Eye makeup - how to choose the perfect colors and create a fashionable look?

Eye makeup is a very important part of the female image. It provides an opportunity to add the necessary accents, stand out from the crowd and emphasize the dignity of the face. It is created taking into account the features of the appearance and color type of a particular girl.

How to choose eye makeup?

To create beautiful eye makeup, there is no need to use shadows of all colors of the rainbow. The most important thing is to follow the rules, choosing it for the type of face and eyes. Basic eye shapes:

  1. Almond-shaped — make-up artists consider them ideal, so any eye makeup is suitable for them. It is only necessary to take into account the distance between them and the location on the face: the corners of the eyes should be at the same level.
  2. Round eyes — with this form, it is necessary to visually stretch them. Shadows are applied to the outer corner area and shaded almost horizontally, protruding beyond the eyelid area. The eyeliner should draw the line of the eye again: thicken in the outer corner and be slightly longer than the lash line.
  3. Slit eyes also require correction with makeup, they need to be visually expanded. The lower eyelid is brought just below the lash line, the eyeliner line is made thicker in the central region. Light shadows cover the central part of the upper eyelid, and dark ones are applied to the inner and outer. In order to visually “open” the eyes, a white pencil can be drawn along the mucous part of the lower eyelid.

Important points to consider:

  • eyeliner or pencil are designed to emphasize the eyes, with their help you can increase the size, give brightness and expressiveness;
  • shadows are the basis of any makeup. Delicate pastel colors are chosen for the daytime, and saturated and bright colors for the evening. Let’s say a smooth transition within the gamut of one color or a contrast of shades and colors, due to which an unusual effect is created;
  • mascara is also very important in eye makeup, completing it. You can choose it for every taste, but do not forget that it is better for blondes to use brown, and brunettes should prefer black. For more volume, eyelashes can be powdered before applying mascara.

how to choose eye makeupbeautiful eye makeup

Makeup for brown eyes

Before you start doing evening or daytime makeup for brown eyes, you need to use a concealer to hide dark circles under the eyes. Then you need to consider the following nuances:

  • light shades increase the eyes, dark — vice versa;
  • brown eyes in themselves attract attention, so it is permissible to highlight them with a minimum amount of cosmetics;
  • a great choice for brown eyes — a metallic shade;
  • light shadows are added to the inner corner of the eye;
  • to focus on the eyes, the rest of the makeup should be restrained;
  • girls with brown eyes can use colored mascara;
  • best of all, brown eyes are distinguished by shadows of blue and purple hues;
  • for daytime makeup, caramel or warm brown tones are suitable;
  • if you want to make a light make-up of brown eyes, you can use gray shadows;
  • as for brown shadows — they should be chosen darker or lighter than eye color;
  • dark shades of shadows are suitable for dark brown eyes: plum, lilac, dark green, deep gray, chocolate, plus eyeliner;
  • medium-tone brown eyes are suitable for almost any color, but green, purple or bronze are best;
  • light brown eyes are emphasized with yellow tones, the shade of a dusty rose looks good, and you can’t use black eyeliner, it’s better to take dark brown.

makeup for brown eyes

Makeup for green eyes

To make an expressive evening or daytime makeup for green eyes, consider the following:

  • it is worth choosing warm, not cold tones;
  • purple is in perfect harmony with the green color of the eyes;
  • shadows with a mustard, peach or brick red tint look good;
  • to emphasize green eyes, you can apply green shadows, eyeliner and mascara;
  • it is not recommended to use silver and bright blue tones;
  • maroon arrow looks great;
  • golden mascara looks interesting;

makeup for green eyes

Makeup for blue eyes

The space for the creativity of makeup artists is daytime or evening makeup for blue eyes. It is necessary to take into account such nuances:

  • it is best to use the following tones: bronze, copper, golden, peach, coffee, yellow-orange, and for fair-skinned shades of milk chocolate, red, lilac or powder are suitable;
  • blue or blue shadows should not resemble the color of the eyes, it is best to act according to this principle: if the eyes are light blue, then you need to take ultramarine or cobalt shades. Do not use inexpressive and muted colors;
  • black eyeliner is better to change to blue, coffee or gray;
  • well emphasizes the beauty of blue eyes shades of purple;
  • for daytime makeup, it is advisable to use neutral tones: light brown, pink and terracotta;
  • Blondes with blue eyes look best when they opt for blue eye makeup in grays, light purples and soft pinks.

makeup for blue eyes

Makeup for gray eyes

Certain difficulties in the selection of funds are caused by evening or daytime makeup for gray eyes, since they are able to change color depending on the lighting:

  • for girls of a warm color type, bright and saturated colors are suitable: bronze, caramel, orange and sand;
  • girls with a cold color type should prefer the following colors: green, purple, a palette of dark blue and light brown;
  • for a blonde with gray eyes, natural tones are suitable: brown, gray or silver;
  • brunettes with gray eyes and dark hair can choose anything. Ideal tones: gray, blue, green, beige and caramel.

makeup for gray eyes

Fashion eye makeup

This year, the trends of last season are still relevant. Fanciful arrows, nude, shine — all this is in demand. To create evening or light eye makeup, use the following tools:

  • clear wide arrows;
  • emphasis on the lower eyelid;
  • focus on the corners of the eyes;
  • careless smeared haze;
  • drawings in eye makeup;
  • «cat’s eye»;
  • experiments with textures and shades are welcome.

fashion eye makeupbeautiful eye makeup

Makeup «cat’s eye»

«Cat’s eye» is a popular technique by which a wide playful arrow is created. Use for her eyeliner or shadows on the upper eyelid. Thanks to this, the look resembles a cat. To make beautiful makeup for brown eyes or any other color, consider the following:

