A thin waist and a taut belly are feminine and beautiful. But if these parts of the body are far from ideal, do not despair. Special exercises will help to form a flat stomach and graceful curves of the sides, if performed regularly and correctly.

Tips for doing a fitness program for the waist and abdomen

Tips for doing a fitness program for the waist and abdomen

To get effective results from a fitness program for working out the press and sides, you should follow simple recommendations:

  • The best time to exercise is in the evening. During this period, the muscles are already warmed up and relaxed. In the morning, muscle tissue is not able to warm up enough to withstand the intense load of a specialized fitness program;
  • it is necessary to carefully monitor breathing during classes — do not hold it, do not skip the respiratory cycle;
  • start training the press should be with a warm-up. Running or high jumping in place is well suited for him. Warming up reduces the risk of injury;
  • performing exercises for the press should not be too energetic and sharp, you should train at a comfortable pace, consciously pumping the muscles and feeling their work;
  • The optimal number of classes is 3 workouts per week. With a more intense schedule, the muscles will not have time to recover, and with a less intense schedule, their elasticity will decrease, which will affect the results;
  • if after training there are painful sensations in the muscles, warm compresses and baths, as well as not very intense massage, can alleviate the condition.

Examples of exercises for the press

Examples of exercises for the press

The lower and upper press effectively work out the following exercises:

Lying on your back, raise your lower limbs and perform cross movements with them, winding one leg over the other.

  • Twisting with bent legs.

Lying with your back on the floor, bend the lower limbs at the knee joints and lay them on their side. Then proceed to raise the torso. After completing the required number of repetitions, move the bent legs to the opposite side. Repeat twists. This exercise for the press perfectly works out the oblique muscles of the abdomen.

  • Lowering the body.

Sitting on the floor, raise the lower limbs and torso so that a right angle is formed between them, stretch your arms in front of you and begin to lower your torso to the floor. Such training of the press should be done at a slow pace. If it is difficult to raise the torso to take the starting position, you can help yourself with your hands.

Lying on your back, put your hands behind your head, cross your ankles, and spread your knees to the sides. Then slowly raise and lower the chest and head.

  • Straight body lift with legs raised.

Lie down, put your hands behind your head, raise your legs at a right angle, cross your ankles. Straining the abdominal press, slowly raise the top of the body.

Lie down and raise your legs, bend them, pull your socks over you. Next, begin to raise your shoulders and head, putting your hands behind it. Abs training will be more intense if you perform sit-ups with your arms extended forward.

Lie on the floor, fold your hands behind your head, raise your lower limbs: bend one leg, stretch your toes and begin to make movements that imitate the rotation of bicycle pedals. To complicate this exercise for the press, you should direct the body to the knee of the leading leg and try to reach it with the opposite elbow, while you cannot tear your back or lower back off the floor.

  • Holding the legs and lifting the body.

This element is quite difficult to perform, so it is more suitable for inclusion in the fitness program of more experienced healthy lifestyle fans. Lie down, raise the lower limbs to 45 degrees, the upper ones — above the head. First, hold this position, then raise the body and try to reach your toes with your hands.

Examples of exercises for the waist

There are exercises that effectively work out the lateral abdominal muscles. A waist fitness program should definitely include these training movements, as they help shape the smooth curves of the body:

  • Put a gymnastic stick on your shoulders, and put your hands on it (stretching them along); legs — shoulder width apart. In this position, begin to perform turns of the torso, leaving the head motionless. The number of turns should be approximately 400, 200 in each direction. Without an account, you can perform such turns at an intense pace for 10 minutes.
  • Place the feet at shoulder level, bend and connect the upper limbs above the head. Start rotating the hips first to the right 10 times, then the same number of times to the left.
  • Standing straight, raise and stretch your arms above your head, then lean to the left, try to reach out with your right hand. Reverse tilt direction.
  • The starting position is the same as in the previous exercise. Lean to the left, and swing your right hand. Repeat 10 times, change the upper limb and the direction of the slope, perform the exercise the same number of times.
  • Lie on your back, put your hands on the back of your neck, point your elbows forward. Bend your legs and put them to one side so that one thigh lies on the floor, and the foot of the other leg rests on it. From such a starting position, it is necessary to raise and lower the head and cervical region. The shoulder blades when performing this exercise for the press and waist should not come off the floor surface.

A set of exercises for training the press and waist

A set of exercises for training the press and waist

This complex involves 15 repetitions of each exercise in 2 sets. This fitness program, combined with proper nutrition, will give you quick and visible results.

  • Knee lift.

Feet hip-width apart, hands behind the head, the press is tense. From this position, you need to raise your knee and stretch it to the opposite elbow. At the point of closest approach, pause and put your foot on the floor. Change the working leg and arm and repeat the exercise.

  • Knee touching the floor.

Lie on your back, bend your left leg and try to reach your knee to the floor on the left side. Change leg and repeat the movement on the other side. If at first this exercise will be given with difficulty, then after several workouts the muscles will stretch, and it will be easier to perform it.

  • Body rotation.

Stand up with legs apart and hands on hips. Start rotating the body, leaving the hips and lower body motionless. Perform circular movements first in one direction, then in the other.

  • Squats from the knees.

Get on your knees, keeping your hands on the back of your head. Lower the pelvis to the left, then to the right. Try to sit down and rise smoothly, without sudden jerks.


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