Fashion winter 2022 - trends in makeup, accessories and clothing

Girls follow current trends when creating images. The ideas that represent the fashion of winter 2022 will help to keep up with the trends. Stylists offer interesting solutions in the selection of wardrobe items, makeup, coloring, manicure.

What is fashionable in winter 2022?

Couturiers paid attention to the development of collections. Women’s winter looks 2022 are supplemented with the following details:

  • fringe, which decorates both dresses and coats. For decoration, thick leather, terry or thin silk threads are taken. Details complement the hem, sleeves;
  • ecofur has replaced the natural pile. Fur coats — «cheburashki», a coat «Teddy» are offered;
  • raw denim. Denim items are created with deliberately rough, torn edges;
  • Stylish winter clothing is presented in a quilted version. Preference is given to complex curly and longitudinal stitching. The last option visually stretches the silhouette;
  • lilac, silver, bright yellow shades are recognized as trendy colors.

what is fashionable in winter 2022women's winter looks 2022

Trendy colors for winter 2022

Well-chosen shades can refresh the image. When choosing a palette, designers took into account the following fashion trends for the winter of 2022:

  • Illuminating — rich yellow tone compensates for the absence of the sun. Combinations with gray, khaki, blue, brown shades are recognized as harmonious;
  • Adobe is a warm terracotta color. Milk, lemon, cream, beige things are selected as a supplement;
  • Fire Whirl — bright red tone fits into catchy bows. Black, green, white, dark blue wardrobe items will become an organic addition;
  • Root Beer is a natural brown shade. The color is in harmony with blue, yellow, green;
  • Pale Rosette — a soft pink tone will be appreciated by romantic girls. The shade is universal, combined with both light and dark clothes;
  • Fuchsia Fedora — a shade of fuchsia is combined with lavender, gray, «ivory»;
  • Spring Lake — a fresh blue tone suitable for the embodiment of calm bows. Stylists recommend combinations with a pastel palette;
  • Mykonos Blue — bright blue combined with cream, brown shades;
  • Leprechaun — rich green will bring a touch of freshness to the image. The tone is in harmony with yellow, gray, burgundy;
  • Rhodonite — deep purple is included in fashion collections, recognized as the main trend of the year;
  • According to Pantone, the basic tones that form the basis of the wardrobe are: Ultimate gray (gray), Coconut Cream (soft white), Soybean (light beige), Olive Branch (brown green).

trendy colors for winter 2022fashion trends for winter 2022fashionable images for the winter

Fashionable images for the winter 2022

With the onset of cold weather, fashionistas think about the selection of relevant wardrobe items. Designers suggest making a winter bow with the following things:

  • down jacket. Depending on the length, outerwear is combined with trousers or dresses. In the trend model «blanket» maxi;
  • sheepskin coat — «aviator» replaced the demi-season leather jacket. The thing is universal, combined with flared or skinny trousers, skirts;
  • a tandem vest and coat is the current fashion trend for the winter of 2022. A puffy sleeveless product is allowed to be worn both from above and below. Another option is a fur vest, combined with a coat;
  • plush fur coat teddy coat is combined with clothes made of denim, leather. Ankle boots with heels, high boots, boots with tractor soles are selected as shoes.

fashionable images for winter 2022winter bow

Fashionable haircuts for the winter 2022

A well-chosen hairstyle will emphasize the dignity of appearance. Stylists offer to create winter looks with the following options:

  • thick straight bangs coming from the crown and covering the eyebrows. When creating a part, they refrain from thinning. Another option is an ultra-short bang, which is cut off with an even, clear cut;
  • oblique bangs can correct the flaws in the shape of the face. An alternative solution is a «curtain» that splits into two sides;
  • a straight parting is recommended for owners of the correct oval. The side option will create asymmetry and distract from shortcomings;
  • braids — a trendy hairstyle for long hair. It is allowed to make a regular or French version, «fish tail»;
  • stylists advise paying attention to hairstyles with buns, combed back hair.

