Family look - how to choose family look clothes for the whole family?

In the life of every person, the most important place is occupied by the family. And today, it is popular to strengthen and maintain family cohesion and warmth of relations not only with the help of traditions and leisure, but also with clothes. In modern style, this direction has acquired the name family bow.

New Year’s family bow

The New Year holidays are considered to be the most relevant period for embodying the ideas of family unity, especially through photography. At this time, the atmosphere in a special way contributes to unity and joint joy from any little things. And by adding presentable original images to such decisions, they will help to demonstrate unity and mutual understanding within the family for everyone to see. Let’s see what family bow ideas for a New Year’s photo shoot are the most popular:

  1. For home. Pictures in a cozy home environment look especially charming and soulful. Here you can use any plots — joint decoration of the Christmas tree, cooking a festive dinner, reading books by the fireplace, drinking tea by the window, admiring the snowy weather.
  2. New Year's family bow

  3. For the street. Having got out into the street, it is important to take care not only of an interesting plot, but also of stylish clothes. And in this case, a warm upper wardrobe will be relevant. Even if you just add accessories to each family member in the same style, your shoot will have a happy family feel. And popular ideas for a New Year’s family photo shoot for a family are snowball fights, sledding and skating, buying a Christmas tree, and making a snowman.
  4. family bow for a New Year's photo shoot

Christmas pajamas family bow

The original idea would be to choose the same home clothes for sleeping. New Year’s pajamas family bow is not just an unusual solution, it is a trend in modern fashion. This idea came to us from the West. A stylish choice can be not only the same sets, but also different styles in identical colors or finishes. The main feature here is the thematic design style. Pajamas in the style of a Santa Claus costume are in fashion. The division of home accessories into women’s and men’s looks interesting, where pants and sweaters are intended for men, and nightgowns for women.

Christmas pajamas family bow

Christmas sweaters family bow

What can add coziness and warmth to the New Year’s image? Definitely a sweater. If this element of the wardrobe complements the image of each family member, then such a solution will not only help to embody the original idea of ​​unity and harmony in the subject of photography, but will also become a practical detail in everyday wear. Family bow sweaters for the New Year are presented from soft, pleasant materials or warm yarn. The main feature here is the print. Images of deer, Santa Claus, a snowman, and a Christmas tree became popular drawings. Abstract snowflake patterns are in fashion.

christmas sweaters family bow

Family bow style

The family direction in clothes fits perfectly into everyday looks, as well as festive ensembles, leisure solutions. The main trend in this area of ​​​​fashion is any fantasy without boundaries. Many famous designers offer whole collections of interesting models, styles, accessories in this style. However, in order to introduce this fashion trend into your family, you can think over the features and design of the wardrobe yourself. The main difference is seasonality. The most popular are winter family bow and summer ideas. But it is worth knowing the stylistic features:

  1. Same style, different brands. Clothes and accessories can have the same focus but look different. For example, you can set as the basis of images, classic, casual or romantic in similar colors, but different styles, or vice versa.
  2. family bow style

  3. Identical design. In this case, the color does not matter. But the cut and finish are often similar. The only difference in style may be the division into male and female wardrobes.
  4. ideas for a family look for a photo shoot

  5. Thematic focus. Photos look very stylish and cool, where with the help of images family preferences are conveyed. Ideas related to the work of the pope, such as nautical themes or football, are considered popular.
  6. family bow for the whole family

Family onion mom and son

The theme of cohesion between mother and son conveys tenderness and quivering feelings. Here you can emphasize the pride and joy for the achievements and merits of the little man. Often in such styles there is one design theme, and the cut and finish may differ. You can use only accessories — suspenders, tie, bow tie, hat. No less stylish and interesting will be a family bow dad and son. The father always acts as an example for the little son and forms his character from childhood. Shooting in identical clothes will help show the baby that dad shares his views and preferences with him.

