Facial contouring - what is this technique and how to perform it in accordance with the type of appearance?

The perfect face is, in many cases, an excellent work of makeup artists and less often a successful combination of genes. Facial contouring will help girls who want to give it expressiveness, emphasize advantages and correct imperfections. With the help of certain methods, it will be possible to achieve the desired results.

What is face contouring in makeup?

Many of the fair sex are interested in knowing why facial contouring is needed:

  1. The method is the sequential application of light and dark shades of special products to certain areas. The purpose of contouring is to create a three-dimensional effect.
  2. Another name given to facial contouring is sculptural makeup. It is based on the play of light and shadows. If everything is done correctly, then the face will visually change shape.
  3. At the same time, makeup often turns out to be bright and heavy, so it is not suitable for every day. They resort to contouring for photography or for going out. But there is a daytime version in which the tone transitions are less noticeable and soft.

what is facial contouring

How to do facial contouring?

It takes time to do the right facial contouring. This is necessary to figure out which areas to emphasize and which to hide, how much makeup to apply and how to shade it. A little practice, and you can create makeup Much faster. The first thing to remember is that it is important to apply cosmetics in the right proportions. This can be achieved only with the right, natural lighting.

To create a successful facial contouring, experienced makeup artists recommend:

  • use taupe corrector. This is the most optimal color;
  • powder, which is applied at the last stage, distribute with a thin layer and with light movements with a brush. Pay special attention to the T-zone, which is more prone to oiliness;
  • turn to the mirror with the side that is being processed. But periodically it is worth comparing the result on the left and right halves;
  • all funds must be carefully shaded.

Before applying special correctors, it is important to adhere to the following points regarding the skin:

  1. Cleanse — wash your face with foam or wipe with a special oil or lotion. This is necessary to remove the remnants of the old cosmetics.
  2. Toning — wipe with a moistened cotton pad.
  3. Moisturize — apply moisturizer.
  4. Toning — apply and distribute the primer, then the foundation.
  5. Only after that you can start applying correctors according to a certain scheme.

how to do facial contouring

Facial contouring before and after

To understand the basics of facial contouring, it will help to compare how a certain representative of the fair sex initially looked, and the result after. To clearly understand how the face changes, the corresponding photos will help. One shows a girl, on whose face cosmetics have just been applied. On the second, the products are already shaded and makeup is done. After its application, certain facial features, its shape may change, the expressiveness of the eyes, eyebrows, lips is acquired.

face contouring before and after

Face contouring

Any makeup artist begins face contouring with preparatory steps:

  1. The specialist selects a scheme for applying funds depending on the shape of the face. The choice of cosmetic products also depends on the type of skin. It is important to determine in advance from which areas you need to divert attention.
  2. The funds in the palettes are shaded after applying the main funds — bronzer and highlighter. They begin to distribute the highlighter, and then it is gradually mixed with the contour.
  3. Face contouring is a thoughtful process that literally reshapes and transforms the face. This corrects the area that needs to be changed with a round, square, triangular, heart-shaped face.

face contouring

Round face contouring

Many people are interested in knowing how to apply contouring on a round face? In this case, the goal is to reduce the volume of the cheeks, darken the lateral areas and elongate the shape by highlighting the midline. To achieve this, you should:

  1. Apply a light corrector to the area under the eyes, fix it with driving movements.
  2. Then highlight the front of the forehead, the bridge of the nose and chin, the back of the nose.
  3. Highlighter highlight the hole above the upper lip.
  4. The product must be applied to the protruding part of the chin, at the very tip, and shade the borders with your finger.
  5. A dark corrector should be applied to the cheekbone, but the line is not brought to the ears and mouth, leaving a gap of two fingers wide. But they make a small approach to the cheeks, carefully shading the line.
  6. A dark corrector is also applied to the chin, raising the head as much as possible. This is necessary to outline it.
  7. The application of contouring on a round face ends with the fact that the applied products are fixed with powder. Blush is applied last.

round face contouring

Contouring for an oval face

Owners of the correct oval will be able to extremely simply solve the question of how to do face contouring correctly. In this case, a radical correction is not needed. Makeup is done along natural lines.

  1. A dark corrector is applied to the cheekbones and carefully shaded.
  2. Then the product is distributed along the edge of the hair on the forehead and a little on the temples.
  3. Dark means repeat the shape of the lower jaw.
  4. Blush is applied to the «apples» that appear with a smile and shaded to the upper border of the cheekbones.
  5. The contouring of the oval face is completed in the following ways. Highlighter is applied to the upper part of the cheekbones, above the blush, then under the eyebrow, a little on the central part of the forehead.

oval face contouring

Contouring for a square face

Owners of a not quite standard square shape can create the best facial contouring that will present their appearance in the most favorable light. To do this, it is recommended to soften the line of the chin, visually round the face. For this purpose, the following methods are used:

  1. The dark contour is designed to darken the corners of the jaw. In this case, the chin is not affected, but the remedy must be carefully shaded.
  2. It is also applied to the upper part of the forehead closer to the edge of the hair, expanding the line on the side sections.
  3. The corrector is applied under the zygomatic bone.
  4. The contouring of a square face ends with highlighting the center of the forehead, the area under the eyes, and setting a highlight on the chin.

