The main palette of autumn

The whole of 2019 is marked by bright shades in makeup. And autumn is no exception. You should not change the make-up palette for more boring gray colors. This fall, make-up with bright brick and terracotta shades is in fashion. Not the last place is also occupied by wine shades, muted fuchsia. All these tones are well combined with small splashes of golden glitter. shadows from the Korean brand Heimish will be ideal assistants here.

All attention is on the eyelashes!

Eyelashes a la Twiggy have returned to fashion: long, curved upwards and thickly made up. To make such eyelashes you need to stock up on eyelash curlers, a special base for eyelashes that will make them visually thicker and resistant mascara with a curling effect or adding volume. By the way: eyelash extensions have faded into the background, so do not rush to sign up for an extension to the master.

Colored eyeliner is back in fashion, so why not take advantage of this trend and make an interesting accent only on eyelashes? With colored mascara, your makeup will definitely not go unnoticed.


Neon firmly holds its position as the most important beauty trend of this year. This is quite an extravagant move and should be used wisely. Do not overload the make-up and add it only on a bed of zones: either lips or eyes. Neon shadows are perfect for an evening out, while neon eyeshadows are a great option for a boring everyday make-up. This is where the NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow Palette and NoUBA Write & Blend LinerShadow creamy eyeliner come in handy to create a fashionable look in no time.

Makeup without makeup

Along with bright, eye-catching trends in the form of neon and brick shades, the so-called makeup without makeup does not lose popularity. everything is very simple here and, most importantly, this option is suitable for everyone. The basis of such a make-up is softly shaded eyebrows (Alcina Perfect Eyebrow Powder), a foundation with a radiance effect (BeYu Healthy Glow Make Up), and a small amount of blush in natural shades (TheBalm Balm The Balm Blush).


The absolute hit of this year is long-term eyebrow styling. It allows you to fix the hairs in the right position and visually make the eyebrows thicker. To make such a fashionable styling, you can contact a specialist, or you can get a special eyebrow product, such as NYX Professional Makeup Control Freak Eyebrow Gel.

Gloss and matte

In autumn, as in previous seasons, lip glosses will be at the peak of popularity. And if a year ago matte textures were the most popular, this year glosses with a glossy, shiny texture have returned to fashion again. The BeYu Lip Lights lip gloss (15 or 18 shades) is ideal here, which gives the lips a noble shimmer.

Mother-of-pearl lipsticks in pink and peach shades are one of the hits of summer and autumn. They favorably set off the tan and give tenderness to facial features, and the image as a whole — lightness and infantilism. However, do not forget about dark wine or scarlet lipsticks — these are timeless classics that will make your look simply irresistible. In both cases, you need TheBalm Balm Girls Lip Stick in Amanda Kissmylip and Anita Boytoy.


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