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Eyebrow shaping is very important in the appearance of beautiful ladies. In each season, the current trends in women’s eyebrows change noticeably, so fashionistas try to design them in accordance with the given trends. To understand which option should be preferred, it is useful to get acquainted with the faces of girls at fashion shows.

Eyebrows 2019 — trends

Current eyebrow trends in 2019 come down to maximum naturalness and naturalness. Most stylists give their preference to design options in which it is almost not noticeable that the master had a hand in the eyebrows. So, this season you should not make these lines too thin and perfectly even. Excessively wide stripes, which become the main focus of the image, are also recommended by stylists to be avoided.

Meanwhile, bright eyebrows 2019 are also popular this season — fashion trends for rich color shades and unusual decor allow girls to create an incredibly expressive look and make an unforgettable impression on others. Such options are great for club parties, going out and all kinds of holidays, while in everyday life stylists advise to avoid flashy decorative elements and look as natural as possible.

eyebrows 2019 trends

Eyebrow makeup 2019

In the coming season, eyebrows are advised not to get carried away with makeup and decorative cosmetics in everyday life, since the main trend is to emphasize and highlight the natural beauty of a woman. However, this does not apply to holidays and important events, when it is necessary to look brand new. So, for example, on New Year’s Eve, bright eyebrows of the 2019 season always become especially relevant, fashion trends for which are incredibly diverse.

Among the methods of decorating this area of ​​​​the face in the coming season, the following are especially widespread:

  • decoration with precious stones and large rhinestones;
  • decor with a floral tint — decorating the eyebrows with miniature flowers and petals;
  • hair coloring in unusual shades corresponding to the season. For example, in early spring, the most popular option will be the color of freshly cut grass and other shades of green, and in the cold period, a snow-white color scheme, which is associated with snow cover;
  • shiny eyebrows 2019 — spraying with miniature crystals, metallic pigment or sparkles makes the image incredibly festive, expressive and memorable;
  • hair styling with colored gel with a metallic effect;
  • staining of marginal hairs in a contrasting shade;
  • placement of metal jewelry on the very edge of the eyebrows;
  • drawing arrows under the eyebrows and above the upper eyelid.

eyebrow makeup 2019

Eyebrow tattoo 2019

With the help of tattooing, you can get the desired shape and color shade of the eyebrows for a long time and do not think about how they look at all. Although this technique has many significant drawbacks, the number of girls who turn to it does not decrease with each season. Tattooing allows you to decorate eyebrows in 2019 in different ways — the fashion trends of this season bring the result as close as possible to natural and natural and allow you to use almost any method of styling hairs.

So, the fashion for eyebrows 2019 dictates an important rule for the fair sex — in the coming season, their eyebrows should be thick, long and somewhat careless. The bend can be chosen based on individual preferences, however, it should be soft and graceful, and not overly sharp and attract attention. As for color shades, when referring to tattooing, it is better to give preference to black, brown or coffee tones.

eyebrow tattoo 2019

Eyebrow trends 2019

Answering the question which eyebrows are in fashion in 2019, most stylists will point to the most natural hairs, the shape, color and length of which are close to natural ones. However, there are also incredibly interesting current trends that allow you to stand out from the crowd and give your face a simply extraordinary appearance.

eyebrow trends 2019

Eyebrows «fishtail» 2019

Girls who like to look unusual and attract the attention of others to their appearance can try fashionable eyebrows 2019, which received the original name «fishtail». To achieve a similar effect, you need to add another one to the tail of one or two eyebrows, directing it to the bend point. In addition, the “fin” can be created in another way — divide your hairs into two parts at the break point and decorate them with different color shades.

fishtail eyebrows 2019

Colored eyebrows — trend 2019

You can wear bright colored eyebrows 2019 in different situations, however, stylists advise using this make-up method exclusively for club parties and holidays. In everyday life, excessively bright hairs on the face will look out of place and even somewhat vulgar, so it is highly not recommended to color the eyebrows with permanent paints that will last for a long time.

You can make bright eyebrows 2019, the fashion trends for which are incredibly relevant this season, in various ways, for example:

  • lay with colored gel;
  • paint with a light tint balm, which, if necessary, can be removed with water or special products;
  • paint with bright felt-tip pens;
  • dust with colored powder.

colored eyebrows trend 2019

Eyebrows with rhinestones 2019

Transparent and colored rhinestones have been used in the work of eyebrow artists for a very long time, however, this season you can meet this method of decorating facial hairs especially often. The most fashionable eyebrows of 2019 look as natural as possible and are decorated with a single rhinestone located at the very edge of the hairs, while those young ladies who want to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate their own individuality to others can opt for incredibly bright and extravagant solutions.

