Fashion coloring 2019 - an overview of the best techniques and the latest trends of the season

Every woman knows that a change in hairstyle, hair color or styling can drastically change the image. But in order for the new image to be in line with current trends, it is important to know what fashion coloring 2019 will be used and what techniques will be popular.

Hair coloring 2019 — fashion trends

Many stylists successfully apply hair coloring 2019, guided by the following trends:

  1. In 2019, it is not necessary to dye your hair from brunette to blonde, or vice versa. Masters of hairdressing are advised to choose the maximum natural fashion coloring 2019. For example, you should give preference to a nude shade that matches the skin tone of a lady. It can be light, medium or dark, in any case, it will be possible to create a seductive and attractive image.
  2. Another fashion trend is bonding, which provides for the transition from dark to light. If you choose a platinum or pink blond, you will be able to become fashionable and incredibly effective. This technology refers to 3D painting, and is suitable for girls with any natural hair color. But the technique looks best on light curls.
  3. To look stylish every day, you should resort to the balayage technique. They create a natural burnt effect along the entire length of the hair, choosing a tone close to the natural color.
  4. In 2019, honey and caramel shades will be in trend. Pixel hair coloring 2019 is another current trend in 2019. But the technique is not suitable for everyone, while the hair will have to be styled more carefully, to maintain a textured haircut. This option looks spectacular on straight strands.
  5. Splash lights are a relatively new technique in which they create the effect of an overflow of light and rays of the sun.
  6. Techniques such as ombre and sombre were in the lead last season and have not lost popularity in the new one. If the ombre is well known for its smooth transition from a dark shade to a light one horizontally, then the sombra has a feature. In this case, the hue also changes vertically.
  7. In 2019, hair of fiery and copper shades is a hit. Girls, whom nature has not endowed with red or light chestnut strands, can safely choose and apply paint, in the name of which there are such words as bronze, copper, fire, volcano. It should be noted that the red color is capricious and not suitable for everyone, so consultation with a colorist will not hurt.

hair coloring 2019 fashion trends

Hair coloring 2019

hair coloring 2019hair coloring 2019

Coloring blond 2019

Incredibly popular is hair coloring 2019 blond:

  1. Blondes just need to refresh their hair. Girls with light brown and blond hair should pay attention to a sky-light ombre or try cold platinum tones. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the shade, otherwise you can “kill” the whole effect and look vulgar.
  2. You can diversify the fashionable light coloring of 2019 with a wheat shade. The image a la Marilyn Monroe is also relevant in 2019. But to repeat it, you need a good colorist who will help to avoid the appearance of yellowness on the curls.
  3. The blond, reminiscent of natural gray hair, was replaced by a silver hair color. Masters advise using a monophonic technique.
  4. For blondes, you can also choose fruity shades, for example, peach. A drop of pale strawberry tone will make the image glamorous.
  5. Baby blonde is a delicate and sophisticated hair tint that blends perfectly with fair skin or an angelic appearance. The technique is suitable for those who prefer monotony. But baby blonde can be diversified by making the strands near the face a tone lighter, for example, by painting them in a cream shade.

coloring blond 2019hair coloring 2019 blond

Coloring for brunettes 2019

Extremely relevant and fashionable hair coloring 2019 for brunettes:

  1. Refresh dark-colored hair will help the trendy shade «black tulip». With its help, it will be possible to achieve an aristocratic image by mixing a natural chestnut shade with lilac. But the technique should be resorted to only if the hair is healthy and shiny. On dull and lifeless strands, this will give the impression of a wig. “Black tulip goes well with pale skin.
  2. The 2019 trend is black hair, like a raven’s wing, with a purple tint. Fashionable dark coloring 2019 looks especially impressive on long straight hair with thick bangs that cover the eyebrows.
  3. «Dark Cinnamon» is suitable for owners of soft features, olive skin tone, natural tan and tea or dark green eyes. The shade is remembered due to the transfusion of tones of gold, copper and milk chocolate. The advantage of this technique is that the image turns out to be catchy even without makeup.
  4. The cherry chocolate shade, in which the reddish tint hides in depth and becomes visible only in the light, is gradually gaining popularity in 2019. The advantage of color is versatility. It suits ladies of any age and with any appearance. The peculiarity lies in the skillful combination of notes of dark chocolate and ashy strands. «Cherry chocolate» gives enthusiasm, but does not weigh down the image, swarthy beauties.

coloring for brunettes 2019

Fashionable hair coloring 2019 for redheads

The real trend is considered fashionable hair coloring 2019 red shades:

  1. «Sunny» beauties should choose naturalness. Leela’s hair color from The Fifth Element is banned in 2019. Ladies over 40 should not be repainted in an extremely red color.
  2. You can achieve a compromise between blond and red color by choosing a shade of ginger. The main thing is to set the task for the master to balance red and light brown on the hair. Then it will be possible to achieve a trendy ginger shade.
  3. Red-haired beauties and those who dream of fiery hair should take a closer look at metallic shades. To get a solid color or for the effect of faded tips, you should use copper and bronze tones.

fashionable hair coloring 2019 for redheads

Coloring gray hair 2019

To hide gray hair, a certain coloring 2019 is intended:

  1. To neutralize gray hair, you can resort to the technique by which the fashionable coloring of 2019 is carried out in one tone, to the classic highlighting and lightening of individual strands.
  2. Blonde is perfect for short and long hair.
  3. Women over 50 with fair skin should pay attention to the honey shade. It will reduce the years, and the color will turn out natural.
  4. Ladies with pale skin are more suitable for cool brown shades.

