Fashion trends, spring summer 2021 - how to choose makeup, hairstyle, clothes and be in trend

When creating a stylish look, girls take into account fashion trends for spring-summer 2021. Designers did their best, showing imagination and embodying new ideas in the development of wardrobe items and accessories. Among the variety of models, you can easily find an option for every taste.

Trendy colors for spring-summer 2021

According to Pantone, the current fashion trends for spring-summer 2021 are as follows:

  • Two shades are recognized as the favorites of the collections at once, which are used in combination — Ultimate Gray (calm gray) and Illuminating (lemon yellow). The top and bottom, selected in this tonality, look unsurpassed;
  • Marigold (ripe tangerine) is perfect for a sunny spring/summer season. It is advisable to combine with a black and white base, but it is also allowed to show creativity by stopping at fresh greens or purple;
  • Cerulean (pastel azure). A delicate bow is made up with pale muted shades;
  • Rust (warm brown). A soft cardigan looks especially cozy in this design, which is thrown on on cool evenings;
  • French Blue (noble blue) will give ease and organically fit into any wardrobe;
  • Green Ash (green ash) is great for decorating clothes and accessories;
  • Burnt Coral (juicy coral) is associated with the holiday and provides a rainbow mood;
  • Mint (mint) serves as a harmonious complement to other greenish colors, with the help of which a unique outfit is made in a similar tone;
  • Amethyst Orchid (amethyst orchid) will serve as the embodiment of femininity and bring colorfulness to the image;
  • Raspberry Sorbet (raspberry sorbet) will add freshness and act as the main accent.

trendy colors spring summer 2021fashion trends spring summer 2021fashionable women's clothing 2021

Fashionable women’s hair colors 2021

A well-chosen fashionable hair color is able to present the appearance in the most advantageous light:

  • platinum shade pale porcelain skin;
  • ashen — an ideal solution for a cold color type;
  • strawberry is chosen by blondes who want to stand out from the crowd. The tone ranges from pale muted to ripe rich strawberry;
  • cream refreshes, gives naturalness, fits perfectly into the “warm” appearance;
  • pearl looks enchanting and is not able to leave others indifferent;
  • coffee is universal, has no requirements for color type and age;
  • mocha — a representative of a noble color palette;
  • cherry in chocolate will bring a touch of luxury;
  • dark cinnamon — a unique combination of brown and red, creating an inimitable play of copper sparks on a dark background;
  • walnut — may have a reddish, bronze, golden tint;
  • black tulip with the addition of undertones of copper, eggplant, blue, due to which it acquires refreshing notes;
  • cognac, when using which a prerequisite is the absence of yellowness;
  • dark copper — created using monochrome coloring;
  • rich bronze — will give expressiveness;
  • honey — the embodiment of naturalness.

trendy female hair colors 2021trendy hair colortrendy colors spring summer 2021

Women’s haircut — fashion trends 2021

Fashionable haircuts of 2021 are intended to become a harmonious addition to the image:

  • the favorite continues to be a square, created for different lengths, on a leg, in a double version, with graduation, asymmetry;
  • the page will add elegance, the haircut is done in a strict business, playful romantic, retro style;
  • an interesting interpretation — a «hat» in a double, milled version;
  • the bob remains out of competition, the hairstyle can be classic or go for lengthening;
  • fashion trends for spring-summer 2021 offer a session of a multi-layered structure, with an arcuate cut of the bangs;
  • bob-caret — a haircut that takes the best features of two varieties of hairstyles;
  • pixies of complex structure, giving a perky boyish look;
  • milled gavrosh will be appreciated by lovers of originality;
  • the garcon will emphasize the fragility of the owner;
  • cascade that corrects the shape of the face. A simplified version is a ladder framing the face on the sides;
  • unique «Italian» will bring a touch of audacity.

women's haircut fashion trends 2021trendy haircuts 2021fashion trends spring summer 2021

Fashion makeup 2021

Fashionable make-up, characterized by the following trends, will help express individuality:

  • purple shadows will make the look mysterious and unique;
  • the embodiment of creativity — bright neon arrows;
  • an undeniable trend — “clean” eyes without makeup plus bright fuchsia lips;
  • fantasy pattern on the eyelid, drawn with a pastel pencil;
  • fashion trends of the spring-summer 2021 season — the use of shadows that differ in shades on different eyes. The same technique can be applied when choosing two lipsticks for the upper and lower lips;
  • heavy smokey ice gave way to a light haze;
  • lipsticks with a matte texture faded into the background. Hit — coating lips with a vinyl effect;
  • arrows in the form of a crow’s wing look original;
  • mono-makeup in nude style is associated with naturalness and sophistication;
  • eyelashes, made up with bright colored mascara, will act as an accent;
  • stroking along the contour will emphasize the beautiful shape of the eyes.