So, for example, some stylists this year offer to completely seal the eyebrow area with large rhinestones, however, only the most daring and self-confident girls can choose such an image. Several colored shiny pebbles also look original, located along the hairline at the same distance from each other.

eyebrows with rhinestones 2019

Natural eyebrows 2019

Many of the fair sex, who by nature were lucky enough to have thick facial hair, this season can do without excessive make-up and decorating the brow area. However, the hairs should not grow randomly and have different lengths — they must be looked after and carefully monitored. To get the perfect eyebrows 2019 that look as natural and natural as possible, you should consider the following recommendations from stylists:

  • do not use pencils and do not draw solid lines that mimic the outline. This season, preference should be given to light, jerky shading;
  • to achieve a textural effect, thick, dense products should be used. So, wax, gel or lipstick, which do not provide the desired effect, can be applied in two layers;
  • The most suitable shade will be the one that is as close as possible to the natural color of the roots of the hair. However, since today many young ladies do not look at all like they did in childhood, and very often resort to the procedure of coloring curls, this rule has almost lost its meaning. Eyebrows 2019, fashion trends for which are incredibly diverse, should not be too conspicuous, so their color should not contrast very much with other components of the image.

natural eyebrows 2019

Eyebrow shape 2019

The most fashionable eyebrow shape in 2019 is moderately wide, slightly curved and not too long. Nevertheless, the natural data of all the fair sex is completely different, and not all women want to give up their own individuality and become like everyone else. You can stay in trend in the coming season by having a variety of eyebrows 2019, fashion trends for which are not limited to one single option.

eyebrow shape 2019

Wide eyebrows 2019

When wondering what eyebrows are in fashion in 2019, it is worth first of all to note the widest ones, which look very extravagant, but at the same time do not make their owner vulgar and do not demonstrate to others her lack of taste. The width of such eyebrows varies from 5-7 millimeters to 2-3 centimeters, however, the latter are suitable only for those young ladies who by nature have large facial features and are tall.

wide eyebrows 2019

Thin eyebrows in fashion 2019

Although fashionable female eyebrows 2019 should have sufficient width, this does not mean that fine lines have completely lost their position. On the contrary, this season they can often be found on fashion catwalks, which are full of young beauties with a variety of looks. Typically, the width of such eyebrows reaches 3-5 millimeters, they do not have sharp breaks or bends, are not painted in excessively dark shades and are not decorated with bright or large elements.

thin eyebrows in fashion 2019

Straight eyebrows 2019

Another option, which eyebrows are fashionable in 2019, are perfectly straight lines that look very unusual and non-trivial. Achieving such a shape is a very difficult task, which not every browist can do. Since straight lines should not have the slightest break or bend, often in order to straighten them, the natural line has to be completely “redrawn”. Not all women are ready to make such sacrifices, however, many modern women of fashion decide on such drastic changes to be in trend.

straight eyebrows 2019

Curved eyebrows 2019

Fashionable actual eyebrows 2019 may well be curved, which is provided by nature, however, the fashion for excessively sharp breaks and transitions has already faded into the background and has given way to other trends. So, the demand for graphic kinks, sharp lines and sharp corners has fallen very much, and today their place has been taken by the most soft, neat bends.

curved eyebrows 2019

Eyebrows 2019 — anti-trends

Creating beautiful and attractive eyebrows for the 2019 season, fashion trends for which are extremely diverse, is not difficult. Eyebrow masters offer their clients a huge variety of interesting solutions for each type of appearance, among which you can choose the right option without much difficulty. However, not all eyebrow fashion trends of 2019 have been preserved from previous years — on the contrary, some trends have lost their positions and become hopeless anti-trends that must be abandoned this season.

In 2019, the following methods of decorating eyebrows have faded into the background:

  • excessively dense and neglected vegetation;
  • fashionable in past seasons are too thin “threads”, the width of which does not exceed 3 millimeters;
  • excessively bright colors and shades, catchy decor as an everyday option;
  • graphic and clear lines;
  • blue-black hairs with simultaneous staining and darkening of the skin in this area;
  • too slicked and combed hairs. Since the most fashionable eyebrows of 2019 should be natural, it is strongly not recommended to get carried away with mousse or styling gel.

eyebrows 2019 antitrends


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