contouring for a square face

Triangular face contouring

Makeup artists use an example of proper face contouring for a triangular shape. To do this, you need to adjust the pointed chin. Makeup techniques are as follows:

  1. A dark corrector is applied in the area of ​​the zygomatic bone, it also affects the lateral parts of the forehead.
  2. They also mask the lower part of the chin.
  3. Highlighter is applied to the lateral jaw bones, above and below the upper lip as a highlight.
  4. The contouring of a thin face ends with the fact that a light corrector is passed along the zygomatic bone. It is also placed in the middle of the forehead.

triangular face contouring

Contouring for a rectangular face

As in the case of a square face, a rectangular shape needs to be “rounded off”, sharp lines should be softened a little. Easy face contouring can help with this, which is carried out using the following techniques:

  1. The wider the face, the larger the surface of the jaw area should be occupied by a dark corrector.
  2. The darkest remedy should be applied to the area above the temples, along the hairline and at the corners of the jaw.
  3. The selection should not be darkened, otherwise it will become sharp.
  4. The highlighter is distributed over the middle zone of the forehead, in the lower zone of the chin. Then you get the most natural beautiful contouring of the face, where there is a minimum amount of illumination.

contouring for a rectangular face

Contouring for a diamond-shaped face

Sculpting should be aimed at reducing the upper forehead and lower chin area:

  1. Highlighter is distributed in the center of the forehead and chin. It is also applied as highlights under the eyes. If necessary, you can make face contouring with eye shadows.
  2. A dark corrector is applied to the side of the cheekbones. On the upper part of the forehead and lower part of the face, his chin is distributed in a smaller amount.

contouring for a rhomboid face

Pear-shaped face contouring

For the pear shape, a simple face contouring is used, which is similar to that used for the diamond shape. The same parts are highlighted as in the diamond shape — these are the central parts of the forehead and chin. The bronzer is applied in a certain direction: in a straight line down, which goes from the zygomatic bone to the angle of the lower jaw. The narrower part of the face is darkened minimally.

pear-shaped face contouring

Full face contouring

Careful observance of certain rules requires face contouring with powder and other cosmetics in the case when you have to deal with chubby young ladies:

  1. It is necessary to darken the corners of the forehead, designate the protrusions of the cheekbones and the tip of the chin.
  2. The blush is shaded along the cheekbones.
  3. Highlighter is distributed on the side parts. It should not be applied to the forehead and chin.

full face contouring

How can face contouring be done?

Novice makeup artists are interested in what is needed for facial contouring:

  1. Depending on the texture of the products used, the type of contouring differs. Makeup is created in two main ways: either with solid beauty products or with creamy textures.
  2. In the first case, cosmetics lay down in a much more natural and light layer, but it does not mask significant flaws.
  3. Cream products should be used with extreme caution, otherwise you will not be able to achieve a beautiful make-up.
  4. The main products from cosmetics are a highlighter and a bronzer.
  5. Highlighter is applied to the bridge of the nose, the middle of the forehead, the notch above the upper lip, affect the center of the chin (the protruding part), the upper part of the cheekbones under the eyes.
  6. Bronzer is used to highlight the hollows under the cheekbones. In order for them to appear, you need to help identify them by drawing in your cheeks. Whiskey is also highlighted, in this case the agent is applied parallel to the location of the hairline.
  7. Bronzer is needed in order to visually narrow the nose. To do this, it is applied on the sides of the back of the nose. The tool will help hide a pointed or too voluminous chin. You just need to apply a bronzer under this area.

how to do facial contouring

Dry face contouring

Makeup artists often use face contouring with dry correctors:

  1. The products are like eye shadow. Cosmetics are made from pigment and minerals, which are combined under the action of a press. They are easy to apply with special brushes. In the absence of such, you can get by with fingertips.
  2. Dry correctors lay down in a thin, weightless layer, which is why they give a very natural effect. These tools include loose correctors. They are professional cosmetics, while the degree of saturation of the application is determined solely by the makeup artist.

dry face contouring

Liquid face contouring

Liquid products are very similar to foundation:

  1. To properly apply them, you need to remember how to apply the foundation. You just need to squeeze a little of the product onto a sponge or a dense brush, and then it is distributed. The effect is permanent and natural.
  2. Dry correctors should be applied after cream ones. At the same time, there should be a layer of powder between them and the foundation. Then the dry corrector will not stray into a dense sloppy spot.
  3. There are cream correctors, which are characterized by the fact that they have a dense texture. Their advantage is that they hold well, but for this to happen, you need to shade the corrector well. If the distribution is treated irresponsibly, then ugly streaks will remain. A sponge or stiff brush is great for blending. The creamy corrector perfectly moisturizes the skin and does not overdry it.
  4. A variety of palettes for facial contouring will help you correctly select the necessary cosmetics, taking into account the types of appearance and in different tones.

liquid facial contouring


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