Fashion magazines

Printed publications help us get acquainted with fashion, navigate its trends, choose clothes according to age, physique and season. Most modern women have long been rooted in the opinion that reading fashion magazines is not only useful, but also prestigious. Appearing, for example, in a cafe with a fashion magazine in our hands, we, as it were, declare our interests, tacitly inform that how we are dressed and in what matters a lot to us!

The most fashionable magazine designed for a female audience is — ELLE«. This edition is a real encyclopedia of fashion, it contains the collection and history of all world brands, all the latest fashion news and many recommendations on how to dress properly. «ELLE» means «She» in French. Once back in 1945, its first issue was published, the founder’s name was Elena Lazareva. To date, it has gained worldwide popularity and became the first fashion magazine in the world. The gloss is designed for the entire female audience, however, according to calculations and studies, the average age of a reader is 35 years old.

Fashion magazine for girls «Cosmopolitan» also gained not a small popularity, but among younger readers. It was founded in 1886 in New York City by Schlicht & Field and is designed primarily for representatives of high society. Now every girl who is interested in fashion trends can afford it.

The most suitable magazine for middle-aged women is Good housekeeping. The publication contains not only style recommendations, but also a lot of useful tips and ideas for the home. «Good Houskeeping» is designed for women with traditional views and values. read fashion magazinesIt is the best guide for both novice homemakers and those who have already taken place.

In addition to the above, there are other popular magazines for women. For example, such as «Glamour», «Vogue», «Bazzar», «Marie Claire». Each of them has its own audience of readers, its own personality and style. We have listed the names of popular magazines for women, among which, for sure, everyone can find something that she will definitely like.

Let’s hope that, leafing through the pages of fashion magazines, you will not only have a good time, but you can safely say that it was not in vain!


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