family onion mom and sonfamily onion dad and son

Family bow mother and daughter

Stylish mothers always act as an example for daughters. Little girls often try on mommy’s shoes, jewelry and dresses. And when they have the same wardrobe models, the daughter’s joy knows no bounds. Family bow mom and daughter can be translated into a specific direction. Particularly interesting will be stories related to the activities of the parent. It can be a romantic direction, for example, floristry, needlework, cooking. A business style is considered a fashionable solution, which shows the daughter’s interest in the independent and purposeful lifestyle of a business mother.

family onion mom and daughter

Family bow for the whole family

Ideas where the whole family is involved are considered the most reverent and happy. And in this case, it is not necessary to pursue a specific topic. Family bow sweaters have become a stylish choice in modern fashion. This element of the wardrobe can be used for any idea — walking, home leisure, travel. Today, designers offer a wide range of styles, materials, cuts and finishes, where each family can easily find a solution in accordance with the personal traditions and preferences of each member.

family bow for the whole family

Family bow clothes

In addition to deciding on the theme and plot for photography, it is important to decide on the direction in the image. The wardrobe is the main element that sets this foundation. Modern fashion presents a limitless variety of interesting wardrobe items that can be worn both in everyday life and separately from your household. Let’s see which ideas are the most popular:

  1. Kits. Suits are considered to be a convenient and practical choice not only in home style, but also in sports, casual, classic. For mom-daughter looks, stylish leggings and a tunic have become relevant.
  2. family bow clothes

  3. Outerwear in the style of a family bow. With the arrival of the cold season, a warm wardrobe takes on relevance. Strict coats, down jackets, leather jackets and bomber jackets have become a fashionable choice. This solution is popular both for men only or for women only, and for all family members at the same time.
  4. family style clothes bow

  5. He and she. For several seasons in a row, paired wardrobe items have been in trend. Warm sweatshirts are in fashion, relevant in the cold season. In the summer, T-shirts and T-shirts become popular, where there may be the same drawings or images that complement each other.
  6. family bow style

Family bow dresses

Probably every girl at least once in her life dreamed of the same beautiful dress as her mother. In modern fashion, it is important to wear the same outfits not only for a holiday, but also in everyday life. Family bow dresses for mother and daughter are presented in the collections of any season. The trend is identical in all details of the model — in style, cut, finish, color. A single style may only support one or two aspects, such as the same print or cut. Having chosen such clothes for a photo shoot, it would be appropriate to make the daughter the same styling or makeup, pick up similar shoes.

family bow dresses

T-shirts family bow

T-shirts in one design have become the most popular and affordable element of the wardrobe for the whole family. This clothing can be used in summer, as an addition to shorts and a skirt, and in the cold season with jeans and leggings over a turtleneck or raglan. Fashion ideas for a family look for a photo shoot are indicated by the image on the T-shirts. These can be inscriptions that indicate the role in the family of each member — mom, dad, daughter, son. The same hierarchy can be indicated by a drawing, for example, a lion, lionesses and cubs. T-shirts are popular for themed shoots, such as nautical themes.

family bow t-shirts

Sweatshirts family bow

This element of the wardrobe will not only help you shoot in comfort and style, but also emphasize your belonging to fashion. After all, the sweatshirt is a stylish trend that has not lost popularity for several seasons in a row. The identical design for such clothes is relevant, as well as for T-shirts. But in addition to 2D images and photo printing, 3D prints are in trend. Designers offer bright and colorful family sweatshirts with cartoon characters that will emphasize the cheerful disposition within the family. Gentle floral and lace abstractions look original, which will help convey awe and warmth of feelings.

family bow sweatshirts

Hats family bow

Another fashion trend that has gained popularity in everyday wear, especially for mothers with babies, has become hats. Knitted hats family bow are considered fashionable. In this case, only the textured pattern or jacquard can be the same, but the style itself is different. Modern mothers often choose hats identical to their baby for travel or outdoor activities. Such a decision will 100% emphasize your unity and help others understand that you are one family. Hats rarely differ by gender, more often hats are presented in a unisex style.

family hats bow


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