gray hair coloring 2019

Color painting 2019

The main trends include fashionable color coloring 2019, more precisely iridescent overflows of bright colors. They look especially impressive on blondes. Thanks to the emergence of new persistent colors, brunettes will also be able to make green, pink, purple and blue curls. A «rainbow» on the hair is created by dyeing selective strands.

color painting 2019

Fashion hair coloring techniques 2019

When changing the color or tone of the hair, it is worth remembering the main trend of 2019 — maximum naturalness. But this does not mean that extremeness and intricacy should be completely abandoned. For this, fashionable coloring techniques 2019 are intended:

  1. Screen painting. The technique looks original on a short square. But you will have to take care of your hair more carefully, do not forget about styling and straightening with an iron, otherwise the whole effect will disappear.
  2. Contrasting thick bangs to the eyebrows with an even or oblique cut. In this case, the hairstyle can be any — long curls, short bob, stylish bob. The peculiarity lies in the choice of an interesting shade for bangs. For example, pink for sand blonde, lilac or blue for ashy hair.
  3. Gradient fashion coloring 2019 on blond hair. Compared to 2018, in 2019, colored tips are welcome not on blonde, but on strawberry hair. Pink blonde can turn into raspberry or lavender. You can dye the strands vertically randomly in strawberry, blue and purple.
  4. Fiery red color, in which owners of smooth and even hair with a straight cut can be painted. The downside of the technique is that the paint is quickly washed off, so you have to spend money on buying balms, shampoos with a red tone.

fashionable hair coloring techniques 2019

Fashionable highlighting 2019

Highlighting 2019 continues to be relevant. Light horizontally dyed strands can be applied both on light and darker brown hair. With the help of this technique, the image is given a bright accent, the hairstyle becomes more expressive. Highlighting can be used to a greater extent, capturing strands over the entire surface of the head, or in single strands, dyed mainly near the face.

fashion highlights 2019

Hair coloring 2019

Coloring 2019 is considered a real fashion trend:

  1. The technique differs from highlighting in that several shades are used. They can be the same color or different.
  2. Colorization is of two types. The first of these is horizontal, when 3 shades are used: the darkest is at the roots, then comes the middle one, and the lightest at the tips.
  3. The second type is vertical, when the master can use 18 tones.
  4. In 2019, thin strands are dyed, which contrast sharply with the main hair color. Blondes are recommended to choose saturated bright colors. For example, lilac, dark purple. Brunettes should pay attention to the fashionable coloring of 2019 in light colors or yellow, red, blue.
  5. One of the trends of 2019 is coloring in pastel shades. In this case, the number of tones reaches eight. But hairdressers recommend choosing two basic shades, which are diluted with several colors. Strands with additional tones should be much smaller.

hair coloring 2019

Balayage coloring 2019

To add volume to the hair, the masters resort to such an option as hair coloring 2019 using the balayage technique, which is suitable for both blondes and brunettes:

  1. The type of highlighting is created using the contrast between the upper and lower parts of the hair.
  2. In 2019, the trend is a soft transition of shades. Therefore, the coloring looks more spectacular on long hair, from the shoulder blades and below, of a light color.
  3. Plus technology — durability. Even when the roots grow back, the hair will look organic.

coloring balayage 2019

Fashionable haircuts and coloring 2019

When looking for an answer to the question: what hair coloring is fashionable in 2019, it is worth considering the shape of the haircut and the length of the hair:

  1. In 2019, midi length hairstyles are at the peak of popularity. They are relevant for straight hair, curls or torn strands.
  2. Asymmetry is also welcomed in the 2019 haircut. From the old classics, there were bob and square.
  3. Shaved sides with patterns on female heads are a relatively new phenomenon, but some of the fairer sex liked them.

trendy haircuts and coloring 2019

Fashionable coloring 2019 for long hair

On elongated strands, you can apply any trends in hair coloring 2019:

  • the shade of curls can be monophonic, a spectacular look is achieved due to its saturation;
  • you can create light color transitions by resorting to the balayage technique;
  • if you want to make an expressive contrasting bow, it is recommended to use color coloring, ombre or sombre.

fashion coloring 2019 for long hair

Fashionable coloring 2019 for medium hair

The search for a balance between such two components as haircuts and coloring in 2019 is also relevant on medium-length curls. The same popular trends apply as on long hair, with the understanding that the strands are still smaller. Therefore, it is important not to overload the image and not to use too diverse a color palette. When using different shades, it is recommended to limit yourself to two.

fashionable coloring 2019 for medium hairhaircuts and coloring 2019

Fashionable coloring 2019 for short hair

Extremely relevant and hair coloring 2019 for short hair:

  1. The most organic solution would be to apply an expressive and rich shade, which will be used in a single version.
  2. If you want to diversify the image, you can dye the ends of the hair in a rich shade or make it a couple of tones lighter.

fashion coloring 2019 for short hairhair coloring 2019 for short hair

Hair coloring 2019 with bangs

Fashionable hair coloring in 2019 looks incredibly stylish on hairstyles in which bangs are present:

  • this detail can be made in the same color as the rest of the strands, the classic continues to be relevant;
  • another design option would be to make the bangs contrast by painting them lighter or darker by a tone or a couple of tones;
  • bold fashionistas can resort to staining bangs with a bright contrasting color.

hair coloring 2019 with bangs


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