  • it is performed in dark colors, so the skin must be carefully prepared so as not to accidentally emphasize imperfections;
  • the area under the eyes also needs to be prepared: for this purpose, a liquid concealer is used;
  • if the eyes are close-set, the distance is visually increased by drawing an arrow not from the inner corner, but with a slight retreat to the outer, and the lower eyelid is not brought down at all;
  • widely spaced eyes must be visually brought closer to the nose: the arrow is brought to the border of the inner corner of the eye;
  • for round eyes, you need to draw a thin arrow along the upper eyelid, without affecting the lower one;
  • for small eyes, it is recommended to use not eyeliner, but a soft eyeliner.

cat eye makeup

Nude eye makeup

Nude eye makeup is almost invisible on the face. This is a great make-up option for every day and for the evening:

  • for fair-haired girls, light shades of the palette are suitable (for example, shimmery shadows in a peach tone);
  • if the skin is dark, it is better to use golden or bronze shadows;
  • dark-skinned girls should give preference to shades of golden brown;
  • for brown eyes, almost the entire palette of nude shadows is suitable, although such tones as brown, green, purple and blue plus a purple or black pencil look best;
  • for blue eyes choose warm tones of shadows — peach or sand;
  • if the eyes are green, shades of pink, brown and orange should be preferred.

nude eye makeup

Smokey eye makeup

Smokey ice eye makeup is popular — a technique in which a smooth transition is made from light shades of shadows to darker ones:

  • for blue-eyed girls, excessively dark shades are undesirable, it is best to take soft tones: gray, pink or silver, although if the skin is tanned, you can use brown or gold;
  • for gray eyes, a classic variation of this makeup technique with black and dark gray shades is suitable, purple, brown and golden tones are acceptable;
  • with green eyes, purple or lilac color is in perfect harmony, olive and emerald shades are suitable for emphasizing the eyes, you can use brown and gray;
  • everyday makeup for brown eyes involves almost all shades. In addition to the main ones, you can use golden, olive, greenish and purple, caramel and honey shades (for light brown eyes) and cold tones (for dark brown eyes) look good.

smokey eye makeup

pink eye makeup

You can make both gentle and bright eye makeup in pink. It is worth noting that this shade is somewhat finicky in application:

  • it is advisable to use pink shadows without rich pigmentation;
  • shadows must be well shaded;
  • the tone of the face must be perfect;
  • it is desirable to use a dark inter-ciliary arrow in front of the eyes;
  • a white pencil on the mucous membrane of the eye helps to enlarge the eyes and get rid of redness;
  • eye makeup can be done entirely in pink or peach, you can use pink shadows as a base for smokey, you can combine it with other colors or sparkles.

pink eye makeup

anime eye makeup

Anime makeup to increase the eyes helps to achieve a puppet look. It is worth considering such nuances:

  • in order for cosmetics to stay in front of your eyes longer, you need to apply a base under the shadows on the entire moving eyelid, and a little bit under the eyes;
  • the mobile eyelid is covered with well-shaded beige shadows, and the lower eyelid is covered with the lightest, preferably almost white;
  • using liquid eyeliner, you need to draw a bold arrow on the upper eyelid;
  • it is necessary to draw an almond-shaped arrow under the lower eyelid, below the growth of eyelashes;
  • both arrows unite behind the edge of the eyelid;
  • dark shadows draw a line along the lower edge of the upper eyelid to the bridge of the nose and shade;
  • light shadows are applied on top of the resulting arrow and smeared to hide the transitions;
  • it is imperative to use a lengthening volumetric mascara, applying in several layers, you can use false eyelashes.

anime eye makeup

Japanese eye makeup

Japanese and Korean eye makeup compete with each other. Both of them are equally beautiful and sometimes it is difficult to decide which one you like more. The following aspects must be taken into account:

  • Japanese women often distribute blush under their eyes;
  • the eyes should be emphasized, for this, shadows with a satin shimmer are used. In this case, the shadows are applied up to the eyebrows;
  • An important item is eyeliner. Often choose the style of «cat’s eye» with a small arrow. On the upper eyelid, the line is made wider, and on the lower eyelid, they recede slightly from the eyelash growth line;
  • Japanese girls often use false eyelashes on both their upper and lower eyelids.

japanese eye makeup

Smoky eye makeup

Smoky everyday eye makeup has been in trend for a long time:

  • it is necessary to shade dark shadows well and use eyeliner;
  • light haze looks good in both daytime and evening looks;
  • warm tones are used for daytime make-up, cold tones are used for evening make-up;
  • it is permissible to apply shadows not only on the upper eyelid, but also on the lower one, while the transitions between tones should be almost imperceptible;
  • To make the look seem even deeper, it is recommended to use black mascara.

smokey eye makeup

Wet eye makeup

Due to the special radiance of the skin, wet eye makeup looks interesting:

  • it is best to use smokey ice makeup in bronze-black tones;
  • eyelashes are painted with waterproof mascara;
  • on the eyelids, you can add a special gloss or lip balm (without menthol or cinnamon);
  • To fix makeup, it is recommended to use a fixative spray.

wet eye makeup

Unusual eye makeup

Any girl sometimes wants to stand out from the crowd. An unusual evening or daytime eye makeup comes to her aid:

  • you can make colored smokey ice: for example, combine blue with blue and emerald, plum with red;
  • plain eye makeup in bright colors looks good;
  • instead of focusing on the upper eyelid, done with eyeliner, you can focus on the lower one;
  • the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid can be summed up in an unusual color;
  • arrows look interesting, drawn not with ordinary black eyeliner, but with a liner with a metallic effect;
  • a good choice — wide arrows;
  • for a day out, you can take a bright-colored mascara;
  • some makeup artists recommend bringing the crease of the eyelid.

unusual eye makeupfashion eye makeup


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