fashion makeup 2021fashion makeuptrendy colors spring summer 2021

Beautiful manicure — fashion trends 2021

Stylists offer young ladies the most fashionable manicure:

  • pastel varnish, against which fantasy geometry is located;
  • caviar design, created using special balls;
  • complex lace patterns, nets;
  • moon nail art lined with rhinestones;
  • jacket with an unusual oblique «smile» line;
  • ombre, including similar in gamut or contrasting coatings;
  • floral motifs, made in a clear or blurry technique.

beautiful manicure fashion trends 2021the most fashionable manicurefashion trends spring summer 2021

Fashion accessories 2021

Fashionable accessories can act as a stylish highlight of the image:

  • Christian Dior offers to emphasize a slender waist with several thin straps;
  • Altuzarra uses a different trend — a long, elegant belt that wraps around the waist in several turns;
  • the epitome of the era of the 90s will be massive leather bracelets;
  • large necklace chains emphasize the fragility of the clavicles and the elegance of the neck;
  • the marine theme is incredibly relevant on the eve of the beach season. Earrings and pendants are made in this style;
  • futuristic “crumpled metal” design is embodied by wide bracelets that organically fit into youth bows;
  • a narrow bezel-chain will bring sophistication to the hairstyle;
  • a scarf tied around the head is a great alternative to a hoop
  • A corset belt that dangles freely at the waist can add elegance to the figure.

fashion accessories 2021fashionable accessoriesfashion sunglasses

fashion jewelry 2021

Budget jewelry-jewelry can look no worse than expensive jewelry:

  • an undeniable hit — closed rings used in the manufacture of bracelets, necklaces. Fashionable earrings can also have this shape. Plastic, metal, wood are taken as materials;
  • spherical jewelry — earrings, pendants descending on a chain;
  • bracelets can braid not only the wrist, but also the ankle;
  • when decorating jewelry, floristry is used — images of flowers, insects are taken as the basis;
  • bright earrings, rings, necklaces made of colored plastic and large stones.

fashion jewelry 2021fashion jewelryfashion accessories 2021

Fashionable women’s bags for spring-summer 2021

Harmony in the image will bring fashionable bags for spring-summer 2021:

  • spaciousness is characterized by huge shoppers and slings;
  • a clutch envelope will bring chic to a casual bow;
  • fashionable women’s bags, made in neon colors — blinding orange, poisonous light green;
  • straw models are ideal for going to the beach;
  • mesh bags do not lose ground, inside of which there is a dense non-translucent accessory.

fashionable women's handbags spring summer 2021fashion bags spring summer 2021fashionable women's bags

Fashion sunglasses

On sunny days, fashionable women’s sunglasses are indispensable:

  • oversized, made in a transparent or matte version;
  • updated aviators with a high jumper;
  • elongated elongated frames of a clear rectangular shape;
  • colored frames that contrast with tinted glasses;
  • «cat’s eyes», giving a unique retro effect;
  • geometric angular shapes.

fashion sunglassesfashion women sunglassesfashionable accessories

Fashionable women’s shoes for spring-summer 2021

Fashionable shoes are designed to bring a unique piquancy to the bow:

  • practical flat-soled slippers made of blown leather;
  • sandals with pointed toe and kitten hill heels;
  • colorful mules on a massive platform;
  • combination of closed toe, open heel and comfortable block heel;
  • woven sandals with ties around the ankle;
  • flip flops or flip flops are an excellent beach option.

fashionable women's shoes spring summer 2021fashion footwearfashion sandals

Fashion shoes for spring 2021

Fashionable shoes will provide femininity and elegance:

  • gold-coated leather is taken to decorate exquisite stiletto heels;
  • original textures are welcome — velvet, satin, perfect for an evening out;
  • expressive retro models with a hidden platform and high heels;
  • suede combined with metal buckles that wrap around the ankle and are located in the form of stripes in the front;
  • decoration with Swarovski crystals, mesh tension over the leather surface.

fashion shoes spring 2021fashionable women's shoes spring summer 2021fashion shoes

Fashion sneakers

Admirers of comfort will appreciate fashionable women’s sneakers:

  • unrivaled classic — ankle length, lacing, for the entire surface from toe to top. Coloring is preferably black and white;
  • compacted cotton, leather, suede are taken as a material for manufacturing;
  • originality will be added by interesting prints, stripes and embossing elements;
  • modified interpretation — sneakers with thickened soles or wedges;
  • products with a lace top and ribbon laces look gentle.

fashion sneakersfashionable women's shoes

Fashionable women’s sneakers — trends 2021

The most fashionable sneakers will complement the unsurpassed casual look:

  • traditional old-school white models are universal, serving as an organic component of any outfit;
  • black products are another popular variety. Gloss will give velvety inserts;
  • a combination of two or more saturated shades is welcome. Sneakers will be the main focus, so the rest of the wardrobe is recommended to choose discreet;
  • a metallic upper or a shiny decor will take the shoes from the sports category to the glamorous one;
  • a find for cool weather — ultra-high models that resemble boots;
  • novelties include the use of Velcro, elastic bands and buckles.

fashion footwearfashionable women's sneakers trends 2021the most fashionable sneakers

Fashion sandals

A popular variety, which is represented by fashionable women’s shoes, is sandals:

  • for manufacturing, traditional leather or textiles of different textures are taken;
  • the lacquered surface will become the epitome of luxury;
  • a convenient variation is a cork wedge, which has a slight difference between the toe and heel area;
  • an unusual idea — a platform braided with multi-colored stripes alternating among themselves;
  • perforated texture will be a salvation in the heat;
  • elegance is emphasized by fasteners on the rise, straps around the ankles;
  • discreet light or dark colors, animalistic, floral print, imitation of reptile skin are allowed.

fashion footwearfashion sandalsfashionable women's shoes

Fashionable women’s clothing 2021

The fair sex invariably asks the question: what is fashionable from clothes now? Couturiers offer all sorts of design ideas:

  • in cool weather, a voluminous windbreaker with an asymmetrical hem will be a godsend;
  • Isabel Marant offers a quilted vest with chunky shoulders. This detail is also taken into service when choosing a jacket;
  • a unique mix of styles — an oversize shirt made of flowing silk in delicate pastel shades;
  • Stella McCartney presents a suit with a mid-thigh straight jacket and wide palazzo trousers that go down in soft waves;
  • blouses with lantern sleeves, tapering downwards, look extraordinary;
  • fashionable clothes for women are welcome, containing draperies, the presence of drawstrings and assemblies;
  • sweatshirts with prints consisting of inscriptions will fit into the sporty urban style;
  • inimitable monochrome bow, consisting of jeans and a denim shirt. The material is processed using the tie-dye nodular dyeing technique, which can also be used on other fabrics: cotton, linen.

what is fashionable from clothes nowfashionable women's clothing 2021fashion clothes for women

Fashionable skirts for spring-summer 2021

Fashionable skirts are designed to emphasize femininity;

  • the skirt looks sophisticated, made of two layers: the lower dense non-translucent and the upper, consisting of large lace;
  • multi-tiered, created with the help of flounces and frills that are on top of each other;
  • maxi with bright prints or made of transparent fabric. In the latter case, a petticoat is required;
  • mini straight, fluffy flared, trapezoidal cut;
  • leather skirts with a shiny or matte texture;
  • things from denim, plain or in the style of patchwork, consisting of individual flaps;
  • piquancy will be provided by cuts running in the center or along one leg;
  • Pleated does not lose its relevance.

fashionable women's clothing 2021fashion skirts spring summer 2021fashionable skirts

Fashionable women’s suits 2021

An extremely successful acquisition will be fashionable suits:

  • a trouser set made of knitwear, characterized by a relaxed silhouette — a godsend for everyday life;
  • for going to the office, a strict classic of minimalistic design is ideal, including a jacket, trousers with arrows or a pencil skirt;
  • unusual interpretation — sleeveless or asymmetric top;
  • a stunning set — an elongated jacket that reaches the knee, which is worn with palazzo trousers or a pleated maxi skirt.

fashion clothes for womenfashionable women's suits 2021fashion suits

Fashion sportswear

For lovers of an active lifestyle, fashionable women’s clothing for fitness is designed:

  • suits with a light sweatshirt and tight-fitting pants. The decor will be stripes, geometry, images of labels;
  • the epitome of sport-chic will be leggings with contrasting inserts, a cropped top and a zip-up jacket;
  • a common combination is an elongated T-shirt with side cutouts, from under which the top is visible, and cycling shorts.

what is fashionable from clothes nowfashion sportswearfashionable women's clothing for sports

Fashionable women’s dresses for spring-summer 2021

Fashionable women’s dresses are reasonably associated with sophistication and sophistication:

  • the marine theme is in trend — drawings in the form of anchors, images of azure waves;
  • romantic lace stripes, translucent inserts located in different parts look atmospheric;
  • asymmetrical drapery that crosses the silhouette along the entire front surface and gives visual harmony;
  • linen-style dresses with thin straps do not lose their relevance, emphasizing the fragility of the owner of the thing.

fashionable women's clothing 2021fashionable women's dresses spring summer 2021fashionable women's dresses


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