In the trend of haircuts that reflect the fashion of winter 2022:

  • pixie with short or long bangs;
  • mallet, serving as the epitome of retro style;
  • square or bob — a classic that is created both on straight and curly strands;
  • layered haircuts: cascade, she-wolf, aurora.

trendy haircuts for winter 2022winter images

Fashionable coloring for the winter 2022

Hair color is able to successfully emphasize the hairstyle. Stylists offer to complement the winter women’s bow with the following coloring variations:

  • monophonic, created with the help of one shade. Preference is given to natural colors that are as close to natural as possible;
  • toning will help to achieve the desired shade without resorting to aggressive techniques. Lightening, on the contrary, radically changes the color of the hair and requires skill in execution;
  • complex coloring based on the highlighting technique. These are balayage, ombre, shatush, air touch, coloring;
  • bronding, Babylights, 3D coloring will help to achieve a multi-dimensional volumetric effect even on thin hair.

trendy coloring for winter 2022winter women's bowfashion trends for winter 2022

Fashion makeup for winter 2022

Make-up will make the image complete and harmonious. Fashionable winter bows include the following trends:

  1. Highlighters have given way to matte powder. The trend is back in fashion from the 90s.
  2. Eye makeup is performed in a variety of variations. Top elongated arrows, nude shadows close to skin color, glitter decoration are popular.
  3. The lips are outlined with a clear contour. Stylists advise to refrain from blurry borders. When choosing a bright scarlet lipstick, it is made the main focus. Eye makeup is done in restrained colors.

fashion makeup for winter 2022trendy winter bows

Winter Manicure Trends 2022

Girls pay increased attention to the creation of nail art. Fashionable winter manicure is offered in the following variations:

  1. The tiger design is embodied with the help of characteristic stripes, drawing the muzzle or paws of the animal. Combination with leopard print is welcome.
  2. Abstract motifs are created with the help of chaotic stains. To implement the techniques will help the technique of brush strokes, applying foil.
  3. When creating a jacket, experiments are carried out with the line and shape of the “smile”. The tip is triangular, double, bright colored.
  4. Winter female images are refreshed with glitter. Nail art is made using glitter, kamifubukov, rhinestones, foil.

fashionable winter manicurewinter manicure trends 2022

Fashion Jewelry for Winter 2022

Accessories are a harmonious addition to the bow. Fashionable images for the winter are made up with the help of the following decorations:

  • chains that serve as an alternative to straps on trousers and bags. Several parts are put on the neck, differing in thickness;
  • large bracelets that act as an accent accessory. Volumetric square-shaped jewelry is welcome, in the form of chain links, made of leather, decorated with stones;
  • earrings in vintage style, decorated with pearls, made in the form of elongated pendants;
  • chokers that cover the neck, made with imitation pearls or in leather version.

fashion jewelry for winter 2022fashionable images for the winter

Fashion bags for winter 2022

Designers paid attention to the development of details that complement the wardrobe items. Fashion accessories for the winter of 2022 are represented by the following trends:

  1. Volumetric totes will become universal, suitable for carrying things and for everyday walks.
  2. Decorating with plastic or metal chains is welcome. The decor adorns the cross-body models.
  3. For the winter season, plush bags combined with coats of a similar structure will be a godsend.
  4. Miniature disco-style clutches are designed to complement the evening bow.
  5. Buckles in the form of a lock will act as an original decor.

fashion bags for winter 2022fashion accessories for winter 2022

Fashionable shoes for winter 2022

The main criterion when choosing boots and boots is comfort in wearing. Meet the requirements of fashionable winter shoes:

  • knee-high boots. Preference is given to models with a free shaft;
  • chelseas were transformed from elegant models with heels to practical ones with tractor soles;
  • boots made of leather or suede. The advantage will be the ability to tuck tight-fitting trousers into the shaft;
  • lace-up boots are equipped with a thickened sole, complemented by straps with buckles;
  • uggs, high fur boots and felt boots are endowed with increased heat-saving properties;
  • lovers of sporty style will appreciate the insulated sneakers with fur.

fashion shoes for winter 2022fashionable winter shoeswhat is fashionable in winter 2022

Fashionable women’s hats for the winter 2022

A hat will help keep you warm and protect you from gusts of wind. Women’s fashionable winter hats are represented by the following models:

  • beanie — a universal option, which is made of thick woolen threads, from fluffy angora;
  • large-knit hats will organically complement oversized coats and down jackets;
  • lovers of originality will appreciate models with a pompom;
  • caps and berets will add elegance. Headwear is combined with a coat of a straight or fitted cut;
  • a fur panama of a similar structure is suitable for an eco-fur coat.

fashionable women's hats for winter 2022women fashion winter hatsfashion accessories for winter 2022

Fashionable outerwear for winter 2022

Couturiers included wardrobe items in the collection that help to keep warm as much as possible. Winter images of 2022 are made up with the following outerwear options:

  • down jackets, which are represented by elongated models or shortened puffy jackets. In the trend styles «blanket», «cocoon», «robe»;
  • the coat is offered in a loose, fitted, straight cut. Items made of wool, cashmere, leather are popular, as well as the addition of a voluminous fur collar. Capes with a cellular print look interesting;
  • designers experimented with texture, creating quilted and knitted options;
  • the demi-season jacket was replaced by a sheepskin coat, insulated and trimmed with sheepskin;
  • does not lose the popularity of the park with fur lining;
  • fur coats — «cheburashka» correspond to the trend for environmental friendliness.

fashionable outerwear for winter 2022winter looks 2022trendy winter bows

Fashionable mink coats for winter 2022

Natural fur lovers will not be able to give up their preferences. Designers offer fashionable fur coats for the winter of 2022 made of mink:

  1. The length of the products varies from mini, ending at waist level, to maxi, extending to the floor. In the first case, a short fur coat will be a godsend for women who spend a lot of time driving. In the second there will be an opportunity to warm up as much as possible.
  2. Classic — midi model, complemented by a belt that highlights the waist.
  3. An additional advantage is the equipment with a hood made in the “cobra” style or in a volumetric version.

fashionable mink coats for winter 2022fashionable coats for winter 2022

Fashionable skirts for winter 2022

Lovers of femininity choose things that are suitable in style. Skirts will organically complement the winter look for a girl:

  1. The trend is leather models of midi length. Preference is given to the styles «pencil» and «trapeze».
  2. A good solution is a knitted skirt that fits the figure. For manufacturing, a material with a dense structure is taken.
  3. Pleated products are made of wool, tweed, combined with a cropped cardigan.
  4. A mini or midi bell skirt will add romance to the look.

fashionable skirts for winter 2022winter image for a girl

Fashion jeans for winter 2022

Denim items continue to be in trend. The collections include fashionable winter clothes in the form of jeans:

  1. Cropped culottes are popular, combined with Cossack or Chelsea boots.
  2. The trend is flared with wide legs, complemented by arrows.
  3. Classic straight styles remain out of competition.
  4. The «dumplings» look interesting. The bow can be made monochrome by adding a similar shirt.

trendy jeans for winter 2022fashionable winter clothes

Fashionable dresses for winter 2022

Girls tend to replenish the wardrobe with feminine things. Fashionable winter dresses are represented by the following trends:

  1. Insulated large-knit products are welcome. The model with a high midi length side slit looks interesting. A chiffon maxi skirt is tucked underneath, creating a game of contrast.
  2. Dresses made of wool or knitwear are recommended to be complemented with scarves of identical structure and colors.
  3. Brightness in the bow will bring models made in juicy shades. The opposite trend is restrained pastel colors.

fashionable dresses for winter 2022fashionable winter dresses

Fashion shorts for winter 2022

Under the over the knee boots or high boots, certain wardrobe items are selected. Fashionable bows for the winter of 2022 are complemented by the following variations of shorts:

  1. A good solution is compacted models with a quilted structure. Shorts are combined with similar outerwear, embodying the bow in a single style.
  2. Out of competition remains denim. Shorts are made to fit or flared.
  3. In the cold season, a knitted item will be a godsend. Shorts are complemented with straight-cut or oversized sweaters, cardigans.
  4. Bermudas ending just above the knee are allowed to be combined with boots. Shorts are made from dense tweed, leather, denim.

trendy shorts for winter 2022fashionable bows for winter 2022

Winter look of the bride 2022

For girls who decide to get married in the cold season, the selection of a suitable outfit is relevant. The winter image of the bride includes the following wardrobe items:

  1. It is advisable to choose a dress in a closed style, with elongated sleeves. Elements are made in a classic style or voluminous, in the form of lanterns.
  2. The addition of a cape, which serves as an integral part of the outfit, is welcome.
  3. The mermaid style, fitting the hips and expanding downwards, will help to emphasize the dignity of the figure.
  4. For a photo shoot on the street, the addition of a fur vest, short fur coat, clutch is suitable.

winter bridal look 2022winter bridal look

Winter looks for pregnant women

Women in an interesting position are busy choosing the right things. Stylists offer a winter bow for pregnant women in the following variations:

  1. Outerwear is selected insulated and comfortable to wear. A good solution is a down jacket or a woolen coat in the “trapeze” style, expanding downwards. The cut is made under the breast, so that the stomach is not squeezed.
  2. Jeans or pants are selected with a high fit. An alternative to the usual belt is an elastic, well-stretching elastic band.
  3. A good choice is knitted or knitted dresses. Suitable model «noodles», adjacent to the figure, oversized sweater dress.

winter images for pregnant womenwinter bow for pregnant women


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