Eye makeup - photo and video review of the latest trends, trends and colors

A quick and sure way to transform is to make a successful eye makeup. The main thing is that it should be appropriate and executed neatly. The color scheme is selected taking into account the features of appearance, eye color and the event for which the image is selected: everyday, business or evening.

Eye makeup 2020

Stylists offer girls a variety of trends, which are evening or daytime eye makeup. Current trends include the following:

  • total nude, in which the eyelashes are slightly dyed, and shadows of the same shade as the lipstick are applied to the eyes, with light strokes;
  • monochrome eye makeup, when matte shadows are designed in the same color scheme as lipstick. In this case, clear lines should be completely absent;
  • the arrows can be wide, oiled or thin, calibrated, double, with a sharp or round tip. They don’t have to be black. In 2020, you can draw arrows in juicy yellow, sky blue, brick or white;
  • in 2020, the popular smokey is created in a variety of tones (both in traditional black, black, brown, and in color options).

eye makeup 2020daytime eye makeupeye makeup ideas

Makeup for brown eyes

In a variety of variations, you can make expressive or light makeup for brown eyes:

  1. In 2020, it is worth using the minimum set of funds. Casual makeup for brown eyes, done in natural tones, is one of the main trends. But you can draw any arrows, vintage or minimalistic, feline.
  2. If you want a brighter make-up, then you should apply green or blue shadows on the lower eyelid, make colored arrows. In order for make up not to turn out clownish, it must be neat.
  3. In the daytime, monochrome makeup will always help out. It is performed in brown and coffee shades, sepia without clear lines. A win-win option would be a dark brown smoky. In this case, makeup becomes the main focus, so neutral lipstick is selected.

makeup for brown eyes

Makeup for green eyes

All sorts of trends are evening and day makeup for green eyes:

  1. When choosing techniques and shades, it is important to take into account the shape of the eyes and existing problems (hanging eyelid). The first rule is to stick to maximum naturalness, use natural shades. Unusual techniques and bright colors will not decorate green eyes, but on the contrary, they will spoil them. Unless you can experiment with the feline version or smokey.
  2. Evening makeup for green eyes should be created with shades of warm shades, for example, plum, lilac, purple or eggplant.

makeup for green eyes

Makeup for blue eyes

Expressive or light eye makeup of a blue tint will look unsurpassed:

  1. It is worth applying shadows of delicate shades on the eyelids, as if enveloping the eyes with a haze. The most popular colors that even flashed at the Balmain show are pink, mint, and blue. It is worth looking at other pastel shades.
  2. Shadows can be applied individually or in combination. If you rely on natural blue eye makeup, then you should use shades of peach, coral or light brown.
  3. Graphic arrows go well with blue eyes. But they should be drawn with thin gray, dark blue, plum or emerald eyeliner.
  4. Blue eyes can be shaded a few shades darker. It is important not to overdo it, otherwise the iris will be lost against the background of the shadows.

makeup for blue eyes

Makeup for gray eyes

Everyday gray eye makeup can be very advantageous:

  1. First you need to determine your color type — cold or warm. Girls of the first category should perform eye makeup in green, purple, dark blue or light brown shades. The warm color type is combined with bronze, caramel, orange, sand and pink shades.
  2. As for technology, it can be anything. Shades can be combined with each other, supplemented with wide arrows.

makeup for gray eyes

Daily eye makeup

Stylists offer to the attention of fashionistas a variety of eye makeup ideas that help express individuality:

  1. Smokey lovers can make a daily version. For example, neutral simple eye makeup, following the Hollywood beauties, who are guided by the principle of «less is more.»
  2. A soft smokey will suit ladies over 50 years old. Thanks to him, daytime makeup will be amazing.
  3. The fashion for naturalness is in trend, so neat and thin arrows, eyebrows with the most natural outline are welcome.

daytime eye makeupeye makeup ideasfun eye makeup

Makeup «cat’s eye»

This season, the cat-eye technique will become extremely popular, helping to create beautiful eye makeup:

  1. You can make a smoky version or add glitter under the lower lashes. When creating a «cat’s eye» it is important to carefully draw the arrow. There should be no white spots between it and the edge of the eyelid.
  2. The length of the arrow depends on the shape of the eyes. With close-set eyes, they should be extended beyond their corners. The opposite should be done when the eyes are wide set. Hair color must also be taken into account. Particular care should be taken with blondes, whom makeup can make vulgar.
  3. «Cat’s eye» is suitable for both everyday makeup and festive, for any hairstyle and style. To find your option, you just need to experiment.

cat eye makeup

Bright eye makeup

If you want to stand out, you can use bright makeup for brown eyes or some other shade:

  1. In 2020, you can show your imagination plenty by experimenting with bright color schemes. Makeup artists have provided complete freedom of choice, so you should use the most catchy shades of pink, blue, green, purple and red.
  2. Shades can be combined, depicting a rainbow on the eyelids or doing a solid bright make-up. It is important not to forget to complement them with luxurious arrows. You can draw them with a red pencil or create flashes of neon, make broad strokes and unusual lines.
  3. Bright shadows should be applied on the upper eyelid, under the lower row of eyelashes. In this case, it is allowed to use two contrasting colors or one bright one. Another option is to apply one shade on the movable eyelid and under the eyelashes, and paint over the eyelid almost under the eyebrow with the second.

