angle of the lower jaw and connects to the pectoralis major muscle. Platyma (it is also called the “muscle of youth”) can cover the neck in front and from the sides with a single flap, or it can be divided into sections — this is individual for each person. Thus, the appearance of such wrinkles on the neck is due to physiological reasons, but our daily habits can make them deeper.

bad posture

bad posture

The rings of Venus become more pronounced due to poor posture. The habit of stooping, looking under your feet when walking affects the neck, intensifying muscle spasms, worsening blood and lymph flow. Due to poor posture, a second chin is formed, ptosis is aggravated, the platysma muscle cannot stretch and stretch — all this only exacerbates the horizontal folds on the neck.

Passive lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle not only disrupts posture and worsens the health of the spine, but also contributes to the deepening of the wrinkles in the neck. Passion for gadgets also leads to this: constant eye contact with the screen of gadgets that are located below eye level increases the load on the upper spine and causes curvature of the cervical vertebrae.

What to do if you are forced to spend the whole working day at the computer? Take regular breaks and stretch throughout the day. In the morning, it is desirable to prepare the spine for the load — to do a classic exercise. The well-known set of exercises from yoga “Salutation to the Sun” is also useful.

Wrong posture while sleeping

Sleeping on the stomach, when the head is turned to the side, reading while lying down, sleeping on a high pillow — all these are absolutely unphysiological positions for the neck and head, since the muscles are overstrained and the spine is bent. If you look closely in the morning, you will notice how deep the folds on the side surfaces of the neck become after sleeping in this position. If in youth they gradually smooth out, then with age such folds become deeper and deeper.

Accustom yourself to sleep in the correct, physiological position for the head and neck. The healthiest position is on the back, when the load is evenly distributed. A safe option is to sleep on your side, but without putting your hands under the pillow, but stretching them along the body.


If you are more comfortable sleeping on your side, then pick up an orthopedic pillow with a recess under the neck — this will reduce the load on this department. It is good if the pillow is with a memory effect to adapt exactly to your anatomy.

Poor neck care

Poor neck care

If we return to the fact that horizontal folds are formed due to the specific structure of the subcutaneous muscle of the neck, it becomes clear that not a single cosmetic treatment can significantly affect them. However, regular care of the skin of the neck and décolleté will improve the quality of the skin, and on well-moisturized, elastic skin, wrinkles will be less noticeable.

Any skin care products that you use for the face, apply to the skin of the neck and décolleté. Introduce creams and serums with antioxidants (for example, vitamin C), peptides, active sugars, hyaluronic acid into care — everything that saturates with moisture, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, because skin density depends on collagen fibers. Especially for the skin of the neck, you can choose masks and serums with algae extracts — rich in collagen, they help strengthen the skin.


Manufacturers produce a whole range of skin care products that are designed specifically for the needs of the skin of the neck and décolleté. These are not only masks, but also patches, emulsions, concentrates. Such cosmetics make us more conscious about the parts of the body that we do not pay enough attention to in daily care.

Cosmetics with retinol are also important — one of the most important active ingredients that helps fight the signs of aging. So, at cosmetic brands you can find creams and masks specifically for the skin of the neck and décolleté with retinol (usually these are products marked “restoring”). They are aimed at the production of collagen, moisturizing and smoothing skin tone. In addition to retinol, such products may contain collagen, niacinamide (responsible for cellular repair of the skin), adenosine (stimulates the production of elastin).

Overstressed muscles

Overstressed muscles

Overexertion of the neck muscles can contribute to sports with heavy weights. Pay attention to your facial expressions as well. So, the habit of straining one part of the face more than the other or chewing on one side can aggravate the rings of Venus. To relieve tension from the muscles, do gymnastics to relax the neck muscle. The simplest exercise: keep your back straight, lower your shoulders as low as possible, relax your neck and lower your head back. It is enough to stay in this position for 30 seconds for the platysma to relax.

You can also relax your neck with the help of self-massage, and even regular massage during the application of cosmetics can help. Night cream (it is more oily, glides better) is applied to the neck and décolleté, moving from top to bottom, as if pulling up the tissues. Then we rub the neck from the chin to the clavicle area until the composition is absorbed. But remember that the skin here is very thin, so the movements should be light and delicate so as not to stretch it. Also, during the massage, we do not touch the area of ​​u200bu200bthe thyroid gland.

Aesthetic tapes (glue-based kinesio tapes) can help reduce wrinkles and creases. They do not affect the condition of the skin in any way, but they support it well. So, tapes can be applied to the mandibular area to reduce sagging skin from the side of the chin.


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