bright eye makeup

pink eye makeup

With the help of pink, you can embody an unusual eye makeup. Makeup artists have reserved these colors for spring-summer collections:

  1. Pink is used not only in the form of shadows, but also ink. If you do not want to paint all the eyelashes (maybe the makeup will seem too bright), then you should touch the tips.
  2. Pink is one of the main colors of 2020. To neutralize the brightness, it is permissible to combine it with basic tones. Pink mono makeup looks lovely with brown and blue eyes.
  3. Totalpink is useful for romantic dates, but it is also good as an everyday make-up.

pink eye makeup

nude eye makeup

Naturalness is the main trend of 2020, they should be guided when creating delicate eye makeup:

  1. You should learn how to apply shadows, mascara and draw arrows as if there is nothing artificial on the face. Nude makeup is good because it takes little time, provided that the skin is clean and smooth. So naturalness does not mean a complete rejection of care and cosmetic procedures.
  2. In nude makeup, it is important to devote time and attention to the eyebrows. They must be neatly drawn. Eyelashes should be tinted with brown mascara.

nude eye makeupsoft eye makeup

Eye makeup with arrows

Using the arrows, you can create an incredibly beautiful makeup for brown eyes or any other shade:

  1. In 2020, colored arrows will be fashionable. This is the perfect time to break away from stereotypes and try something new. The first step is to decide on glossy arrows.
  2. Colored arrows can be drawn at any age, except that older ladies should choose less bright shades. Such tones as purple, rich green, bronze will help out. They will not be very catchy, but are fashionable.
  3. The length of the arrows does not matter much. Their tips may not go beyond the lash lines.
  4. The arrow can only bring the lower eyelid. For this, a pencil, shadow or eyeliner is suitable. The upper eyelid should not be left unattended. It is worth applying shadows or drawing an arrow on it.

arrow eye makeup

Black eye makeup

Black is luxurious and often used for special occasions:

  1. Black arrows and matte shadows can be combined with sparkles, glitter.
  2. Black smokey eye makeup for brown eyes or another shade is the main accent, so you should choose a neutral lipstick.
  3. Wide arrows will add even more expressiveness to the eyes. They almost completely cover the movable eyelid. Before drawing them, it is worth working on an even, uniform complexion.

black eye makeup

Evening eye makeup

For a gala event or going to a party, you can make an incredibly interesting eye makeup:

  1. If you have to attend a celebration, then makeup artists recommend making metal smokey ice. A more effective option is hard to find.
  2. Brilliant shadows are also welcome in evening make-up.
  3. You can use the addition of wide arrows, which are created by drawing volumetric lines, they can be highlighted with glitter.
  4. You can take a certain color as a basis and apply it in the form of shadows that affect the entire upper eyelid, going to the eyebrows and partially emphasizing the lower eyelid. In this case, the shade can be taken deep dark (black, purple, dark blue, dark green) or bright, for example, the red version. This performance will look very original and absolutely attract attention. In this case, the tone of the shadows is recommended to choose one that will match the color of the evening dress.
  5. You can make an increased emphasis on eyelashes. They are made extremely voluminous, while they do not require another addition. If desired, make-up can be made even more catchy by applying shiny shadows to the eyelids.
  6. A popular option is to select several details at once. This is expressed in the creation of voluminous eyelashes, cat-eye arrows, and rich shadows, dark or containing shiny elements.

evening eye makeupfun eye makeupbeautiful eye makeup

Glitter Eye Makeup

Brilliant beautiful makeup for green eyes or another shade will look truly unique:

  1. Use glitter and sequins on the eyes should be careful. They should look neat and appropriate.
  2. Glitter in moderation has a rejuvenating effect and gives the look a radiance. This is worth remembering for ladies over 40 years old.

glitter eye makeup

rainbow eye makeup

A well-created rainbow makeup for small eyes will help make them more expressive. A riot of colors goes well with brown iris. You do not need to clearly copy the sequence of colors in the rainbow. You can use your favorite bright shades, combining them in any way. Arrows of one of the shades used in the shadows will serve as an organic addition.

rainbow eye makeup

Makeup with glitter on the eyes

One of the options that are presented types of eye makeup is the use of glitter:

  1. Shining accent should be placed near the inner corners of the eyes. Glitter can be distributed over the entire moving eyelid on the shadows. Another option is to draw a thin line in the crease of the upper eyelid. The third way to use glitter is to emphasize the lower lashes.
  2. When using glitter, it is extremely important to observe moderation so as not to overload the image. To make it easier to remove the glitter, it is worth powdering the eyelid with colorless powder.

glitter eye makeup

Wedding eye makeup

When creating an original wedding look, you can use neutral or colored eye makeup:

  1. The trend for naturalness has also penetrated into wedding makeup, so you should give up too bright and saturated shadows. Slightly focusing on individual zones is not forbidden.
  2. If smokey ice is performed, then brown, purple shades should be used, or a light haze effect should be created. Arrows are also appropriate in wedding makeup.

bridal eye makeup


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